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Women's Wrestling Weekly Recap & Review #259

Posted by Dallas Allsopp Monday, December 30, 2019
Welcome to another edition of WOMEN'S WRESTLING WEEKLY—a rundown of the events which have transpired in the world of women's professional wrestling over the past several days not just with the Superstars on WWE programming, but with Impact Wrestling's Knockouts, ROH's Women of Honor, and even a glimpse at the women on the independent circuit.

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WWE Monday Night Raw

Charlotte Flair vs Chelsea Green

Following Deonna Purrazzo’s Raw debut last week, Chelsea Green took it upon herself to debut this week against the irrepressible Charlotte Flair. Purrazzo put up a good fight against Asuka, but ultimately came up short, and it was expected the same fate would befall Green.

Green actually got in more offense against Flair than would be expected, however the quality of the match was poor. Flair didn’t seem as motivated as she normally is, whilst Green almost looked like she wasn’t sure what she was doing in the ring. After a contest in which Flair had the lion’s share of the offense, she followed up a Big Boot with a Figure Eight to make Green tap out.

It was again nice to see a new face on Raw, however the resulting match was not good enough. Flair seemed to be in the holiday mood, whilst Green was a little green in her performance, if you’ll pardon the pun. The match wasn’t outright bad, but it could have been so much better.

Winner: Charlotte Flair
Rating: 2/5

WWE SmackDown

Carmella vs Mandy Rose

Carmella defeated Sonya Deville easily last week, which to this week’s contest with Mandy Rose. Fire and Desire have been some of the worst performers on the main roster, with Rose showing just how bad she is with her performance in this match.

Carmella took control of the match immediately, taunting Rose with her patented moonwalk. The action was unfortunately slow and uninspiring, with Rose stumbling from spot to spot. Carmella quickly ended the match with a Superkick for the pinfall victory after about 3 minutes of action.

This was a disappointing match, although that could be expected beforehand as Rose is not a talented wrestler. Carmella tried to put in a good performance, but she could only extract so much from Rose.

Winner: Carmella
Rating: 1.5/5

Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks & Bayley

Lacey Evans has developed an interesting storyline as of late with Sasha Banks and Bayley, with Evans successfully transitioning to a face role. Dana Brooke, who had been improving as she showed glimpses of her talent against Bayley over the last few weeks, joined Evans this week to take on Banks and Bayley.

The tag team match was an interesting contest, with both teams putting in a great performance. Banks and Bayley took their frustrations out on Evans, as she perfectly played the face in peril. Despite a valiant effort, Banks was able to lock in a Banks Statement on Brooke for the submission victory.

This was a great match, which played into the current storyline well. Evans is not only getting better as a character, but she also shows clear improvement in the ring. Brooke is benefitting from the association with Evans, which leads to exciting matches such as this.

Winner: Sasha Banks & Bayley
Rating: 2.5/5


There were no matches this week, but NXT UK has had a great year in building it's women's division.


Candice LeRae vs Taynara Conti

Taynara Conti has had a lukewarm 2019, which is a shame as she has a great look within NXT. However, a good performance against fan favourite Candice LeRae could have been the perfect end to 2019 for Conti to set her up for 2020.

LeRae has herself experienced a successful 2019, and within this match she immediately set out to exert her rule over Conti. The action itself was surprisingly even, with Conti getting a few select spots to highlight what she can do. LeRae’s overwhelming talent prevailed as she managed to connect with a Lionsault for the pinfall victory.

Conti is still rough around the edges, but this match proved she is improving. It was a good contest that allowed both performers to shine.

Winner: Candice LeRae
Rating: 2/5

Shotzi Blackheart vs Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair attempted to end a difficult 2019 with a victory over Shotzi Blackheart, a wrestler who has a certain level of intrigue surrounding her.

The match started off with both wrestlers trying to take control, but it was Blackheart that managed to take control and keep Belair down. Belair is a strong wrestler though, which meant it was inevitable she would regain control and take the match to Blackheart, which is exactly what happened. After an even contest, Blackheart jumped off the top rope and had to roll through, only to be hit with a KOD, which allowed Belair to secure the pinfall victory.

This was a strong contest, in which both wrestlers looked strong. Belair can use this as a springboard to a better 2020, whilst Blackheart is perhaps destined for a good 2020 too, provided she can continue put in performances like this one.

Winner: Bianca Belair
Rating: 3/5

AEW Dynamite

There were no matches this week, however on January 1 2020, Riho will defend her AEW Women's Championship against Nyla Rose, Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida.

Impact Wrestling

There were no matches this week, however I hope the Knockout's division improves in 2020 as there is some serious talent in the division, but it has been hindered by poor boking.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Bianca Belair

This match was a strong contest, in which both wrestlers looked good. There was intrigue as to who would win, with both wrestlers coming out of the match with improved reputations.

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair had a good end to 2019 as she bested Shotzi Blackheart. After a 2019 in which she fizzled out, it is important she uses her strength to build towards a charge to the NXT Women’s Championship. She performed well this week, reminding fans how good she is.

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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