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Fans of the Smack Talk and Monday Night Raw Post Show podcasts are well aware that there are a lot of recurring jokes that continually pop up during our podcasts. To help the newer listeners understand what they mean and where they are coming from, the following list has been compiled. Enjoy!

AJ Stylezu (circa January 4, 2016)

- After watching Wrestle Kingdom 10 and making fun of the way AJ Styles was announced, we began doing impressions of this, drawing out the pronunciation to more exaggerated levels. AyuhJayuh Styulazuu and whatnot.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2018

And No, I Don't Mean...

- Tony will jump on any opportunity for a stupid joke based on wordplay. If someone uses the phrase "total package", for instance, he will suggest they're talking about Lex Luger. It has gotten to a point where Rob and Callum will preemptively cut Tony off from even making the joke, with "And no, I don't mean ____"

Angry Agreeing (circa 2015)

- When you've been arguing with someone and you come to an agreement, but your adrenaline is up too high to calm down, you tend to just keep the volume up even when you're supportive of each other. "WELL I'M GLAD WE'RE IN AGREEMENT." / "YEAH. GOOD. YOUR OPINIONS ARE VALID JUST AS MUCH AS MINE." / "OKAY THEN." / "OKAY."

Annoying Tourist / Travel Buddy Ryback (after Smack Talk on January 15, 2015)

- When Tony, Drew and Mike were talking about wrestlers that have a bus, we wondered if Ryback would have one. This turned into us discussing how Ryback would be the annoying guy who you travel with. He would want to do every cheesy thing like throw pennies off the Empire State Building, run up the Rocky steps, wonder how long it would take for his spit to hit the bottom of the Grand Canyon, etc. "Hey Uso, how do you think the Liberty Bell got that crack? I think it was a big hammer. Heh heh, a big hammer." He would also be the annoying guy you'd go out to eat with and discuss things like the one time he got a curly french fry in with his crinkle cut fries but he thought they were going to be straight cut fries when he ordered them so it was all chaos and you'd never believe it. He would get so excited to meet the costumed characters at Disney World. "Yo guys, I met Goofy!"

Anti-TNA painful grunt noise (circa 2013)

- When someone mentions TNA, it's commonplace for us to make noises as though we're in pain.

Ask Him – Tony Mango's annoying questions (circa 2013)

- Tony has a habit of asking really annoying questions for the Ask Him segment. They frequently are riddles, stupid jokes of answers, or bothersome statistics of some sort, rather than something people can know off the top of their heads.

Ask Him – whispering or shouting (circa 2014)

- You have two choices when introducing the Ask Him segment. You can either shout it like Chris Jericho does to the referee, or you can do the total opposite and whisper it seductively.

A Woman / The Women / Aliyah (April 9, 2021)

- On Episode 0011 of A Review to a Kill (the Fanboys Anonymous James Bond podcast), the movie Moonraker was reviewed. In that film, Roger Moore delivers the line "A woman" in a funny way. This has become a regular thing to repeat, as well as variations like talking about the women's division and following it up with "the women" or even twisting Aliyah's name to fit the cadence.

Babatunde is big and some other people aren't (Evolve 131 10th Anniversary Special Event, 2019)

- For Tony's predictions of the EVOLVE 131 event, all he decided was necessary to say about Babatunde's match was that he is huge and Colby Corino isn't. This eventually became the go-to talking point about Babatunde in general.

Baron Corbin is Shaun's One to Watch (circa 2015)

- At the beginning of the year, we pick our "One to Watch" for WWE based on who we think will receive a big push. Shaun went outside the norm and picked Baron Corbin. All throughout the year, it's been a running gag that Shaun will pick Baron Corbin to interfere in matches on the main roster and make a big impact of some sort.

Baron Corbin's theme is sung by his mom (circa 2015)

- While doing impressions of Baron Corbin's theme song, we've decided that it sounds like it would be his mother yelling to get his attention from another room in the house or something of the sort. Baaaaaroooon Coooooorbiiiin!

Barry the Elephant in the Room (November 2019)

- In reference to the fact that we had postponed NXT TakeOver WarGames and Survivor Series talk in order to find out the teams for Survivor Series and Team Ciampa, but we still didn't know, Tony said we had to address "the elephant in the room" and opted to go for a cheap joke of just naming an elephant Barry for some reason. This then became a running gag of Barry being in the room while recording.

Batista's lunchbox (December 4, 2014)

- On a week with not many Hot Tags to talk about, it was suggested that we normally talk about random and stupid things, so why not talk about how Batista has a lunchbox collection? Since then, at times, rather obscure Hot Tags can be referred to as Hot Lunch Bags.

The Beta (circa 2013)

- Johnna Wago was invited to test out a beta for Elder Scrolls Online, but Stephen told us not to mention it on the shows, so we did.

Behhhdd (circa 2015)

- This is how Shaun says "bad" sometimes.

