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Scouting Talent: Alexa Bliss' Future in WWE

Posted by Jordan Chaffiotte Friday, June 17, 2016
I'll put it all out there—Alexa Bliss is the next NXT Women's Champion. The petite superstar has had an uphill climb so far, between her unimposing size and the incredibly competitive division that the last couple years have seen. Even so, Bliss has managed to shine time and time again. When the time comes for Asuka to drop the belt and transition into the main roster, Bliss will have her moment.

NXT Photoshoot Alexa Bliss

Looking at Bliss' history in NXT, one thing is apparent: she's a fantastic storyteller. Most superstars are natural faces or natural heels, where one is easier and one is harder for them. Bliss excels at both of them. When she debuted, I'll admit even I didn't take her seriously. I mean, she was wearing tutu and throwing glitter around. She was not positioned as a major threat. That was a mistake, and it only took a few minutes into the match for that to be obvious. She played the good girl well, smiling nonstop and wishing her competitors good luck. A particular moment with Bayley has always stuck out to me, where after an impressive spot, the crowd cheered as the two of them high fived in the middle of the match. It felt so genuinely positive that it didn't matter whether it was a real moment or not.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley on WWE NXT

Then, Bliss turned heel with Blake and Murphy—her real life boyfriend—and that was magic, too. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first. She was so perfect as a babyface, why mess with that for a mediocre act? Again, I was wrong. Bliss not only slipped perfectly into the old school heel tactics, she became the money in Blake and Murphy's act. She taunts the crowd and pauses to smack talk in the middle of her own matches. When she walks down the ramp she commands attention and for a while, she was the only reason to get excited about a Blake and Murphy match. Sorry boys. In the main roster's women's division, her versatility will be useful as they work to establish long term feuds.

NXT Entrance Alexa Bliss, Blake and Murphy

Aside from her ability to play both roles perfectly, there's her in-ring work. At only 5'1 and roughly 100 pounds of what I can only assume is pure muscle, she has unique advantages and challenges. People are always going to underestimate her—it happens to every smaller wrestler in the industry. When up against powerhouses like Charlotte, Tamina, or NXT's own Nia Jax, it will be a struggle for her to believably go over. So far the solution has been her feistiness, her cunning, and occasionally some help from the outside. Bliss has shown a lot of in-ring storytelling chops, stealing the spotlight in her #1 contender's match against Jax and Carmella. Alexa Bliss isn't dumb—she was not going to let Jax have an opportunity to end the match just so she could get in an impressive spot.

Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax vs Carmella

Her size isn't just a disadvantage though, as it can be used well to further her as a competitor. She has the ability to bump around and make others, such as Jax, look strong. Combined with her background in gymnastics, she has an arsenal of high-flying moves that we don't get to see everyday. Her current booking has been smart enough to let her keep it up despite her heel persona. The Sparkle Splash—her current finisher—is a thing of beauty. It looks especially deadly from the top rope, where Bliss is extremely comfortable.

Alexa Bliss with Blake and Murphy

Alexa Bliss' future in WWE is incredibly bright. Her versatility, strong sense of storytelling, and impressive moveset will carry her far. However, with the toughest generation of female talent that WWE has ever seen, Bliss will have to fight hard for her spot. She should be next in line for the NXT Women's Championship, and that could be a major break through for her. Her main roster success will depend on how she performs at the top of the mountain. She's never quite had a moment to truly shine and too often gets pushed aside for the likes of Eva Marie or Nia Jax. If she can't find a way to stand out at all times, it could prove to be her Achilles' heel when she gets called up. In the much bigger pound, she might end up serving her role as a transitional champion.

For now I'm settling in and waiting for what will surely be a feud to watch: Asuka and Alexa Bliss. If Bliss can go toe-to-toe with one of the greatest female wrestlers in the world today, and come out looking like a megastar, she can make it in the main roster.

Do you think she's the next NXT Women's Champion, or do you have your eyes on another Diva in training?

Jordan Chaffiotte is a writer and blogger on a variety of channels and is an alum of Her Campus. Her long-term love of writing has been matched recently by a new love for professional wrestling. You can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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