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Mailbag Inbox Q&A - July 2016

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Christopher Marin

Question: "Who would you have given 10+ world titles, and should Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H and Edge have won that many?"

Answer: This is one of the downsides to the brand split, as it leads to so many more title reigns for people and it kind of devalues the ones that earned it in a tougher environment. Back when Bret Hart on it for the 5th time, that meant something. Now, five times is almost nothing. All of those guys in that time frame made sense to be 10+, but I can't think of a single person other than The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels from that era that could have reached that number where I wouldn't have been annoyed about it. Batista, for example, should not be a 10x world champion.

Sent in from Silent Wind of Doom

Question: "What would your porn star names be?"

Answer: If I told you that, you'd look up the videos that are already on the internet. I mean, what videos?

Question: "I've never been too big on Sasha in the tourneys and such, but seeing her go with a more natural look a couple weeks ago made her look 1,000 times better to me. She looked worse Sunday at the PPV with the makeup globbed on, but better again when she won Monday. Is there anything that you feel can ruin the appearance of a woman? (like Tony's distaste for tattoos and Wago's hate of period hair)"

Answer: Tattoos like you said, along with piercings (outside of earings and belly button). I also am not a big fan of the globbed on makeup either. Really short hair or those crazy hair styles like the shaved side and all that are massive detractors, too.

Question: "If you had the belt, what would be on your plates?"

Answer: I'd assume a mango or the A Mango Tree logo.

Sent in from Callum Wiggins

Question: "Now there has been a few months for the dust to settle, how do you rate WrestleMania 32 looking back at the event?"

Answer: The whole Roman Reigns situation definitely hurts it, but I still think it's about the same as what I ranked it before. I liked WrestleMania 32 for the most part, even though there are a lot of missed opportunities like not having Sting vs Undertaker or even John Cena vs Undertaker and so many injuries getting in the way.

Question: "Say you wanted to book a feud featuring two superstars/women/teams that ended in a double turn. Who would you pick and why?"

Answer: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins should do a double turn for sure. I'm not sure I'd go with the obvious Reigns/Stephanie alliance, but I'd rather see something like for them to bring the fans into it. Clearly, the fans will cheer Rollins and boo Reigns, so why not just be obvious about it and have Rollins side more with them and Reigns abandon them completely?

Question: "Do you think WWE should establish weight classes and fit their titles according to this?"

Answer: Nope. I think that could only work if there were maybe triple the roster size that we have now, and no brand extension, along with the Intercontinental and United States titles being merged together as a middleweight belt and a Cruiserweight title balancing that out with the World Heavyweight Championship, but it limits the company too much not to be flexible.

Question: "(Primarily for Paden) Do you think Season 2 of Lucha Underground has surpassed Season 1? And which member of the roster are you most excited to see more of in Season 3?"

Answer: n/a - haven't seen a single episode

Sent in from Guest Five

Question: "With SummerSlam coming up, do you think it would be better if the event was held in an open roofed arena or stadium (you know trying to make it different from the rest of the PPVs) or should it be in closed roofed arena like it normally is?"

Answer: I still think they should combine the whole Bash at the Beach / Great American Bash concept with SummerSlam and to do a sort of more summery environment to embrace the name of it, so I'd be game for an open roof arena or even a full stadium if they think they can pack it.

Question: "When's your #beatupJohnCenaday?"

Answer: Every day.

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "Other than when you record the podcast (remember that joke) do you guys ever meet up with each other in real life?"

Answer: I'm totally lost on remembering the joke, haha. I've met up with Paden a few times for conventions as well as Caroline, and Dace and Dane are from my area, but still haven't seen Drew, Wago, Calen/Angie, Shaun, or the others in person yet. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

Question: "Why do you think Tyson Kidd/rock is still employed under as a wrestlers contract?"

Answer: I would assume The Rock isn't, but Tyson Kidd likely still is under some sort of contract. Eventually, I expect them to release him, though, as I can't imagine he'll be healthy enough to wrestle again, which is a shame.

Question: "What do you think of Britain leaving the European Union? Save if wago is not on?"

Answer: I'm totally unqualified to have a decent opinion on it, but I think the term Brexit is funny.

Question: "Do you have any pets?"

Answer: I've got one really stupid dog and two birds.