Big E's package (circa 2013)

- During an episode of the Monday Night Raw Post Show, Paul Hibbard expressed that he admired Big E's crotch and assumed everyone else had been doing the same all along, rather than him being an island.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2017

Big Man Buffet (February 26, 2013)

- When Ryback was in WWE, Tony suggested during a Fantasy Booking that they should have a battle royal at WrestleMania 29 for him to win. Since he went by the nickname Big Hungry and used the catchphrase "feed me more", Tony's idea was to put all the big men like Ezekiel Jackson, Great Khali, Big Show and Mark Henry in there and call it the Big Man Buffet. This eventually became a go-to match for Tony to book on nearly every fantasy event card.

Big Show's gun (circa 2013)

- During an episode of Monday Night Raw, Paul Hibbard mistakenly thought Big Show had been arrested for having a gun. During the Raw Post Show, he brought the topic up and "could have sworn" that they mentioned Big Show having a gun in that backstage segment.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2015

Bobcore Holly (May 2013)

- This was birthed during the Superstar Scores: Bob Holly special feature. There is even a Facebook page you can like that is dedicated to this joke.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2015

Boogeyman Papa Shango Theme (January 28, 2015)

- Due to Boogeyman's entrance in the Royal Rumble, we decided to do his theme for the outro for that week of Smack Talk. Since he's similar in character to Papa Shango, we've been singing the instrumental song with the lyrics of just "Papa Shango Papa Shango Papa Shango" and other outros have become about Papa Shango as well.

Braun Strowman's Name (August 24, 2015)

- Ever since Braun Strowman's debut, we've been giving him different alternate names such as Bram Stoker, Bram Strongman, Beef Stroganoff, etc.

Bread salad (December 22, 2014)

- During the Monday Night Raw Post Show and Smack Talk Scramble podcasts, Shaun regaled the listeners with a tale of a date he went on who ate three salads, one of which consisted entirely of bread.

Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker's WrestleMania streak is the reason everything is awful and we're in the worst timeline

- Tony continues to joke that the world started going to hell after Lesnar ended The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak. Had The Phenom won that match, we wouldn't have the COVID-19 pandemic or everything else that's awful, because we're in the worst timeline, and some parallel reality had Taker win and everything was fine in the years to follow that.

Brock Lesnar Rule (circa 2018)

- Tony got so tired of constantly talking about Brock Lesnar's title reign, repeating the same information and viewpoints about the same feuds that would be repeated for years-on-end, that he created "The Brock Lesnar Rule" as a response. Effectively, if you say "Brock Lesnar Rule" about a topic, you're saying "I've said all I can say on this many times in the past. Nothing's changed. I'm tired of repeating myself. You know what my point of view is. Let's just move on and talk about the next topic."

Bulbasaur is pissed off and lazy (April 2015)

- When Shaun mentioned that Pokemon don't say their names anymore, we morphed this into an annoyed grunt from a lazy Bulbasaur that doesn't want to do Vine Whip.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2018

Burning chairs (October 2014)

- Drew had planned on joining several of us in going to New York Comic Con for Fanboys Anonymous, but lost his privileges when he accidentally burned several chairs around a fire pit.

Butt Boys (circa 2014)

- This is one of caller JD's running insults to people who suck up to The Authority.

The Buzzer Show (circa 2013?)

- After a podcast, a buzzing sound kept coming from Stephen's end of the call. When asked what it was, Stephen responded by saying that Johnna was watching television. That prompted the question "Is she watching The Buzzer Show?" This has been a long-running gag since then of this show actually existing, wherein virtually nothing else happens other than people pressing buttons that make buzzer sound effects. Hopefully it has been picked up for syndication.

Caps Lock Shouting (circa April 27, 2016)

- After bobbylesnarg86 typed a comment in mostly all caps, we decided to read it out in a specific speech tone and it has somehow stuck and carried over into anything written in caps.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2019

Chazzzz (circa 2014)

- Tony and Mike think the name Chaz is not only almost always given to a person who is sleazy, but it is almost impossible to say it without dragging it out in a sleazy way.

Cheez-Its? I Don't Get It (circa 2014)

- A long running joke has been that Jester likes Cheez-Its, although he doesn't get the joke. Now, we cannot hear someone say "I don't get it" in our everyday lives without laughing about it.

Chewed gum face (circa summer 2014)

- During the 2014 Hottest WWE Divas Tournament, Mike expressed that while one person has a great body, she has a "chewed gum face" which is off-putting.

Chris Jericho is Steve Austin (circa 2015)

- After the Stone Cold Podcast was replaced momentarily with Chris Jericho's, the running joke became that WWE would replace everything that Austin did with Jericho. Do you remember when Chris Jericho won the King of the Ring and cut the Jericho 3:16 promo? Or when Jericho drove the beer truck into the arena? So on and so forth.

CM Punk is a work; return imminent (circa 2014)

- For a long while, Stephen maintained that CM Punk was not leaving the company and that it was all a work, even if he were to return several years from now, as that would have been the plan all along.

Cowboy Callum Wiggins (Feb 2, 2021)

- Before recording, Rob had accidentally almost mispronounced Callum's name and basically nearly said "cowboy" instead. Tony ran with it on the introduction of that episode (Fantasy Booking WCW Starrcade 1998). Callum went full-on with the gimmick and dressed up like a cowboy for the WrestleMania 37 post-show.

