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Call the Spot on the Card #16: WWE Survivor Series 2018 Team Members

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Welcome to the sixteenth edition of CALL THE SPOT ON THE CARD, where we present a list of five wrestlers and you must choose what place on the WWE Roster Hierarchy they should be put in: 1) Main Event, 2) Upper Midcard, 3) Midcard, 4) Jobber, or 5) Released.

The rules are that each spot must be filled and only one person can be in each spot, so no ties can happen, nor can anyone opt out. No matter how difficult it might be, you have to pick.

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Per usual for Survivor Series, this edition will actually feature six separate lists based on the teams from Raw and SmackDown this year, ranked among their teammates.


TEAM RAW = The Ascension |vs| The B-Team |vs| Bobby Roode and Chad Gable |vs| The Lucha House Party |vs| The Revival
TEAM SMACKDOWN = The Colons |vs| The Good Brothers |vs| The New Day |vs| SAnitY |vs| The Usos

5) RELEASED = The Ascension / The Colons

These guys were big in NXT and when they came up to the main roster, it seems like someone had it out for them to prove that NXT people were failures and crapped all over their careers. They almost immediately turned into complete jokes and have never rebounded. It's a shame. Maybe they didn't deserve to be the best tag team ever, but they weren't even given a chance. Just let them go.

Why aren't The Colons released yet as it is? They'd be better off in the family promotion.

4) JOBBER = The B-Team / The Good Brothers

That's the point, isn't it? You can't be a lovable loser if you don't lose.

I hate that I have to put Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson here, as I want them to be so much better than what WWE is booking them to be, but they just don't match up to the other three teams after all the time away from the limelight.

3) MIDCARD = Bobby Roode and Chad Gable / SAnitY

This team doesn't work and I hate it. I want Roode to turn heel and be in the upper-midcard or main event of SmackDown, and I want Chad Gable to either be in a tag team with Jason Jordan (if he's ever healthy enough) or wrestling in the midcard or on 205 Live. That being said, even though this unit sucks, I like both guys, so I'll give them the midcard spot out of pity.

You're really pushing it with SAnitY not being worth a damn and doing nothing, but I still think there's a chance they can turn things around. You have to start somewhere. Let's start with the midcard.

2) UPPER MIDCARD = The Lucha House Party  / The Usos

At least they have a gimmick going on and they stick to the theme. This isn't the deepest pool to draw from.

This is a two-horse race and The Usos could have easily been in the top spot, but I simply like The New Day a little more.

1) MAIN EVENT = The Revival / The New Day

These guys are terribly mistreated on the main roster and they should have been much bigger deals. They also should be on SmackDown, where they can be appreciated more.

New Day rocks. Nuff said.


TEAM RAW = Mickie James |vs| Natalya |vs| Nia Jax |vs| Ruby Riott |vs| Tamina Snuka
TEAM SMACKDOWN = Asuka |vs| Carmella |vs| Naomi |vs| Sonya Deville |vs| TBD

5) RELEASED = Tamina Snuka / Vacant

After all these years, if Tamina was going to become something, she would have. Based on this list, it's time to just give up.

Hey, would you look at that? We get to release Vacant! That's never happened before in a Call the Spot! This is just because WWE hasn't announced the fifth member. For argument's sake, I think I would rank Billie Kay the most expendable of the roster and put her in Released if it ended up being her.

4) JOBBER = Ruby Riott / Carmella

I think Ruby Riott has a lot more to offer than being a jobber, but I can't rank her above the other three women without feeling kind of crummy about it, as I like them more in certain ways and see more potential behind their roles. She's in a bad spot, but I'd like to have been able to put her in the midcard at least.

She's the tiniest and she has a character that can work well as a loser babyface and a loser heel. It just fits her. She's more entertaining than she is credible.

3) MIDCARD = Natalya / Sonya Deville

Nattie is in a weird spot where I value her contributions, but I also don't like some of what she does. She's simultaneously underrated and overrated. When people act like she's the best ever, I don't agree, as I hate most of her character work and I honestly think there are better in-ring performers, too. But she's still Natalya Neidhart. She's still someone who helped push the women's division to the state it is today. For that, she has to at least get the midcard spot.

I want them to do something with Deville and I want her to actually go somewhere. For now, she's lower than a midcarder, and at least this would be a step up and toward the right direction.

2) UPPER MIDCARD = Mickie James / Naomi

Why is Mickie not being booked like a legend when she not only looks as good or better than people younger than her on the roster, but also moves on par or superior to them, too? She's won the title six times. Six times! Stop jobbing her out! Make her someone who is on par with what Chris Jericho is like when he shows up.

Naomi is a veteran and a two-time champion who is athletic and in many ways, underrated. She deserves to be the upper midcarder here.

1) MAIN EVENT = Nia Jax / Asuka

She's the monster of the division. For her to be believable at all, she has to be at the top. That's just how things work. She's either a dominating force or she's a laughing stock, and I'd rather Nia be someone to topple like Big Show at his peak rather than someone to write off as a loser like Big Show at his worst.

How they took someone who was undefeated, gave her the Royal Rumble, and then tossed her to the wolves is beyond me. It's time to give Asuka her credibility back and turn her heel as a main event star.


TEAM RAW = Bobby Lashley |vs| Braun Strowman |vs| Dolph Ziggler |vs| Drew McIntyre |vs| Finn Balor
TEAM SMACKDOWN = Jeff Hardy |vs| The Miz |vs| Rey Mysterio |vs| Samoa Joe |vs| Shane McMahon

5) RELEASED = Dolph Ziggler / Shane McMahon

This is not a reflection on Ziggler in terms of disliking him. Rather, I'm still a big fan. I just hate seeing that his passion isn't there and I think if he were released, he'd be able to clear his head and come back in the future with a renewed vitality.

Shane McMahon should be an on-screen character, but not a performer. This was the easiest pick of them all.

4) JOBBER = Finn Balor / Rey Mysterio

I don't see Balor ever reaching the heights he once had, so given this list, he's the one I'd sacrifice the most. Nothing personal, nothing that I'd be happy to do, but considering the circumstances, he ranks the lowest for me.

Sorry, Rey. You're off to a good start since your new return, but I always thought you were overrated and shouldn't have been a multi-time world champion. Plus, as the smallest guy, you make the best jobber.

3) MIDCARD = Bobby Lashley / Jeff Hardy

Lashley's promos are atrocious, his in-ring stuff can be decent but isn't a sure bet, and his physique is one of the best in the company. This balances out to the middle range.

Let's get the most out of Jeff Hardy as we can, but not trust that he can be someone too bankable for the future in any long term fashion, due to his injuries.

2) UPPER MIDCARD = Drew McIntyre / The Miz

I'm not as 100% sold on McIntyre as everyone else is, but that doesn't mean I don't see his huge potential. There's one bigger fish to fry that keeps him away from being the main eventer, but as the upper midcard representative, he still is in the running for that top spot.

The Miz would be my main eventer if it wasn't for someone else being bigger than him. Other than that, I'm a huge, huge fan of The Miz and I think he's underutilized as far as top tier talent. He's so great holding the Intercontinental Championship.

1) MAIN EVENT = Braun Strowman / Samoa Joe

You know I've been a big fan of Strowman for a while. He's one of my favorites in the whole company. How this guy hasn't won the belt yet is beyond me.

I really want Samoa Joe to be a legitimate main event star on par with how Big Show was at his peak and such, instead of a guy who isn't able to capture the world title or accomplish anything on the main roster.


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