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Why Charlotte Flair Should Be in the Main Event of WrestleMania 35

Posted by Callum Wiggins Monday, February 4, 2019
This article is not going to make me very popular. But, if I wanted to be popular, becoming a wrestling fan probably wasn't the smartest choice to begin with.

Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch WWE SmackDown Live WrestleMania
Image: WWE
The vast majority of fans right now appear to have their minds made up over what match should main event WrestleMania 35 - Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship. It's been a hot angle since the build to Survivor Series, where The Man's change in attitude led to her getting in the face of the undefeated Baddest Woman on the Planet.

We were deprived that match at Survivor Series thanks to a foolhardy fist to the face of Lynch courtesy of Nia Jax. But, with Lynch winning the Women's Royal Rumble and immediately selecting Rousey as her opponent, nothing can stop this match from happening now, right?

Well, just as the vast majority are behind this one-on-one match headlining WrestleMania, there is an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the unending rumors that Charlotte Flair will be added to this match, making it a Triple Threat Match for the championship.

Now, you've read the title of this article, so you know I'm in the minority. Of course, there are plenty of understandable reasons why The Queen is best left out of this already mouth-watering match-up:

  • Charlotte's has been in the spotlight too long already
  • Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch is a strong enough match on its own
  • A Singles Match feels more meaningful than a Triple Threat
  • Charlotte is the only credible choice to face Asuka for the SmackDown Women's Championship
  • People don't even want to think about Charlotte Flair beating Becky Lynch to the Raw Women's Championship

Most of these arguments are completely valid - if someone came up to me saying any of these, I couldn't disagree with them. But, I could and would say I don't care, and I prefer my way.

Charlotte Flair Presents a Powerful Obstacle

By adding Charlotte Flair to the Raw Women's Championship match you add a new element of danger for all the Becky Lynch fans who are desperate to see her standing tall at the end of WrestleMania 35. WWE fans are not stupid (at least some of the time) - it's obvious how much the company loves Charlotte, and they could view this as the crowning achievement in The Queen's career.

Now, I preface the remainder of this article with that my whole argument falls down if Lynch isn't booked to defeat Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. If either of the other two win it will be a complete shambles. Lynch has to win the Raw Women's Championship and cement her status as one of WWE's biggest stars going forward.

With that out of the way, adding Charlotte to the match adds another obstacle, another layer of adversity that Lynch has to overcome. And, frankly, Charlotte means more jeopardy and tension for fans during the match. Rousey vs Lynch does have that edge, as Rousey could easily remain undefeated, although rumors of her taking a break following WrestleMania has hampered that a bit.

Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey WWE Monday Night Raw WrestleMania 35
Image: WWE
So, if the singles match starts to feel like a foregone conclusion, Charlotte is a perfect adversary to throw into the mix. Because every 'smart' fan will be petrified that they are going to have Charlotte win again. She will be booed mercilessly anytime it appears she's about to win, and every kickout by Lynch will have that much more passion and relief behind it.

Rousey beating Lynch would be unpopular; Charlotte beating Lynch is unthinkable. So, as long as the finish is the right way around, this makes the crowd more invested, more nervous and more likely to get lost in the action…

Charlotte Flair Makes the Match Better

Speaking of the action, Charlotte Flair is one of the best big-match wrestlers in WWE today. Becky Lynch is certainly no slouch and a long-time veteran, while Ronda Rousey has outstanded everyone with her in-ring performances across her debut year. But, this is the main event of WrestleMania 35 we're talking about, and especially with it likely being the first-ever women's match to close the event, you want to try and steal the show.

Charlotte is the better bell-to-bell performer - she has a height and power advantage, she mixes in a fair amount of high-flying, she's got great psychology and will take whatever risk necessary to make her match the best on the show. And, because it'll be WrestleMania, her entrance will be a marvel all on its own.