David Otunga has dead family for a living (circa 2014)

- David Otunga hasn't been on the active roster in a long time, so what does he do, exactly? Well, he got on the roster for having a famous wife and he's been inactive because of some family issues, possibly with some unfortunate deaths. It had been suggested that he is getting paid to do nothing because of this, so what he does for a living is "has dead family".

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2017

Dean Malenko's Yard Sale (2014 Smark Out Moment Awards)

- During the 2014 Smark Out Moment Awards, Tony's connection was awful and when he said something, Mike thought he had heard Tony say "Dean Malenko's yard sale". We ran with the joke and now, his moniker is The Man of 1000 Deals. One of them is on an arm chair.

Demolition theme song (circa 2014)

- One of the songs we frequently sing to ourselves between recordings is the Demolition theme, but with the lyrics making fun of how simplistic and dumb it can be.

Depressed Philosophical Emo Drew (circa 2015)

- After recording one night and just talking about New York Comic Con, Tony and Mike were joking that it would be funny to see Drew get overloaded with everything and run out of energy, turning into a calm, "life is bleak" type of reflective mood. The go-to phrase for this became "Look at everyone wearing masks...we all wear masks all the time, but only some of ours are on the outside."

Detective James Miller of the Department of Headquarters (circa 10/12/2015)

- This is Jeff's equivalent alias to how James Bond uses fake names and says he works for Universal Exports instead of MI6. At least Jeff has tenure, since he's been working there for "like 18 years".

Do you remember when Captain Lou Albano was on the Super Mario Bros show? (June 2014)

- While at the Too Many Games convention for Fanboys Anonymous, Mike sat in on a panel where a fan asked this question to the Angry Video Game Nerd and never followed it up when he answered "yes".

Dr. Hanukkahburger / Dr. Smirnoff Vodkaburger (circa 2013/2014)

- Tony referred to Dr. Michael Kirshenbaum, an ancillary character on WWE programming, as Dr. Hanukkahburger. In 2014, a similar character would appear alongside Rusev, so he was given the name Dr. Smirnoff Vodkaburger in reference to the original burger doctor.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2015

Drew McBigBalls (January 27, 2016)

- When answering a question about the level of our popularity, Drew said that he was sure there were lots of people that looked up to us as celebrities. We amped this up to be that Drew has a vain perspective of being higher than thou, which is dubbed Drew McBigBalls.

Drew loves Red Lobster & gas station (circa 2013)

- When asked what there is to do in Indiana, Drew's first response was that they have a Red Lobster (which they apparently don't even have in his town). He has since then expressed several times going to a gas station in a way that made it seem as though that was the second best thing to do for fun in that town.

Drew wants AJ to take his shirt off (circa September 2014)

- We overheard Drew one time ask his roommate about taking his shirt off, so we naturally ran with the joke of him wanting his roommate to take his shirt off because he's got the hots for him.

Drew's cell phone buzzing (circa 2014)

- When Drew's cell phone buzzes loud enough for us to hear it, it sounds like a wimp that is trying to interject with a terribly nonthreatening "excuse me, sir" voice.

Drew's college McDonald's / Mackie Dees adventures (circa 2014)

- During Drew's first semester at college, he would frequently do podcasts while at the McDonald's near his campus. Shaun's colloquialism nickname for McDonald's that the Americans on the team were not familiar with is Mackie Dees, which we found funny.

Drew's dad buying him a PlayStation 4 (circa 2014)

- When Shaun was talking to Drew about reconnecting with fathers (due to personal experiences), Stephen suggested that Drew's dad should buy him a PS4 to compensate for not being there.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2019

Drew's internet connection speed (circa spring 2015)

- After Drew moved to a new place, his internet connection was being tested at ridiculous levels such as 100mb/s upload. The joke became twisted that Drew's internet is a time machine and he lives in the future, which is why his speed is so crazy.

Drew's sister is hot (circa 2014)

- Drew has an attractive sister that we like to tease him about. In particular, the joke is that Mike is going to be his brother-in-law when he marries her some day. Apparently everybody thinks Drew's sister is attractive, so he's used to it, having dealt with it for many years.

The Eliminator! (circa 2013)

- We're terrible people. Let's just leave it at that.

Episode 85 is the End of TNA (circa 2013)

- This was our projection for when TNA would officially die off. Although we were wrong, it isn't as though they haven't simply limped on ever since.

Fantasy League – Drew's Fucking Shitheaded Losers (circa April 2015)

- While naming the teams for this year's Fantasy League, Drew's team became the Fucking Shitheaded Losers since he was in last place. He's remained in last place the whole year, so every week, it's reported that the Fucking Shitheaded Losers are (true to their name) Fucking Shitheaded Losing.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2018

Fantasy League – giving away Drew's team (circa 2014)

- With Drew inching up to the top spot in the Fantasy League, he was threatened to have his team taken away and given to Tony, who was in last place. This greatly upset Drew, so it has been threatened multiple times.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2018

Fantasy League – Shaun's trades and changing team names (circa 2014)

- Shaun has a tendency to make multiple trades per episode almost at random, sometimes even trading away someone he just traded to get. He also has changed his team's name multiple times.

