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A (S)Mark's 2016 WWE Wishlist

Posted by Jackson Ward Monday, January 4, 2016
A New Year brings fresh promises and fleeting dedication. If only we all had the IWC to keep us motivated at the gym in May. Here's a a list of romantic and wishful resolutions for WWE's 2016.

The Rumble

We've made it. Its WrestleMania season. It's been a grind for all parties and, at this point, it's time to celebrate on the mountain's summit. They won't butcher this, right? Right??

Every jabroni on planet knows that Brock Lesnar is winning this year's Royal Rumble. Kind of like we all knew Roman Reigns would win last year. Only, this time there will be no empty threats of rioting and burning Hartford to the ground.

WWE has never had a more Darwinistic employee. We just love to watch Lesnar break shit - It's just awesome. So please, WWE give him the most dominant performance in the history of the Royal Rumble. What's great is that WWE is abundant with jobbers to for Lesnar to toss into the rafters. Curtis Axel, Fandango, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, 80% of the tag team division work as ideal sacrifices to the Beast Incarnate.

What's great is that Lesnar can have this mythological performance and still not win the Rumble. Although him winning is the most compelling option, seeing what would happen if he were eliminated would be nearly as enthralling.

Rock Dwayne Johnson WrestleMania 32 Hollywood Dallas Return Match
Bring the People's Elbow back to the People

The Rock

Just wrestle, dude. You want it, we want it. No ones in the history of wrestling feeds off of the crowd like Dwayne Johnson. It's his lifeblood. Let us clap for you Rocky, get in the ring.

Speculation says that insurance policies will keep The Rock from competing. Yet, it wasn't long ago that his Hollywood schedule would keep him from even appearing at WrestleMania 32. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think he fights. It may be a subdued match with a proficient worker, but it kind of has to happen.

Brock vs. Rock is simply out of the question. Would you let your cash cow fight a yeti?

Ryback vs. Rock - LOL. I mean, he read The Secret, though.

HHH vs. Rock makes a lot of sense on a lot of levels. If he fights, it'll be against HHH.

WrestleMania 32

All we can ask for is a good time. It may be trending towards a flaccid experience, but it will make a trillion dollars. Stinkers aside, WWE will supply enough for us to feel all warm and stuff.

HHH vs. An NXT Graduate

The story writes itself. Student vs. Teacher and all. Not to mention it's the perfect way to elevate a former NXT star, most of which have lost their sparkle. A feud like this only underlines the function and success of NXT creating a pseudo-compeditor for WWE. More people would watch NXT, which only makes WWE's muscles bigger.

Pick anyone but Kevin Owens (although it'd be awesome): Neville, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor (involuntary gasp). Hell, even a NXT flub like Bo Dallas could work. It's a golden storyline.

If HHH is indeed to fight Reigns at the Rumble, have one of them run in, and it's done.

End fantasy booking.

Bray Wyatt Family WWE Future Main Event Push
Yes, Bray, you have been waiting patiently.

Pick One to Push

Bray Wyatt
Big E
Titus O'Neil

Ambrose falls into this category, but he's been on the peripheral main even picture all year and has been kept in place. Sorry Ambrose fans, something is up.

If anyone is ready for the main event it's Bray. He'd probably have to be a cooky babyface for full effect. Honestly, he deserves it the most.

Cesaro looked ready to climb but turned up injured. With other big names set to return and more NXT call ups in queue, Cesaro may be fighting a militia of shovels upon his return.

Big E is the man. He'd be great on a bigger stage. Awesome, but unlikely.

Titus O'Neil could do it. Him as a headliner seems far fetched, but him in the Intercontinental scene feels like a good fit.

Pick Two to Pull

It's not that cool to write about who should lose their job, but some just don't need to be wrestling for WWE. People like Adam Rose and Fandango are too obvious; let's cut a little deeper.

Jack Swagger
Eric Rowan
Big Show
Sin Cara
The Miz
An Uso
Braun Strowman
2/3 of Team Badd
The girl that hangs with the Bella's but is not a Bella.

Sasha Banks NXT WWE Champion Hottest Diva Boss Future
'Tis time.

Summer of Sasha

The future of the Diva's Division lies on the shoulders of Sasha Banks. 2015 was a pretty good year for the women - they earned significance. Now, with a little momentum, it's time to strike. From the outside looking in, it appears that WWE knows that it has something special with Banks, thus the slow play. Thing are about to ramp up.

Sasha should gain steam in the early parts of 2016 - enough to compete for the title at WrestleMania 32. She doesn't have to win it there, but at some point in 2016, she must.

Big Returns

Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Randy Orton (tons of conflicting opinions) are set to return at some point this year. Here's to hoping that WWE handles 2/3 of them well. Rollins as King Babyface, Cesaro gets to pick up where he left off and, well, I guess Orton would be the botched 1/3.

No Vacations of Titles

No elaboration needed.

A SmackDown Worth Watching

SmackDown has been the perfect indicator of a bloated company. Ring of Honor, TNA, New Japan and Global Force would do terrible things to their loved ones to have that TV spot. Yet, WWE mails in it every week. Is it a thumb to the wrestling world's eye or just complacency? Either way, it feels like WWE is about to acknowledge their other show.

It shouldn't be hard to fix. A few sprinkles of effort could take a televised house show into a relevant program.

Prediction: Sy-Fy will be a group of grumpy bastards when they see the new tricks WWE does for USA.

What do you want to see happen in WWE in 2016? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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