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Welcome one and all to "Smark Out Moment", a blog about the world of professional wrestling through the eyes of the Internet Wrestling Community.

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First off, what does "smark out moment" mean?

Smark Out Moment is a portmanteau of several different phrases within the professional wrestling lexicon. A "mark" is defined most simplistically as a fan of the sport, whereas a "smark" or "smart mark" is a term used to describe a fan who enjoys pro wrestling, but knows full well that it is staged, and enjoys learning the "ins-and-outs" of the business (such as spoilers, backstage information, etc). A "mark out moment" is a situation in which something gets a fan so excited that either they deeply appreciate it and/or they momentarily forget that the presentation is scripted. Thus, Smark Out Moment is a blog dedicated to using insider knowledge for discussion on the world of professional wrestling in front of us right now.

Who is the owner-operator of this website?

The man behind Smark Out Moment is the man behind all branches of A Mango Tree, Anthony Mango. He is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, eWrestlingNews, Sportskeeda, The Ring Report as well as a former "Poster of the Year" and moderator for WrestleZone's forums (as well as former columnist for the site itself) and most importantly, a wrestling fan since he was a child.

Stay tuned, but for now, my smark out moment is up.

DISCLAIMER: This site is a combination between a presentation of fact and opinion. I in no way intend to stay completely unbiased because that would rule out all of my own perspective on everything and thus, defeat the purpose of this even being called "Smark Out Moment". You're more than welcome to disagree with my point of view - even encouraged in the sense that I love a good debate. On top of that, I'd like to say that while my personal thoughts may be to dislike an entertainer, it doesn't necessarily mean I don't respect the man or woman themselves. Vice versa applies as well and just because I like a character or performer doesn't mean I respect them on a personal level either. Everything is in flux. Such is life. If I bash someone, chances are I'm not bashing them as a person. On a similar note, let it be known that every one of these performers is much better in the ring than I would ever be - even the Great Khali. Try not to take any of this personally (unless otherwise stated) and just have fun sharing your opinions on the pro wrestling world along with me.
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