Fit Birds (circa 2014)

- Being Americans, most of us had no idea what Shaun meant when he referred to attractive women as being "fit birds". We assumed he was talking about muscular feathered animals that can fly.

Frustrating Father-in-Law Jim Neidhart (circa May 2015)

- Yet another discussion of wondering what someone is like behind the scenes leads to a ridiculous version of a person that we make up. In this case, it is Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart being an obnoxious, annoying father-in-law to Tyson Kidd. For instance, he would playfully pick on him by saying The T.J. in his name stands for The Jobber.

Fuck Lanny Poffo / Fuck That Guy Club (circa February 2015)

- After Stephen's rant about Lanny Poffo, it became a running gag (particularly in the Ask Him segment) to talk poorly about Poffo. This started to become an entire group of people that would be referred to as The Fuck That Guy Club.

Fuckin' Teeyitz (circa winter 2015)

- Jackknife Jones' review of Monday Night Raw included an accent that we loved, so things that end in "-it" have been transformed to follow suit as "fuckin' teeyitz" and so on.

Fuckin' Wankers (circa 2014)

- One of Shaun's sayings that we have warped into a more ridiculous version than how he pronounces it.

Future Legend Erick Rowan (circa fall 2015)

- Erick Rowan continually is the loser of The Wyatt Family, but that's just because WWE is building him up to receive a massive push in the future and become a legend on par with Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, etc. He'll be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

The Gerhd, the Bad and the Ugly (January 5, 2015)

-On the Monday Night Raw Post Show, instead of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly segment, Drew mispronounced it was "The Gerhd", similar to the meme "ermahgerd".

Good Things are Good. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say. You Can't Have it Both Ways (circa 2019?)

- Tony often finds himself frustrated, talking about how simple the world can be if everyone just stops overcomplicating it. Some of his go-to phrases are to point out that "good things are good" in that if it's a positive, then that's just a positive and it's that simple. Also, everyone should just say what they mean and mean what they say, instead of lying or dancing around what they are trying to hint at. Plus, you can't have it both ways by being contradictory.

GooOOooogle It (July 1, 2015)

- On the plugs of episode #189 of Smack Talk, Mike said "by Googling" with a slightly different emphasis that has now been blown out of proportion to sound even more like a crazed old man.

The Guillotine Method aka The Decapitation Principle (circa July 2015)

- While debating on who should move on in the Sexiest Superstars Tournament, one idea has been to compare people's bodies and rule out their faces, or effectively to lop their heads off and then vote. The primary advocate of this method is Angie.

Hahahahahaaha Kennedy! (circa 2013)

- This is used when someone laughs at a joke that they don't understand. It references a time when someone laughed at a picture of Mr. Kennedy that said "Mr. Kennedy looks like Mr. Anderson", when everyone else had moved on, laughed at that many minutes ago, and were laughing about something else, but that person didn't want to feel left out of the joke and laughed hysterically at the Kennedy picture to compensate. What were we laughing about instead? Something stupid - breathing heavily into the microphone.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2018

Happy Days! (circa 2014)

- This is one of Shaun's sayings that we have warped into a more ridiculous version than he says.

Hearsay Heath Slater replaces Bad News Barrett (circa 2014)

- When Bad News Barrett went down with an injury, we posited that Heath Slater would take over the gimmick as Hearsay Heath Slater and win the Intercontinental Championship.

Here's the Thing

- This is one of Rob's go-to phrases he says multiple times on every podcast.

I don't get high, I AM high! (circa 2014)

- Tony's joke about Mojo Rawley's catch phrase, "I don't get hyped, I stay hyped".

I Hope I'm Wrong, But... (circa 2023? Or before?)

- Tony's go-to phrasing of "I have a bad idea that they might do, and I don't want it to be the case, but here's my prediction. Rob pointed this out on the Fastlane 2023 predictions episode.

I Mean, Fundamentally...

- This is one of Callum's go-to phrases he typically says a handful of times on every podcast.

I Speak English (March 12, 2021)

- On Episode 007 of the Fanboys Anonymous "A Review to a Kill" podcast reviewing the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever, one of the lines in the film has Sean Connery saying "I speak English" in a funny way, which we've taken to repeating at times when we flub our words and other circumstances.

I'd lick that chicken (circa 2014)

- When expressing how Shaun is fond of Paige, he said he would like to lick that chicken.

The International is a Punch (March 2, 2015)

- When Stephen mentioned a call within the wrestling business of "The International" and asked if we knew what that was, Tony expressed that it was "....a punch." Since then, we've been replacing variations of punches with International, such as Crush's finisher being The Heart International or drinking a glass of Hawaiian International.

Is it X or Y? (circa 2014)

- Whenever given a chance to play around with a name (as evidenced with Ricky "The Steam" Boat), we will ask if the name means one thing or another. This originated with one of our frequent listeners, AwesomePianoMan. Is the username saying "awesome piano, man", or is it referencing an awesome pianist man, or is it a man made out of pianos that is awesome? This also applied to another frequent listener, WatchmanKing. Is it "watch man-king", a king of watchman qualities, etc? The most recent variation is the wrestler A-Train. Was he "A-Train" or just "a train"?

