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WWE Women's Division: Who Can Hold Down the Midcard Feud?

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, May 25, 2016
After Charlotte's victory at Extreme Rules—her 11th consecutive pay-per-view—her role as the most dominant woman in the division is solidified. Plus, with the speculation that Sasha Banks is in line to take the new championship at SummerSlam, it looks like long, strong reigns will be the story of the division for some time. This strategy could really establish the belt's legitimacy, lest it fall into the same pattern of irrelevance as the United States Championship. What's still missing are solid undercard feuds to keep building characters and storylines. If WWE wants this division to truly be world-class, it needs to start showing depth on a regular basis. That shouldn't be hard with so much talent, so which female superstars are most equipped to move into that position with a stellar midcard feud?

Charlotte and Ric Flair on RAW

For the purposes of this list, an injury confirmed by an official WWE.com report takes the superstar out of the storyline, but rumored injuries (such as Sasha Banks) do not. So let's start with something that was already in motion: Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke. Granted, it's a shame to watch this go on without Emma when it was supposed to be her moment to get back into the spotlight. At the same time, Becky Lynch is too big of a star to be off TV and Dana Brooke needs to prove herself.

Becky Lynch against Dana Brooke on RAW

Their motivations are an easy sell, too. On one hand, you have Becky Lynch—a wrestler of principle. She walked away from Charlotte because of the way she was winning matches, and she often lets that championship slip through her fingers because of unwillingness to do what other competitors will. On the other side is Dana Brooke, who not only is cheating, but cheating for Becky's sworn rival. She attaches herself to whoever gets her the furthest. The dichotomy is perfect for a non-title feud.

Our next potential feud was teased a few weeks ago, but Sasha's absence on TV has left her issues with Summer Rae unresolved. It's no secret Summer Rae needs something new that she can actually sink her teeth into. She's played the girlfriend valet for most of her time on the main roster, despite showing some serious chops down in NXT. Their past history in the BFF's sets it up nicely for Summer to try to make a name for herself off Sasha, and for Sasha to fend her off.

Summer Rae cuts a promo on Sasha Banks

Sasha's coronation is coming sooner rather than later, but keeping her off screen until then is a mistake. She's got too much buzz to waste and needs someone to bring out the fight in her. Her star shines brightest when she's clawing her way to the top of the ladder, and Summer Rae has a nasty side of her own. Sasha also has a way of making her opponents look like a million bucks, even when she beats them. What she did for Becky Lynch back in NXT, she needs to do for Summer. Her opponent can hold her own too, as she showed with a killer promo on SmackDown last month.

Last, let's look at something a bit more unexpected. It's a travesty that Paige hasn't had a role in recent weeks, and despite Lana's strong debut at WrestleMania, she has struggled to find a spot herself. In her not quite resolved feud with Brie Bella, Lana showed potential as the heel who likes to pick a fight. Picking a fight with the two-time Divas Champion in her quest for the title could give them both a boost.

Jojo interviews Paige and Lana

While heel vs. heel feuds can be tricky, there's potential for them to both be carving out their spot by taking the other one down. The psychology backing it is solid too, as with Rusev's new championship, Lana is in the spotlight more and more. Meanwhile, Paige can hardly get at TV spot. Paige was once the biggest story, and now people chant "We want Lana." Paige is pissed, and Lana just wants to step out of the shadow of Rusev. They both have something to gain by stepping on each other.

The women's division is on its way to making history and building something great. Great champions alone won't make it what it needs to be, though. It needs to show serious depth. Solid storylines and characters in the undercard serve the entire division, and the entire company. So who do you think has the potential to hold down the midcard of the women's division?

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