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Kevin Owens is money, plain and simple. He has a gift of gab that is unmatched by most of the WWE roster. In my eyes, Owens is a star on the rise and the only thing missing from his arsenal was gold. After defeating Ryback at Night of Champions for the Intercontinental Championship, he is finally back on the right path.

As we all know, Owens came into WWE making headlines right away. He left John Cena laying in his first TV appearance and beat him clean in his first main roster match on the WWE Network special Elimination Chamber. After beating Cena, he lost to him two times, which prompted wrestling fans everywhere to say "Well, he's done." Let's face it, we have seen plenty of talent debut through Cena and get stuck in the midcard afterwards (see Wade Barrett, Rusev, and Dolph Ziggler for examples) so as a whole, the community was pretty scared for his future. But, not for long.

After a no nothing feud with fellow Ring of Honor alum Cesaro, Kevin Owens set his sights on The Big Guy and captured the Intercontinental title. The possibilities it opens up for the new champ are endless. He has a chance to make the Intercontinental title feel like a championship worth having. Honestly, this the first time in a while that I feel like the Intercontinental Championship was awarded to a talent instead of burdening them with it. Where can Owens go from here and how do we get there?

Kevin Owens John Cena WWE Superstar
Kevin Owens after winning the Intercontinental title.
Since he's been in WWE, Owens has been an absolute piece of garbage. He has no respect for anyone on the roster and has no problem showing them. This has earned him a ton of heat and kept him fresh of WWE fans' minds. His title reign should be no different.

I want to see Owens get so attached to his "prize" that he'll do anything to keep it. This is his first title reign, and everything he does from this day forward counts. Owens doing anything and everything to keep that title elevates the title, because it is then perceived as valuable. He shouldn't be flip-flopping the title like it's hot potato with Dolph Ziggler. I want to see a solid heel run.

At all times, they must keep heat on the title by working meaningful programs. Raise your hand if you can tell me the last time you cared about a storyline centered around the I.C. title. That's what I thought. It's been awhile. Owens is strong enough to carry this title to the promised land if he is pushed correctly and relies on his natural ability. There once was a time where having this title meant something. I feel like this is one of those times. "Fight, Owens, Fight."

I think Kevin Owens is gonna do big things with this title, but what do you think? Drop a comment below. Also, I am starting a new series where I interview passionate wrestling fans about why they love wrestling. If you are interested in taking part, drop a comment below or send me an email expressing your interest to

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