Islamic Rash (January 7, 2015)

- This is the reaction that you get when you come in contact with Dog Puke.

It Boils Down To...

- This is one of Tony's go-to phrases he typically says at least once on every podcast.

Jark Mabroni (circa 2014)

- A fake account we use on Facebook.

JD's Doogie Howser theme music (circa 2014)

- When tuning in to JD's other show, the Doogie Howser theme played. That has become his introduction song instead of his request for Voodoo Child.

JD's However Counter/Bell (circa 2014)

- Caller JD says the word "however" so much that the fans keep track of it by counting them each episode. When Stephen acquired a nickel plated call bell, he began using it to signal each individual instance of a "however" being spoken.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2015

Jimmy Johns (circa episode 206/207 from 2015)

- Drew tried asking what we order from Jimmy Johns, but said it weird, like Scatman Crothers.

Jinder Mahal face turn (circa 2013)

- Whenever someone asks what they had missed on an episode that is going on live, the response is that they missed Jinder Mahal turning babyface. Tony has been making jokes like this for years, so it's only natural that one would carry over into the team for wrestling purposes.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2017

Just do it on Wednesday / Can we do it on Friday? I can't make it. (circa 2014)

- Because Smack Talk is not exclusively recorded on one particular day, sometimes the planning can get confusing. Miguel once bitterly expressed that we should just do it on Wednesday without him and seemed upset about it. Another day, Shaun asked if we could do it on Friday, and when we planned on rearranging it to that day, he stated that he couldn't do it that day, either.

Just get The Patriot. Yo...just get The Patriot (June 2014)

- While at the Too Many Games convention for Fanboys Anonymous, we were giving out prizes. One winner couldn't decide on what he wanted, but his friend kept adamantly bugging him that he should "just get The Patriot" movie that was a tie-in to our July edition of the 4 Reel Movie Club podcast. He was very, very enthusiastic in his friend making this choice above all the rest.

Kane's got a shot (May 1, 2014)

- During the predictions for Extreme Rules 2014, Miguel thought that it was a possibility Kane could defeat Daniel Bryan. Although he doesn't say it verbatim, the phrase that has been attributed to him is that he thinks Kane's got a shot at winning.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2016

Kevin Nash was Booker T (February 2, 2016)

- Wago changed the name of our Facebook chat to "Did you know Nash was booker?" instead of "the booker [in WCW]" so we promptly jumped on his grammar mistake and took the comment as him saying Kevin Nash was Booker T himself, similar to our jokes that Austin and Jericho are one in the same.

Larry the Axe Hennig Theme Song (February 2014)

- When Larry "The Axe" Hennig made an appearance to support Curtis Axel at the 2014 Elimination Chamber event, it prompted Tony to sing Mr. Perfect's old theme to lyrics about him, including "Who's that? He's fat. Don't know, don't care, fuck that."

Los Matadores are French (circa 2014)

- During a promo, Diego and Fernando kept sounding more French than anything else with their accent, prompting us to pick on them by saying they are indeed French, like baguettes and drink wine.

Los Matadores BJ Theme Song Lyrics (June 2014)

- Tony thought that the entrance theme Los Matadores uses sounds like something you would hum to yourself after getting a BJ while strutting. He eventually attributed lyrics to it as going "just got my dick sucked, singing a song about a BJ that I just got".

Mallet or Gavel? (circa 2014)

- What does Bad News Barrett use? Stephen Wago calls it a mallet. Mike Paden calls it a gavel. Which one is right?

Mark Madden impression (circa 2014)

- Miguel has a great impression of Mark Madden's speech patterns.

Miguel disruptions (circa 2014)

- At different times, Miguel can be caught having fallen asleep, creating noise by chewing, or leaving his sink running in the background when recording a show.

Mischievous Daniel Bryan (April 10, 2015)

- This came about during an episode of The All Talk Show in a similar way to our Annoying Tourist Ryback character, where we discussed that we can imagine Bryan acting in a certain odd way. For this, Bryan is the type of guy that would play really lame pranks and think he was a rebel. For instance, he would be really giddy and feel like a badass for stealing towels from a hotel.

Miz and Kofi Kingston have the same dad (??)

- (information on this is currently missing).

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2019

Mojito? (March 30, 2015)

- Episode 0020 of the Fanboys Anonymous "A Review to a Kill" podcast is a review of the James Bond film Die Another Day. In that film, Pierce Brosnan utters the line "mojito?" in a funny way, which we keep repeating since doing that podcast.

The Most Attractive Podcast (March 30, 2015)

- On the post-WrestleMania edition of the Monday Night Raw Post Show, Drew misheard Mike's usual phrase of the podcast being "the most interactive" show as "the most attractive".

Mr. Kotter / Mr. Carter voice (circa 2014)

- Drew sometimes sounds like John Travolta, particularly how he used to pronounce the name "Mr. Kotter" from Welcome Back Kotter. When doing our impression of this, a member of the chat asked who Mr. Carter was.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2016

Murky (March 2015)

- Tony mispronounced "Blake and Murphy" and it sounded like "Blake and Murky". For some reason, Murky is far more over than Murphy has been.