So, while I have no doubt that Rousey vs Lynch could be great on its own, I firmly believe adding Charlotte to the mix makes it instantly better. All three can get their spots in and take breaks where necessary, you can have some exciting broken pinfalls and some awesome three-person spots.

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Sasha Banks WrestleMania 32
Image: WWE
Plus, WrestleMania and Triple Threat matches have a long, storied history. Triple H vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton and Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan vs Batista all spring immediately to mind.

And what did all these have in common? A plucky, beloved underdog overcame two imposing threats to win the title and blow the roof off the arena (except maybe the Mysterio one - Chicago was not dialling 619 that night).

Remember that in the last three WrestleManias, I argue that Charlotte has two Match of Night winners - the Triple Threat from WM32 against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, and the night she ended Asuka's streak at WM34. When the lights are shining brightest, few can turn it on like Charlotte Flair can, and I think she would improve the quality of the main event immensely.

Charlotte Flair Deserves this Moment

I think I've presented a well-reasoned article up until this point, but this is probably where I'm going to lose those that were beginning to warm-up to the Triple Threat idea. "But Callum, Charlotte Flair has been handed every opportunity imaginable, and she's a 7-time Women's Champion already. Isn't it time someone else got a chance to shine?"

This is a fair response, but what exactly is being taken away if Charlotte is added to the Triple Threat. If I've already established that Becky Lynch is winning, surely it won't make that moment of her triumphing any less special? And Ronda Rousey's already adding so much star power to this main event that getting Charlotte involved doesn't diminish this at all.

So both Rousey and Lynch are getting the spotlight they deserve at WrestleMania 35 for their exceptional years no matter what. But Charlotte also merits that spotlight because for several years at this point she has been the division's ace. Maybe again I'm in the minority for thinking this, but I don't believe Charlotte has been handed anything in her career - she's earned it.

Would she have received as many opportunities if her surname wasn't Flair? Probably not, but that's wrestling. But instead of coasting off her father's legacy, Charlotte has worked tirelessly to carve out her own, with standout matches, feuds and moments that have cemented her in the upper echelons of WWE's roster, a place she absolutely deserves to be.

Yes Charlotte's had many opportunities and title matches, but every single one she's been given she's made the most of in her performance. While Lynch has reached the next level of popularity with the crowd, for several years Charlotte was the backbone of women's wrestling in WWE, and having her miss out on the first women's WrestleMania main event feels wrong. I literally might be the only one who thinks that, but it's my article and I'll think whatever I damn well please.

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 35

Ronda Rousey Charlotte Flair WrestleMania 35
Image: WWE
I hope you've enjoyed this piece on why I believe Charlotte Flair should be included in the main event of WrestleMania 35. I'm not expecting most reading this far to agree with me, but I hope you at least leave thinking that it might not be the worst idea in the world if booked correctly.

In my opinion, I'd make it a Triple Threat Elimination Match, so that way we can get the thrills, spills and excitement of all three superstars battling for the main chunk of the match, and then fans get a one-on-one showdown between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch they were clamoring for. I'd even have Lynch be the one to pin Charlotte, as that would make people believe Rousey would get the win to even it out, adding even more layers of doubt.

Furthermore, while Charlotte will be treated as a mega-heel by the fans, it would be so simple to turn her back if WWE was so inclined: have her shake and raise Lynch's hand in victory and walk away following a kick-ass match. The crowd gives the two their appreciation and Charlotte wins them back over with a good promo on SmackDown.

Obviously, the two most critical components for the WrestleMania 35 main event will remain Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. But, I believe that with a royal touch from The Queen herself, this landmark moment in wrestling history would be remembered as even more spectacular.

Would you prefer to see Charlotte Flair added to the Raw Women's Championship Match at WrestleMania 35?
Or should Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch stay one-on-one?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Callum Wiggins hails from Essex in the United Kingdom. He recently graduated from the University of York with a degree in History and has been a fan of professional wrestling since 2002. Outside of wrestling, he is also a fan of Arsenal FC and enjoys video games, darts, and Formula One. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter.


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