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The Must-See Match at SummerSlam | Turn Up the Heat

Posted by Anthony Huether Sunday, August 17, 2014
There are some fans that are very excited for SummerSlam and then are others, like me, who are only pumped for a few matches. Please don't let how bad the past two Raws have been hinder your feeling towards SummerSlam. Remember, this is the biggest party of the summer and for $9.99, you can watch SummerSlam on the WWE Network.
For $9.99, you can watch SummerSlam on the WWE Network.

I am very excited for one particular match. It is not the Flag Match between Swagger and Rusev, though that does have a Rocky IV feel to it. Nor is it the Cena vs. Lesnar match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. [Side note, I hope Lesnar wins.] The match I am referring is for a championship…the Divas Championship.

WWE Divas Frienemies Paige AJ Lee
That is correct, I can't wait to see AJ Lee defend her Divas Championship against Paige. It is about time the Divas Championship has some credibility to its name. Their in-ring segments has been outstanding—Paige skipping around the ring like Lee, who at times comes across as CM Punk, and the fact they can actually put on a quality match. Lee and Paige are finally bringing up the Divas division, which is about time. They can actually wrestle and hold their own against most of the mid-card. Let's be honest here, the Divas division is very shaky at best. There are some bright spots, in Naomi and Natalya. But other than that, do any other Divas jump off the screen and make you say "WOW!"? strictly on a wrestling front? Not really.

The logo of one of the hottest shows on television
In addition, thank heaven that neither are on Total Divas. I understand the cross promotion. The Total Divas cast gets more camera time which is good for them, good for WWE and good for E!. But they get so much and the cast continues to grow and grow. It feels like Lee and Paige are the only ones that are not on the show, regularly. Their feud becomes a refreshing reminder that not all WWE Divas are on Total Divas and they can actually put on a high quality rivalry. And we haven't seen a good Divas feud in a very long time. They are not on the level of Trish and Lita, but they are becoming the closet the WWE has ever had since they both retired and moved on with their lives.

Furthermore, imagine that I am CM Punk sitting on the Raw stage during his epic pipebomb for this part, it is a travesty that Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella are getting more attention and, practically, co-main eventing SummerSlam. It makes me sick. Besides the name McMahon and Brie is married to Daniel Bryan, what do they bring? I envision a match that is going to be terrible with botched moves, Brie trying to be tough and scream "trash" or "trashy" (because you can't say the "B" word anymore), and Triple H probably holding back his laughter (which might actually save this match just being at ringside). Lee and Paige will be bringing fast-action in the ring, multiple submission holds and a back-and-forth match. Their match will tell a great story. Storytelling in the ring is very vital in the wrestling business. Some of the greatest matches ever have great storytelling in the ring. It draws the fans and brings them to their feet. I can't see Steph and Brie doing that or even coming close to it.

Agree with me or disagree with me, let your voice be heard. Tell us what match you can wait to see. Leave your comments below.

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