Myzteziz (circa fall 2015)

- How the hell do you pronounce this? Miz Disease? Mist DeZees? Ms. Dizzy's?

Naoma and Camerahn (circa 2014)

- At different times, Mike Paden pronounced Naomi and Cameron's names this incorrect way.

Nerdgasms (circa 2013)

- Someone's failed attempt at a catch phrase that went over like a lead balloon.

Neville Level 77 (circa 2015)

- Neville and level rhyme and it's fun to say them together. Also, someone said "seventy-seven" funny once, and somehow these became tied in together to say there are 77 Nevilles.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2017

Newton Crosby (circa 2014)

- Caller JD's show gave reference to a wrestler named Danny Newton who had a series of finishers all referencing the surname, including the Newton Crosby and the Fig Newton.

The No-Bell Prize for Book (1/5/2015)

- During the Raw Post Show, Ferris419 referenced caller JD's however bell by asking him if he thought he could win the "No-Bell Prize". Drew followed this up by explaining what the Nobel Prize is and instead of saying that you could win in the field of literature, he said you could win "for book".

Not-Jeff (circa 2014)

- A caller sounded like a more enthusiastic version of someone named Jeff, so we started calling him Jeff. When he said his name was not Jeff, we started calling him "Not-Jeff". When "Not-Jeff" called in, he would sometimes do terrible impressions of wrestlers, so we started doing impressions of him.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2017

NXT UK #TonyFixesAmerica or #TonySavesAmerica (circa 2021)

- When the WWE Network switched to Peacock, one of the issues they had for months was that NXT UK wasn't airing on time. It seemed only Tony was interested in this problem, and was actively talking to Peacock support on Twitter for months, trying to help them fix what they kept screwing up week in and week out. It only affected people in the United States of America, since others had the traditional WWE Network. But since nobody else was taking on that task, and it eventually did get fixed, Tony would go on to say that he fixed America.

Oh, you just know that she's smoking hot. (circa 2014)

- When hearing a female caller's voice on the Monday Night Raw Post Show, a member of the chat immediately typed "oh you just know that she's smoking hot". What criteria determines this? Just because she's a female?

Old-Timey Hot Tags Introduction (circa 2014)

- At the start of the Hot Tags, announcing it as though you are a newspaper boy from the 1920s. "Get your hot tags, here!"

Oooh, yeaahh (August 31, 2013)

- This spawned from the many robotic attempts from Drew's outro for Ted DiBiase's "Priceless" theme.

Outro Clowns (circa 2013)

- During Drew's outro version of the Insane Clown Posse's theme, he pulled out the phrase "outro clowns", which confused everyone. What are outro clowns, exactly?

Outro pyro (January 24, 2014)

- During Drew's outro for Batista's theme, he couldn't remember the lyrics, but remembered and chose to do the pyro.

Paden has a crush on Roman Reigns (circa 2014)

- Mike has referred to Roman Reigns as a stud many, many times.

Paden likes when people throw things (circa 2014)

- For a few weeks, Mike was very fond of people tossing different things, so it became a running gag that he will just like any segment where someone throws something. This started in the Extreme Rules match between Kane and Daniel Bryan. Paden liked when the fire extinguisher was thrown.

Pear Pressure (July 1, 2014)

- Drew meant to say "peer pressure" and said "pear pressure". Done.

People Over There, What's Up? People Over THERE, What's Up? (circa 2015)

- We've taken R-Truth's "people over there, what's up?" line to him pointing out all other locations and continuing to ask the other people what's up.

Phil Stevenson Show (December 22, 2014)

- Once we decided to start messing with our callers more, we developed a fake show within the Monday Night Raw Post Show called "The Phil Stevenson Show" with the host, Phil Stevenson. He is the premiere doll collector of the lower Michigan panhandle, as dictated by our fans in the chat.

Pretzel Sprouts (January 20, 2015)

- On the first edition of the All Talk Show, Drew mentioned that he thought brussel sprouts were "pretzel sprouts" for a long time. What the fuck would pretzel sprouts be?

Promeaux (March 29, 2016)

- On the Raw Post Show, Drew said "promo" where he emphasized "mo" as "proMO."

Reptarded (November 26, 2014)

- In reference to how the Rugrats character Reptar was a lesser Godzilla, Tony suggested Reptarded as an adjective. It has now become a general way to refer to something as being stupid.

Renée Zellweger Lemons Face (May 20, 2015)

- During a discussion on The All Talk Show about the 0/1 scale of rating whether or not someone is attractive, Renée Zellweger came up. We talked about how she has a face that looks like she's just perpetually eating lemons and is upset about the taste of them being too sour.

Ricky "The Steam" Boat (Road to WrestleMania 2014)

- Rather than referring to him as Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Drew said Ricky "The Steamboat". That transformed into his name obviously being Ricky Boat with his nickname as "The Steam", which can sometimes be spoken like a super Italian Jersey Shore stereotype as "my boy Ricky Boat, we call him DA STEAM!!!" When thinking about steamboats, the South Park character Tugger came up. This became Tugger the Tugboat, or rather, Ricky Boat's brother, Tugger Boat aka "The Tug" (read as Tugger "The Tug" Boat). But, then again, this got worse with Tugger "The Tugboat" Boat, and once more, with Tugger "The Tug" Boat-Boat. It sadly continues to evolve.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2016

Ring Kings (circa April 2015)

- For this year's Fantasy League, Paden was proud that he was going to name his team The Ring Kings. Immediately, everyone laughed, because it sounds like something a 5th grader would name his team, ala The Wildcats.

