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WWE Survivor Series 2015 PPV Predictions & Spoilers of Results

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, November 20, 2015
WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view will take place on November 22, 2015 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow along here for spoilers and information on the event's card, lineup of matches and news regarding the pay-per-view.

Here are my predictions for the 2015 WWE Survivor Series PPV. Check back for Survivor Series 2015 results and review coverage here.

Watch WWE Survivor Series 2015 Pay-Per-View Online Results Predictions Spoilers Review
WWE Survivor Series 2015 Spoilers

WWE Survivor Series 2015 results Roman Reigns defeats Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals

The finals have not yet been decided, but I do have my predictions nonetheless. I'll elaborate more on this below in each of the semifinals matches.

PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose will win the championship.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinals Match

[WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinals] Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

At one point, it seemed like these two were going to face each other for the Intercontinental Championship. Then, I thought we'd see them on opposite ends of the traditional elimination match. When this tournament was announced, it seemed obvious they would face off, but I was expecting them to get this semifinals match out of the way before the pay-per-view. Now, that doesn't have a huge effect on my predictions, as I still think Dean Ambrose is going to beat Kevin Owens, but it does mean that I think these two will look stronger in the grand scheme of things.

PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose wins.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio match

[WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinals] Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

I just can't see the finals of this tournament being Kevin Owens or Dean Ambrose against Alberto Del Rio as opposed to Roman Reigns, so I think this is the easiest match to predict of the three involving the tournament. Reigns will have a tough fight ahead of him, as WWE will want Del Rio to look strong, but in the end, MexAmerica will fall victim to a spear.

PREDICTION: Roman Reigns wins.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Divas Title Match Charlotte vs Paige

[Divas Championship Match] Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

Paige and Charlotte were clearly going to wrestle sometime soon and since the triple threat didn't happen at Hell in a Cell, it meant they essentially had to meet here. I still think it's a shame Sasha Banks is being ignored in all this, but that's giving me hope that she'll be the one to defeat Charlotte for the Divas Championship down the line. Because of that, along with how Charlotte's reign just started, I don't think Paige will be winning the belt here. Paige will be Charlotte's first post-Bella feud to help put her over more than anything else before Charlotte moves on to someone else.

PREDICTION: Charlotte retains.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Event Undertaker Kane vs Wyatt Family

The Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker & Kane) vs. Two Members of The Wyatt Family

I have to say, I'm underwhelmed. I know the roster is thin right now, but WWE couldn't find two people to team up with Undertaker and Kane to make this a 4-on-4 scenario? If Sting is cleared, go with him and Finn Balor and you sell me immediately on this being one of the most important matches of the year. Start a new feud with The Dudley Boyz even. Something. This whole "two members of The Wyatt Family" thing is dumb and I'm really hoping those two members are Wyatt himself and Braun Strowman. If it's Luke Harper, we know the match would upgrade in quality, so I'd be okay with that, but if Erick Rowan is here, we know who is taking the fall. Even if it's Luke Harper, we know he's the one getting pinned. I'm not saying this will be bad or that this storyline hasn't been at least somewhat intriguing, but it was mishandled. Taker and Kane returning was just something that happened with no context and this match just feels odd.

PREDICTION: The Brothers of Destruction win.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

How much do you want to bet this gets bumped to the pre-show? I don't know why these two aren't on opposite ends of the elimination match, but trying to figure out WWE's mindset when booking this card is impossible. Just look at the Wyatt Family match for an example at that. My guess is they don't want Breeze to take a pinfall loss in the elimination match and they want to avoid doing a tag title defense as well, so they figured this could take that spot up and allow Breeze to get a victory.

PREDICTION: Tyler Breeze wins.

PREDICTED MATCHES (as of 11/16/2015)

[Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match]

For some reason, WWE decided not to advertise any of the participants of this match ahead of time, which meant there was absolutely no build to it, which means it's by far the worst booked elimination match they've done in a long, long time. Why they think that's a good idea, I have absolutely no idea, but it is what it is.

Babyfaces on the market (9) = Ryback, Cesaro, Neville, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, The Dudley Boyz, The Lucha Dragons

Heels on the market (7) = Sheamus, King Barrett, Stardust, The Miz, Big Show, The Ascension

I'm guessing we'll get The New Day, King Barrett and Sheamus against The Usos, Cesaro, Ryback and Neville, but they could do anything, especially since they had tried to push Kalisto and they've used R-Truth recently, hinted at Stardust feuding with Cesaro, but also had The Dudley Boyz face The Ascension...this is just a chaotic build and despite the injury changing their plans, I still think WWE should've handled this better—such as, I don't know, announcing the participants?

PREDICTION: I don't think WWE even knows.

[WWE Tag Team Championship Match]: The New Day (c) vs. The Usos

These teams are feuding, so either there will be a title match or they will be in the fold for the elimination match. Right now, I'm expecting The New Day to retain through some dubious means and to get their comeuppance at TLC in some kind of four-corners tables match that includes The Usos, The Dudley Boyz, and either The Wyatt Family or a repackaged Los Matadores.

PREDICTION: New Day retains.

Notable Stars Currently Unaccounted For: Brock Lesnar, John Cena (taking time off), Rusev (injured), Randy Orton (injured), Seth Rollins (injured) + who is not involved in the elimination match

If you have any foresight and would like to test your predictions skills, leave a comment below. What would you do for this pay-per-view?


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