Question: "Did Dace say anything about moving his show out of 8 Tuesday?"

Answer: I know Dace is in a somewhat similar position that we are with trying to restructure projects around a bit, but I'm not sure what his plans are as far as a recording time for The Dace Man Show.

Question: "How are you today? Where has drew been is he ok?"

Answer: The answer I can pretty much always say is "I'm a little tired and I'm stressed out but I shouldn't complain even if I totally could." I'm also hungry.

Question: "Did you know Tony and daceman show both have 14 followers on twitch?"

Answer: How the hell do I have followers on Twitch? Haha.

Question: "Wago would you consider Pokemon wifi battling fans on twitch?"

Answer: I'll leave that for Wago to answer.

Question: "Paden which one of your babies do you miss the most from wwe 2k16 game? Was there any thought of doing a brand split with so many superstars? Would Tony or wago run it?"

Answer: I'll leave that for Paden to answer. As far as me getting involved in Twitch, I'd pass on that. Too much I'd have to learn, too much equipment to buy, etc.

Question: "Kill, repackage 2, keep 2 the same: McFreakinDunken, Mega Powers Radio, Fanboys Anonymous, MrPaden Twitch Raw Post Show, Smark Out Moment?"

Answer: Keep Smark Out Moment and Fanboys Anonymous the same, repackage Twitch and MPR, kill McFreakinDunken.

Question: "Since King Barrett is gone do you think a king of the ring is in the future?"

Answer: I'd be really shocked if another King of the Ring tournament doesn't happen at some point, but I also wouldn't be shocked if it doesn't happen until 2017.

Question: "Do you consider your fans friends?"

Answer: I'm OCD enough to have created a whole structure in my brain of different levels of friendship and stuff, so to an extent, yeah. Our fans have stuck around long enough and gotten involved in jokes and whatnot, so there's definitely a camaraderie going on.

Question: "What match that was scheduled that didn't happen did you want to see in wwe history?"

Answer: Even though it was never officially scheduled, I still think it's a major disappointment that Sting vs. Undertaker isn't going to happen.

Question: "Have you download Pokemon go if so thoughts ?"

Answer: I've downloaded it and caught a Squirtle, but after that, I haven't bothered with it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to check it out some more soon.

Question: "Is megapowersradio YouTube going to upload anymore or is it personal now?"

Answer: I'll leave that one to Paden.

Question: "I have plans for summerslam to dress up as a woman's wrestler. Do you think I can pull it off, which one do you think I am going as and which one do you want me to go as? Ryder Monday so that's that ?"

Answer: Go as Aja Kong.

Question: "Do you think total divas will move to Thursday so they have a show fighting Tna?"

Answer: Probably not. I don't think WWE considers TNA any kind of a threat to combat.

Question: "Whose smart idea was it have a wwe vs wwe program in October having total Bella vs nxt?"

Answer: My guess is they don't think it'll hurt the viewership due to DVRs and other retroactive means.

Question: "Any thoughts on the Cruiserweight Classic?"

Answer: I'm loving it so far. All of the matches have been good or great, and I think they should sign a good number of them to the main roster and NXT. TJ Perkins, Kota Ibushi, Akira Tozawa, Mustafa Ali, Sean Maluta, Lince Dorado, Ariya Daivari, and definitely without a doubt Cedric Alexander were standouts so far, and I'm excited for the rest of the guys to show off what they have to offer.

Question: "Why do you think the wrestling Pokemon Hawlucha can't learn submission?"

Answer: Different wrestling styles, I guess. The bigger travesty is why so many Bug/Flying types like Butterfree can't learn Fly.

Question: "Is Tony always a Minute Man like when he eats or sleeps?"

Answer: Me sleep? I suppose I do get a minute here and there. Also, there's an obvious joke in the midst here, but ask my ex's for exoneration of said joke.

Question: "Who are your SmackDown Six?"

Answer: Let's go with...AJ Styles, Apollo Crews, Chad Gable/Jason Jordan, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena...I'm cheating because that's technically 7, but counting American Alpha as one unit.


Tony Mango is the founder, editor-in-chief, head writer, host of Smack Talk, and much more for Smark Out Moment as well as all branches under A Mango Tree including Fanboys Anonymous. He is a writer, creative director/consultant, media manager and entertainer. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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