Road Warrior Pop (circa 2014)

- A caller made it a point to specifically refer to a great crowd reaction as "getting that Road Warrior pop", so it now is a generalized term to almost facetiously mean a positive response from the audience that will be received from a wrestler.

Robin Leach voice (circa 2014)

- Shaun's drunk voice when he's trying to sound very clear resembles Robin Leach.

Roight Roight Roight! FOLKENELL (circa 2014)

- When Triple H did his impression of Bad News Barrett's catch phrase, we attributed it to him probably thinking that it was amazing and Barrett humoring him by agreeing backstage, which would prompt Triple H to think other people would love it, so he should do it for the audience. In 2015, this got even more obnoxious as Shaun's "fuckin' hell" was morphed into "folkenell" and adapted into this to formulate a full-on terrible speech pattern.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2017

Roman Reigns OOOOOOOO impressions (circa 2015)

- More than anything, the "oooooooooo" that Roman Reigns does has been our go-to thing to impersonate with him. One variation is to turn that into the chant The Usos do. "When we say UCE, you say OH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOso."

Rootin' Tootin' Mike Paden (November 18, 2013) / Rootin' Tootin' Vladimir Putin

- Mike introduced himself as this during an episode of the Monday Night Raw Post Show. We then added Rootin' Tootin' Vladimir Putin to the list because that's awesome.

Rusev is a potato (circa 2014)

- This originated from one of Mike's friends stating that Rusev was a "potato-looking mother fucker".

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2016

Rusev swats at bees with the flag (circa 2014)

- We suggested that the reason Rusev swings his arms so violently when he waves the Russian flag is because he's trying to swat away bees that are swarming him.

Saaaamuel Shaawww (circa 2014)

- TNA's wrestler Samuel Shaw seems as though he is horribly depressed, so we say his name as though he's Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh series. Scuttlebutt (circa 2013)

- Our fictitious website that we attribute any ridiculous dirt sheet reports to. Variations include and

Seth Rollins is a homeless angry suburban teenager; hungry cat/monkey/sewer rat that eats Wago's blinds (circa 2014)

- This first started as us saying that Seth Rollins looked like a homeless person with his haircut and beard. We then attributed his entrance music to something that an angry teenager would be listening to while he's upset about his dad punishing him. Somehow, we linked Rollins to Wago's cat, who likes to chew on his blinds, so he became a hungry cat. Since then, Rollins has been called a monkey and a sewer rat as well.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2018

Seth "Suck Me Off" Rollins (circa 2014)

- Caller JD routinely refers to Seth Rollins as this lovely nickname.

Smarky Voice (circa July 4, 2015)

- Dane Quinn has a terrible impression of someone who likes to call back to Ring of Honor as being the best thing ever, referring to wrestlers by their former stage names or their real names. We've combined this with our "Ring Kings voice" and we apply these two impressions to any kind of a comment that seems too smarky.

The Spirit of Eddie Guerrero (circa 2013)

- In an offhanded shot at TNA, Tony Mango referred to Chavo Guerrero as being not much more than "the spirit of Eddie Guerrero" as a half-assed attempt from TNA to capitalize on Eddie's death with the next best thing available to them.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2016

Ssss sss ssss laugh (January 24, 2014)

- During Drew's outro for Batista's theme, this laugh came out and it was the first time we truly noticed it.

Stephen Wago goes on tyrants (circa 2014)

- Instead of going on a tirade about something, Stephen said "tyrant".

Stephen Wago's accent (circa 2014)

- Stephen's accent frequently comes out in a way where he'll add an R to the end of words that don't have it. For instance, John Cena is pronounced John Cener.

Stigmata (March 30, 2013)

- During our Wrestling with the Past: WWE Hall of Fame Inductions special feature, the word "stigma" was confused with "stigmata".

Sumina (circa 2013)

- While recording an episode of Smack Talk, Stephen's Skype froze when he said "some of the" and it kept repeating itself, although it sounded more like "sumina". This went over and over for several minutes of "sumina sumina sumina sumina" and it continued even when he disconnected/reconnected. Stranger still, when he attempted a test call with the Skype service itself, he could hear "sumina sumina sumina" playing back to him. None of us have had this glitch happen before that incident, nor again since then, and we have no idea what caused it.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2019

Talking to Ghosts is Bulllllshiiiiiiit (July 30, 2015)

- On episode 12 of The All Talk Show: NeuroGasm is NeuroPlacebo? (or: Rose Collared Lenses) we were calling up other radio shows and came across one that was claiming to be a medium psychic service. While on hold, Tony did an impression of a ghost saying that talking to dead people was bullshit and the radio show subsequently hung up on us.

That's good for you, Ozzy (October 2014)

- While at the New York Comic Con event for Fanboys Anonymous, Tony and Mike overheard two people talking and one very emphatically stated this to the other.

