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Divas Debrief: Women's Wrestling This Week for 10/3/2015

Posted by Unknown Saturday, October 3, 2015
Each week, DIVAS DEBRIEF runs down the events that transpired in women's professional wrestling from the past couple of days. From the WWE Divas to the TNA Knockouts including some other companies as well, Smark Out Moment attempts to keep you up to date on all things going on with the ladies of the ring.

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WWE Monday Night Raw

MizTV with Charlotte and Becky Lynch

PCB vs Team Bella

Our first of two Divas segment is a MizTV segment with Charlotte and Becky Lynch (as if the last one wasn't weird enough). The two women remind Miz of his borderline sexist comments on the last time they were on MizTV and just as soon as Miz tries to explain himself, Lynch then takes his mic and launches it out of the ring (with a lot of air time on that throw I might add). Charlotte then demands Paige to come out but Then Team Bella comes out. Nikki says they did not come out to fight, but to thank them. She thanks them for Team Bella being more united then ever, and then says she feels bad for Charlotte for having to deal with the petty high school drama which will wear her down and prevent Charlotte from properly preparing for their rematch. Charlotte then reminds Nikki she made her tap out at Night of Champions, and that she will do it again. Nikki then said she agrees with a lot of what Paige said last week. She says that she started the Divas Revolution and not Paige. Charlotte says she is wrong and that this is not about who started anything, its about the fans believing in the Divas again (Now if only we ditched the Divas label and officially call them women again). Fox then says that they still outnumber Charlotte and Lynch and just as they are about to brawl, Paige comes out to clarify that she started the Divas Revolution and then they start fighting each other. PCB stands tall as they throw Team Bella out of the ring and an impromptu match between PCB and Team Bella is made after the break. So I guess PCB is back sorta and Paige is a tweener? As great Charlotte was here, I'm still a little confused as to whether or not Paige is a heel or technically a face. I'll just go out and say that for this feud, she's a tweener.
Charlotte and Brie Bella starts things off with Charlotte in control. Charlotte and Becky get a double hip toss on Brie. Lynch is in control until she jumps the corner and is attacked by Alicia on the apron as Brie gains momentum in the match, kicking Lynch's back several times. Brie tags in Nikki who hits Lynch in for a two-count. Nikki continues to use her offense as she forces Becky into their corner. Alicia is tagged in and locks her knee and drives it into Lynch's back. Lynch escapes, but is still put into the heels' corner and Brie tags in to continue the Bellas' offensive onslaught. Brie executes a running bulldog and goes for the pin and gets a two-count. She then connects with multiple kicks and gets another two-count. Another submission move is locked in. Becky starts to get out, but is then stopped again. Nikki is tagged in and gets another good double team move on Lynch. Then Becky gets a roll-up pin for a two-count and tags in the Divas champion Charlotte. Charlotte then hits her with a huge kick to face for a two-count. Going for the figure four she was kicked into Paige. Paige starts to leave but Natalya walks out the ramp and comes in to replace Paige. Paige comes back and takes out Natalya then leaves again (She really has a grudge against Charlotte, huh?). Nikki hits the Rack Attack for the win on Charlotte.

TNA Impact Wrestling

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) vs The Dollhouse (Handicap match)

Before we get to a Knockouts match, we have a couple of promos focusing on The Dollhouse and The Beautiful People's recent feud. Just before the match, both factions brawl at ringside. Velvet Sky attacks Marti Bell and hits the flying splash. Sky runs across the ring and hits Bell's head off the turnbuckles. She then connects on a big clothesline for a pin attempt that results in a two-count. Madison Rayne is tagged in and sets up the kick into the side of Bell's head for a two count. Jade makes the tag and goes for several kicks. Rayne then hits her with several forearm strikes to get Jade down. Rayne bangs on the buckle to get the fans going and stepping to the apron, runs the ropes to dropkick into Jade’s head. With Rayne back in the match, she goes for a cover and only gets a two-count. Madison tags to Velvet, a kick from Sky and another, then a kick to to the head and a running neck breaker for a two-count. Velvet Sky sent for the ride and kicks Jade, and then beats down the Dollhouse but takes a dropkick from Jade.

Jade tags into Rebel who then proceeds to kick Sky's midsection, followed by a boot to the throat for the choke and a distraction for the referee as Bell and Jade beat down Velvet. Jade, holding the hand of Velvet’s out, taunts Rayne and misses a roundhouse, double clothesline and both women are down and barring each other’s way to their respective corners. Bell and Madison tag in, Rayne for the chops, hits the forehead off the knee and a dropkick to score a two. Madison is then sent to the rope, Rebel knees her kidneys and Rayne sends Bell into Rebel. Sky sends Jade outside and Sky is thrown into the steel steps. Jade has the chair and almost smashes Sky's hand on the steps, but dodges at the last. Rebel throws powder out of nowhere in the eyes of Madison, and then a quick roll-up pin from Bell to give the Dollhouse the win.


Emma and Dana Brooke vs Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

In the go-home edition of NXT, we get a match that does not hype up Sasha Banks vs Bailey, but Dana Brooke and Emma ("groans"). They face Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, NXT's female jobbers to the stars, apparently. Royce starts off with several pin attempts and crucifixes. Both Kay and Royce are in control of the match, preventing Brooke from doing anything. Emma tags in and Royce hits her with a hurricarana and a long vertical suplex. