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Divas Debrief: Women's Wrestling This Week for 11/21/2015

Posted by Unknown Saturday, November 21, 2015
Each week, DIVAS DEBRIEF runs down the events that transpired in women's professional wrestling from the past couple of days. From the WWE Divas to the TNA Knockouts including some other companies as well, Smark Out Moment attempts to keep you up to date on all things going on with the ladies of the ring.

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WWE Monday Night Raw

Paige and Charlotte Divas Championship contract signing for Survivor Series

Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces both women to the ring. Cole asks Paige where did it go wrong in Paige and Charlotte's friendship. Paige then says that there is no friendship between the two of them. Charlotte then asks why is Paige so bitter. She then says she admires Paige and mentions her late brother that passed away years ago. Charlotte says that her brother is the reason why she is champion today, choking up in the process. Paige then calls Charlotte a child that cries and asks where she gets that from. Charlotte says that Paige was never a real champion. She says that Paige is not a role model. Charlotte signs her contract and the two continue to trade verbal barbs at each other. Charlotte says that if Paige doesn't shut up, Paige will not make out of the building. The champion says that she has a lot of fight in her, but Paige then says that Charlotte's brother did not had much fight in him and Charlotte loses her mind and attacks Paige. Referees try to separate Charlotte from Paige but her rage will let not her. I was not expecting this to get so real. Anyone that knows the story surrounding the fallen Flair family member is probably shocked to hear Paige mock him. This match's intrigue just got raised to a whole new level. What a way to end Monday Night Raw. If tonight is any indication, Survivor Series just might be a damn good show! I'm looking forward to it.

WWE Main Event

Naomi vs Alicia Fox

Fox starts off with a side headlock on Naomi, and then Naomi does the same. Naomi is then sent into the corner but gets by jumping over Fox and hits her with a double knee backbreaker but Fox lands safely. Naomi then goes for a pin but to no avail. Naomi is getting worked on her wrists but uses her athleticsm to get out and kick Fox in the head. They both run the ropes until Fox hits a backbreaker on her opponent. Naomi rolls out of the ring and takes her time getting back in. She then uses a variety of kicks on top of the ring apron to stun Fox for an unsuccessful pin. Naomi then takes control of the match and later has her in a hold but Fox gets out. Naomi, however, stops Fox and hits her with a hurricarana. Both women slam each other by running onto the ropes. Fox then hits on a few dropkicks and her pin attempt only goes for two. Team B.A.D. then distracts Fox and Naomi goes for some sort of a submission move (Don't even know how to describe it myself) and Fox taps out to get the victory. Not a bad match but nothing to write home about.

TNA Impact Wrestling

Awesome Kong vs Brooke Adams (World Title Series)

Kong dominates Brooke to start things off. She's throw her around the ring like a rag doll. She's targeting Brooke's broken hand. The fans are trying to get behind Brooke (as they should since Brooke is a good wrestler). Brooke flips Kong off with her injured hand. Brooke powers out and makes a bit of a comeback and goes for her finisher, but Kong counters it into a back suplex. She hits the Impact Buster and gets the win. Kong advances along with Gail Kim to the Round of 16. Going to be interested seeing if they will have a match with some of the men here and even get a win or two. I'm not expecting either of these two to advance far but it's nice to see two Knockouts compete for a chance at the TNA Title. This was a decent women's match but will probably get ignored.


Nia Jax vs Carmella
Emma vs Mary Kate
Bailey vs Alexa Bliss (NXT Women's Championship Match)

Jax misses a clothesline, which allows Carmella to grab her in a waist lock. Jax shrugs her off with minimal effort. Jax then runs over Carmella. Jax picks up Carmella by her hair and head-butts her. Jax locks in a vicious bear hug. Carmella reverse the bear hug into a guillotine choke. Carmella attempts a hurricanrana, but Jax reverses it into a sidewalk slam, followed by a huge leg drop for the win.


Mary Kate takes and early advantage, hitting a few stiff strikes before sending Emma to the mat with a shoulder block. As Mary Kate attempts to pick up Emma, Emma kicks her in the head. Emma slams Mary Kate’s head into the mat multiple times, and then almost takes Mary Kate’s head off with a basement dropkick. Emma stands on Mary Kate’s hair before stomping her in the corner. Emma hits the Emma-mite sandwich, then the Emma lock for the submission victory.


After locking up, Bayley pushes Bliss into the corner and stomps her. Bliss begs off, then grabs Bayley’s tights and pushes her head first into the corner. Bliss and Bayley trade suplex attempts, before Bayley drops Bliss down to the mat for a basement clothesline. Running bulldog by Bayley for a two count. Bliss rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. Bayley follows, but Bliss sends her chest first into the ring apron.

After a short break, Bliss has Bayley trapped in a hammerlock. Bayley hits a double axe handle, but Bliss responds by slapping Bayley so hard she tumbles to the mat. Bliss follows that with a standing moonsault. Bliss goes up top, but Bayley catches her and hits a running powerslam. Bliss reverse Bayley’s shoulder charge into a sunset flip, for a two count. Bliss picks Bayley up and yells at her. Bayley slaps her in the face and obliterates Bliss with a Bayley-to-belly for the three count and gets the win. Bailey celebrates until Eva Marie comes out to a sea of proverbial sharks and tries to challenge Bailey to a title match but I can barely hear because of all the boos. Bailey accepts and we have another title match on NXT next week.

WWE SmackDown

Charlotte vs Brie Bella

The match starts with both women locking up, and Charlotte getting a roll up and a nearfall. Brie quickly gets a headlock, bringing the Divas Champion down and getting a couple nearfalls in the process. Charlotte gets out, hitting a block for a nearfall of her own. Charlotte gets a headscissors on Brie, rolling her around before whipping her into the corner. Brie gets out of the way and rolls her up for a nearfall and a back elbow before driving Charlotte into the ropes. She stomps away and then runs into Charlotte with a knee before going for a cover for the nearfall. Brie starts getting some hard kicks into Charlotte, but misses one last one for a nearfall by Charlotte. They take each other down with a clothesline, but do manage to get back up before exchanging offense before Charlotte takes control. She hits a big boot on Brie and covers for another nearfall. She goes for a knee drop, but Brie gets out of the way. Brie walks right into a spear by Charlotte, who locks in the Figure Eight to make Brie tap out and get some much needed momentum for Sunday at Survivor Series.

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Bailey vs Alexa Bliss


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