This was a match (circa 2014)

- Drew has a tendency to start off his reviews of matches by simply declaring that they were matches.

Thurman Sparky Pluggs (May 11, 2013)

- Birthed during the Superstar Scores: Bob Holly special feature. Tony referred to the plugs of the show as the Thurman Sparky Pluggs.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2015

Time Cow (February 2014)

- During Stephen Wago's outro of JBL's theme, Mike provided the voice of the cow and interrupted him. We then decided that a cow's moo could be used to interrupt annoying callers on our shows. For an entire episode, Mike built up a special guest that would appear as a prank on the audience. When they were met with this idea of "Time Cow" being the guest, instead of being mad or disappointed as we expected, everyone embraced it with comments such as "Time Cow for president". Since then, if you hear a moo, this is why.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2015

Tito Santana and Ricky Steamboat are the same person (circa our childhoods)

- Tony, Stephen and Mike all admitted one day to each other that as children, they got Tito Santana and Ricky Steamboat mixed up all the time and were all surprised that the others agreed, as they had all thought it was a particularly stupid mistake to make that nobody else would have agreed with. There's just something similar about those guys...

Titus O'Neil Mwuah Kiss (June 19, 2016)

- At the Money in the Bank 2016 event, Titus O'Neil kissed his son on the lips. We have a specific *mwuah* sound effect to refer to this now.

Tony's pink shirt (circa 2014)

- Tony has a pink dress shirt. For some reason, this tickled the guys so much.

Tony's Seinfeld joke (circa 2014)

- Tony went for a high five but everyone ignored him.

Tony Panel (November 18, 2015)

- At the very beginning of episode #209 of Smack Talk, there was a botch where Tony botched "I am your host, Tony Mango, and joining me on the panel..." and instead said "I am your host, Tony Panel."

Towtruck Pig (May 21, 2014)

- When asked in the mailbag if we would follow Time Cow up with any other animal characters, we tossed out the stupidest idea we could think of at the time, thinking that people would embrace it as well if we no-sold it during the first introduction, opposite of what we did with Time Cow. They did not, and Towtruck Pig ended up being the failure that we thought Time Cow was going to be to begin with.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2019

Uncle Big E at the barbecue (circa 2013)

- Because Big E was wearing Hawaiian shirts, we said that he looked like an uncle at a barbecue.

Undertaker's Three Dongs (circa 2013)

- Rather than saying Undertaker's theme music has gongs that go off or bells that ring, he chose the words that you hear Undertaker's "three dongs", prompting us to imagine Undertaker with three penises.

The Undertoker (circa August 2015)

- A joke formed about the smoke that surrounds The Undertaker during his promos and entrances, where it would be funny if it were pot smoke. He was thusly dubbed The Undertoker who gets Tombstoned.

Uno and Stuno (March 17, 2023)

- After Stu Grayson rejoined All Elite Wrestling, Tony mentioned on the Hot Tags that he could be reforming his two-person tag team with Evil Uno and branching off from Dark Order to call themselves Uno & Stuno. Callum then suggested also Evil & Stevil.

Want me to shine yo shoes, mister? (circa 2014)

- This is spoken in an impression of how slaves used to speak very politely when being grateful of the horrible treatment that they used to receive. It is frequently paired up with phrases that illustrate being appreciative of what little you have and being afraid of upsetting your boss because of not wanting to seem demanding, even though they are the ones that are the assholes.

We're tired of the same old shit week in and week out (circa 2014)

- Caller JD says this same old phrase week in and week out.

"What are we DOOOIING?"

- One of Rob's regular phrases

Wrestling Bitch Face (May 13, 2016)

- Attributed to Angie's doing on the Sexiest Superstars Tournament when meaning to say "resting bitch face" and flubbing.

Ya Know What I'm Sayin'? (circa 2014)

- One of Shaun's frequent sayings that has been warped into an absurd rendition of itself with a sing-songy quality to it and tons of stutters that Shaun doesn't even do.

Yadda Yadda Problematic (9/28/2021)

- During the recording of the All Time Fantasy Draft (recorded September 28, 2021, aired in November 2021) we justified picking people like Chris Benoit on our rosters with "I know he's had bad stuff in the past, but..." and eventually whittled it down to "yadda yadda problematic I pick ____" because it was easier that way.

Yetistation 4 (circa late 2014)

- Piggybacking off the "Drew needs a PS4" joke, we have been bugging Drew and Shaun to get Blue Yeti microphones to upgrade their quality and for Drew to fix his internet connection. The go-to easier method of saying this was to just combine it all together as Drew needing to buy a Yetistation 4, which is totally the best of all microphones out there.

* This joke was inducted into the Smark Out Moment Hall of Fame class of 2019

You Gon' Find Out (October 2014)

- This originated at New York Comic Con for Fanboys Anonymous. One of the writers for that site said it in the context of showing off sexual prowess. Example: "Yo girl, you want some of this? You gon' find out."

Zombie Warrior Card / Warrior Zombie Card (circa 2013)

- Tony and Mike were making fun of Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! card games by making up names of cards that they thought sounded legit.

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