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WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect Results & Review Coverage Live

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, October 7, 2015
The 2015 WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect pay-per-view takes place October 7, 2015 at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Follow along with WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect ppv live online coverage of results and review here. Who will win? When the time comes, check out the live coverage of the 2015 NXT TakeOver: Respect pay-per-view with results and review here. You can check out my predictions here with the spoilers of all these matches and more. Live coverage of the special event will begin as soon as the pre-show starts. Stay tuned!

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WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect Results

Our pre-show panel of Renee Young, Corey Graves, Lita and Byron Saxton run down the card and give their thoughts on what's going to happen tonight.

[Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament Semifinals] Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

No paint for Balor. Hm. I wonder why not. They're also hitting this Balor Club heavily, so maybe that's why, or maybe he'll be the one turning heel. Or, maybe not, as the match starts with Balor pushed aside and Joe taking the heat. Is this going to bother Joe later?

RESULTS: Finn Balor and Samoa Joe via pinfall (after a Muscle Buster and the Coup de Grace)
THOUGHTS: The story of this match was Finn Balor's leg injury, which was further hurt after he requested to be tagged in to perform his finisher and get the pin. I'm going to be utterly shocked if these two win the tournament, as I'm 100% expecting Samoa Joe to turn heel out of frustration for Balor hogging the spotlight and getting in the way.

[Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament Semi-Finals] Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin & Rhyno

Are the fans chanting "Save the Gables"???? I love this crowd.

RESULTS: Corbin and Rhyno via pinfall (after the End of Days on Gable)
THOUGHTS: How good was Gable in this match? This was a lot of fun. I'm disappointed in the outcome, as I was rooting for Jordan and Gable, but they definitely looked strong in their loss.

Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

RESULTS: Asuka via submission with the Asuka Lock
THOUGHTS: Good showing for Asuka, and Dana didn't mess things up. This is the best match Dana's had so far. It wasn't super amazing and memorable as all hell, but it was good.

After the match, Dana taunts Asuka again, so Asuka blasts her with a kick to the head.

Apollo Crews vs. Tyler Breeze

Anyone else think that smokey entrance for Apollo Crews was slightly botched?

RESULTS: Apollo Crews via pinfall (powerbomb)
THOUGHTS: Very good match and actually better than I expected it would be. Two highlights were when Breeze tossed Crews into the screen on the side of the ring and the spot with Breeze putting his knees up to counter the standing moonsault.

[Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament Finals] Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin & Rhyno

RESULTS: Finn Balor and Samoa Joe via pinfall (after a Muscle Buster and the Coup de Grace)
THOUGHTS: I was definitely expecting something different, so even though it shouldn't be surprising that the babyfaces and the top guys on the brand won, I still was thinking we'd get a heel turn or something along those lines. Good match, though.

Cody, Dustin, Eden and the rest of the Rhodes family present Balor and Joe the trophy cup. Cody gives a nice speech in honor of his father and we end the segment with the babyfaces/winners holding the trophy up high as the crowd chants "thank you Dusty".

[NXT Women's Championship 30-Minute Iron Man Match] Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks

RESULTS: Bayley with a score of 3-2.
THOUGHTS: Fantastic storytelling in this match. For a guy like myself who has made a recurring joke out of giving "worst" awards to children in WWE, they were able to use Bayley's fan Izzy to an amazing effect tonight. These two put on one hell of a show and they should be super proud of themselves. This was a nailbiter at the end, wasn't it? Easily one of my favorite matches of the year for anything in WWE, not just the Divas division.

The whole NXT roster stands on the stage as Triple H and William Regal present Sasha Banks and Bayley with flowers. Both are full of tears. The audience gives them a standing ovation. Awesome moment.


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