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Mailbag Inbox Q&A - May 2016

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from bobbylesnarg86

Question: "If you could any ONE superstar be the world champion for two years who would it be and why and wago please make someone who is not AJ Styles so that it is interesting who you pick. It is fine you like him I just want to know someone I wasn't expecting."

Answer: Out of the current roster, I think I'd go with either Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns or Kevin Owens. I'd prefer Ambrose to be the scrappy babyface champion who can maybe be a heel and then go back to being a babyface throughout those 2 years.

Question: "will Phil Stevenson come back to Mega Powers Radio to do his show?"

Answer: Phil Stevenson's been booked pretty heavily lately, but I'm sure he'll return at some point once his ventures slow down a bit.

Sent in from SurosIceCream

Question: "Can you guys do other tournaments like the hottest tournament in the future? Example: 32 bracket of the manias"

Answer: Tournaments take a lot of work, surprisingly, and a long time to be able to go through (cause you either rush it and it kind of kills the fun, or you make it a 5-10 week thing) but I do enjoy them, so I'm trying to figure out a way to maybe cut down on the work load from other things to do more fun extra projects like that. One tournament I've been wanting to do for a while is Best Finishers, for instance.

Sent in from Callum Wiggins

Question: "In this age where every WWE storyline is heavily scrutinized and critiqued, what do you think has been WWE's most effective and consistent angle of the last 10 years?"

Answer: It's hard for me to think of any storyline that didn't have at least a few things that I think could have been done better, like how the Rusev vs John Cena feud was weak in some ways but eventually resulted in a great United States Open Challenge, or how the Yes Movement might not have happened without protest. Actually, the whole scenario with Seth Rollins and The Authority might be up there, or maybe the Hall of Pain title reign Mark Henry had.

Question: "With Extreme Rules still fresh in the memory, what would you pitch as a new gimmick match/stipulation match?"

Answer: I still want to see the Big Man Buffet/Brawl/etc match where all the largest guys on the roster who aren't otherwise involved in something else compete in a clash of super heavyweights to determine who is the big man on campus, basically.

Idea #2: Behind Enemy Lines Match = The ring is divided into sections where each wrestler can only pin his opponents in his own section. If you're the champion, you can only pin your opponents in the direct center circle of the ring. Basically, try to stay out of every section other than your own, as you're in danger to lose elsewhere.

Idea #3: Glass House Match = Instead of a cage, wrestlers are enclosed in a glass structure. The only way to win is to throw your opponent through the glass, shattering it.

Idea #4: Obstacle Course Match = Taking an element of Falls Count Anywhere, two wrestlers have a series of tasks they have to complete to win, kind of like a relay race but including elements such as forcing another wrestler to submit, retrieving something from a ladder, etc. Whoever accomplishes the gauntlet first is the winner.

Idea #5: Ten Lives Match = Instead of someone needing to make it to 3 for a pinfall to be a victory, you have 10 lives for the entirety of the match. If someone has a standard 3-count, the referee can keep counting to 4, 5, or however long it takes for you to get up until you've run out. If you kick out at 2, you have 2 deducted from your original 10. Basically, someone can get a 1-count on you 10 different times and win, or they can get any variation including a single 10-count.

I really wish I could think of something for the title "King's Ransom Match" cause that sounds awesome to me.

Sent in from Peter Piccinnini

Question: "Tony and Paden: Where did you sit in MetLife stadium at WrestleMania 29? Is there a chance we sat around each other or ran into each other?"

Answer: I think I sat in the 200 range, if I remember correctly.

Question: "Wago would you ever twitch Pokemon or just UFC/WWE?"

Answer: If Wago plays Pokemon Sun & Moon, he needs to pick Poplio and name it Derplio.

Question: "What do your girlfriends/wives think of the sexist man/women tournament? I'd assume nothing but the thought cross my mind"

Answer: I'm currently single, but my ex absolutely hated it even though she claimed she was cool with the idea at first.

