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Ronda Rousey Shares About Her Journey and Wrestling Future

Posted by Outside Interference Monday, February 4, 2019
The WWE RAW Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey, has completed her first year in WWE. She successfully defended her title against Sasha Banks at the Royal Rumble in Chase Field, Phoenix and looks set for a big title fight against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 after the latter challenged her for the title. However, WWE seems to have other plans for the former UFC star.

According to WWE News, Rousey will have to first defend her title in a Triple Threat match against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. That being said, what are Ronda's own plans, her wrestling future, and the journey so far?

Rousey has already made it clear that she intends to run her ranch in Los Angeles, named Browsey Acres, full time upon her retirement. Even now she makes it a point to find some time to address the ranch herself.

"I'll be on some mountain, saying, 'Nice to see you!'and I'll have the high ground ready for you when the world ends."

She says this regarding her escapist fantasy of creating a life with no public obligations or the hassles of celebrity, which she has had for years. However, with her current success in WWE, it seems that the pastoral utopian dream will have to wait. Since making her in-ring debut on April 8 at the WrestleMania 34, she took only four months to become WWE RAW Women's Champion on August 19. She has a record of 8-0 in pay-per-view matches (6 wins by submission, 2 via disqualification), which is the second longest PPV winning streak to start her WWE career (behind Charlotte Flair's 13).

Ronda herself expressed her disbelief on her own success, resonating with WWE fans who reserved their doubts regarding Rousey's switch over from the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) to the completely different World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

"I think that everyone thought that my wrestling debut would be a big ol' mess, that my first single [fight] would be super lame. And now it's just kind of… we've got them hooked. People want to see what's gonna happen next. I didn't think I'd be any good as an actual wrestler. I thought I would be pretty much just a gimmick that got old after a couple of months."

She curiously described her feud with Sasha Banks which culminated at the Royal Rumble, using a reference from the massively popular TV series, Game of Thrones.

"The more people think that they hate each other the better," she says. "It's like being in 'Game of Thrones.' The chick that's playing Daenerys and the chick that's playing Cersei, those actors don't actually hate each other but the more that they can get you invested in it, the more successful 'Game of Thrones' is. If I'm playing Cersei, I don't give an s--- if you hate Cersei's guts, I care that you love 'Game of Thrones'."

While she might have revealed and spoken on length about the scripted nature of WWE, while comparing it the Game of Thrones, she also talked about the 'realness' of WWE.

"Sometimes I don't feel like I'm acting or selling anything," she explains. "Whatever we're doing in the moment, I'm so wrapped up in it that I really believe it. I've really convinced myself of all of this. 'Oh my God, it hurts so bad!'".

She also spoke regarding the ever-circling false rumors of her pregnancy in WWE news.

"I honestly don't know why [anyone] feels like [they're] an authority to speak on the plans for my uterus, she says. "If I responded every single time the world speculated what I was doing with my womb I would not have a free moment in the day. "I really don't feel like I should have to respond to that kind of thing. It's my vagina, my life, keep the speculations to yourself. Leave me and my reproductive organs alone."

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