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Smark Out Moment is always looking to grow to create better content, more frequently, with a wider team that can make this their sole dedication and jobs, rather than a hobby.

There are countless plans on the back burner that have been on hold due to budget and timing reasons (and those timing reasons are mostly coming about by not having the budget to delegate responsibilities so more work can get done).

Some of these things include:

  • Upgrading the website to a stable WordPress system which would improve SEO and allow easier creation on posts to make content appear more efficiently.
  • The creation of a mobile template so the site loads better on your mobile devices.
  • Paying the staff of volunteer writers.
  • Bringing on more writers to pump out more content and fill gaps in our coverage, such as adding breaking news to the site.
  • Hiring editors
  • Upping the audio/video quality of podcasts (many of which could become video shows and not just audio)
  • Creation of better graphics
  • Debuting at least 30 new concepts of segments as well as expanding on previous ones
  • Recording a podcast or show many more times per week
  • and so much more!

But if you'd like to help support Smark Out Moment's growth and speed up the process, there are many different ways you can become a fundraiser for the site with even just the spare change you have leftover each month.

This post will detail you on just some of the methods out there of crowdfunding, direct donations, and even non-monetary ways to help the website, channel and brand take the next steps and get bigger and better.

Direct Donations via PayPal and Credit Cards

Straight to the point. If you want to donate any amount of money whatsoever with no fuss or confusion, the best way to do so is through PayPal.

You have the option of using a PayPal account balance or through a debit or credit card.

Become a Patron / YouTube Channel Membership

Bar from a direct PayPal donation, the next best thing is to join our Patreon.

Even $1 donations are great. I would much rather have 4000 people donate $1 per month than for one person to donate $4000.

If you think we're giving you enough quality content to be worth at least one dollar per month, please consider that donation.

$5 is considered an AdBlock Forgiveness tier. If you are donating that per month, we understand why you wouldn't whitelist our site on your adblock extension.

$10 is the Darkcast tier. At this level and above, you are given access to Patreon-exclusive podcasts you can't hear anywhere else.

$25 is Mailbag Priority. On months where we aren't doing a Mailbag segment, you can still ask your questions and get your answers. On the months when we are doing one of those quarterly specials, all your questions will be prioritized and answered.

$50 is Pick Your Poison. When you donate this, you get to request a podcast topic or a gimmick segment for us to do. You call the shots. Do you want a commentary track? An editorial? You're the sponsor, so you get what you're asking for.

Higher tiers are also available and we're always looking for feedback on what we can do to further entice patrons and reward fans for their support.

YouTube Monetization Options

1) Members

Dig the idea of Patreon, but don't like Patreon itself? Our YouTube channel has a variation of the same concept, with some slight adjustments.

We are in the process of being approved for the Membership program where you can get a progressive loyalty badge next to your name as well as other perks. Eventually, custom emojis will be available, for instance.

Patreon-exclusive podcasts are Darkcasts. You won't be able to find them here. But instead, you'll be able to find what we're calling House Shows from Parts Unknown which will be YouTube-exclusive instead. Basically, we're splitting the difference and hoping to provide people with double the content.

2) Super Chats, Super Stickers

Whenever we do a live stream, Super Chats and Stickers help you stand out and make sure your voice is being heard, your question is answered or whatever it may be.

3) Super Thanks (formerly Viewer Applause)

Near the traditional Like button on our YouTube videos, there is also a Thanks button. This acts like a tip jar, in a sense, with a one-time donation for a variety of amounts.

Merchandise Shops

If you want something physical in return, you can pick up merchandise from the Redbubble and TeePublic shops.

Each page has a variety of designs that can be applied to a long list of types of products.

You can pick up t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, magnets, cell phone cases, mugs, posters, and all sorts of different things.

If you see a design on the catalog that you like, act fast, though. You never know when something is going to get taken down off the page and you'll lose your chance to grab it.

Note: There are also shops for Fanboys Anonymous (T and R) and A Mango Tees (T and R) if you're looking to get something that goes to the same source, but isn't wrestling related.

Clicking and Watching Ads

Like most sites, one of the main sources of income for Smark Out Moment depends on ad performance. This is the most unreliable, fluctuating thing out there.

Consider whitelisting Smark Out Moment and Fanboys Anonymous on your adblock services, as well as the YouTube channels, so the ads appear. Even if you don't click on them, the mere presence can help.

Sharing / Spreading the Word

A non-monetary way to help boost the site's revenue is to help get the word out there that we even exist at all to draw more traffic.

Ways you can do this are:

  • Flat out tell people. If you know someone who might like the site, let them know.
  • Share links to posts and videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Post links from our site and YouTube channel out there on places like:
    • Reddit
    • Message boards
    • Discord
    • Web forums
    • Facebook groups, etc (just don't spam them, please)
  • Follow @SmarkOutMoment and @ToeKneeManGo on Twitter.
  • Like and retweet on Twitter
  • Like the Smark Out Moment and ToeKneeManGo Facebook pages.
  • Like and share these Facebook posts.
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel and click the email notification bell.
  • Hit the "like" button on YouTube videos.
  • Follow the podcast on any audio platforms like Spotify and more.
  • Leave a 5-star review on iTunes Apple Podcasts and anywhere else you see the ability to rate us.
You can also take part in the Sign Me Up idea and bring a sign that says Smark Out Moment to a wrestling event. If you send a picture of yourself holding that up, you'll be featured on the site!


It cannot be stressed enough how much any little bit of help you give to Smark Out Moment is appreciated.

Without the support of fans like you, this network wouldn't exist. You are what keeps it going not just with your wallets, but with your passion and dedication. You make it fun to interact with everyone and to continue to talk about the world of professional wrestling, so thank you.

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