Question: "Do you think Mark Henry will resign for one month for a last match at Summerslam and who would he wrestle? I pick Corbin to end his career in a if Henry loses he must retire match"

Answer: I'll be really disappointed if Henry doesn't have a proper sendoff, and if he does have someone beat him to finish his career, I hope it's Kevin Owens. In a different time, I would have said Ryback.

Question: "If Kalisto turns heel will he have a better United States Title run? Who does he turns on? I pick John Cena he turns on also who I think will take the belt from him"

Answer: Nope, at this point, Kalisto's title reign is a definitive dud and there's nothing WWE can really do to fix it. He needs to drop the belt and go back to the tag team division for a little bit. If a heel turn were to happen, Sin Cara should turn heel on Kalisto instead, in my opinion, for a quick feud.

Question: "What is your favorite Money in the Bank match and moment?"

Answer: If I remember correctly, my favorite match is the one that RVD one, but I'll have to go back and watch them all. Moment-wise, Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison did some cool stunts that I loved watching.

Question: "If cash in happens at Money in the Bank do you think we get a second Money in the Bank match later in the night from Shane?"

Answer: I'm hoping just for one, unless we get another for either the midcard belts, women, or tag teams. I also hope the WWE World Heavyweight Championship isn't defended in a ladder match again.

Question: "Do you think we should have 4 money in the bank ladder matches? One for the women, tag team, ic/us and world titles"

Answer: I'm actually going to be writing up an article about that exact topic soon, so stay tuned for that!

Question: "Do you think we will ever have a 10min-15 max women's royal rumble match?"

Answer: I don't think so, but they really should consider doing it at some point just to try it out. The biggest problem is that they seem to never want the women to go over the top rope, which kills the whole point. The battle royals where they can get eliminated just by exiting the ring in any fashion are so lame.

Question: "Are any of these active don't hear them plugged: hot fire mixtape on mega power radio, YouTube: Stephan wago wago rant $ and mcfreakin dunken I feel these are active just not on YouTube keeping kayfabe, addicted to anime and toekneemango?"

Answer: The ToeKneeManGo YouTube account isn't ever going to have content on it most likely, as that's just my primary channel to watch videos and such I'll let the other guys fill in on the rest.

Question: "Any plans for a smark announce table or All Talk show in the near future?"

Answer: I'm hoping to do some Smark Announce Table editions of the Money in the Bank matches, but as far as The All Talk Show goes, no immediate plans (even though that project isn't dead by any means).

Question: "On smarkoutmoment YouTube you have fullscreen on channels who are they and how are they afflicted with Smarkoutmoment?"

Answer: Fullscreen is the MCN that I have linked to the Smark Out Moment channel, just as Maker Max Studios is tied to Fanboys Anonymous. They basically take money for nothing lol.

Sent in from Silent Wind of Doom

Question: "With all the releases, what releases do you wish you could undo from the entire history of the company? No quitters or defectors. Straight up releases."

Answer: Alex Riley deserved a better run, as did Derrick Bateman and Brodus Clay.

Question: "After the RRR game from a couple weeks ago, why don't we just straight up play MFK with the Bloodline, the Club, and the New Day? I await the disturbing ramifications of my actions. If Tony wants to be a prick, he can change F to GFB."

Answer: Too many acronyms! Marry Jimmy Uso, AJ Styles and Xavier Woods / Fuck Roman Reigns, Karl Anderson and Kofi Kingston / Kill Jey Uso, Luke Gallows and Big E

Question: "With Adam Rose being dropped like a hot Rusev, who do you think would be his most fitting replacement at the top of the Social Outcasts out of the remaining roster?"

Answer: Before his release, it would have been Damien Sandow, but now, I'd say Darren Young.

Sent in from Stephen Wago

Question: "If you had a cardboard box to play in with your imagination, what would you pretend it was?"

Answer: Spaceship or Mega Zord.


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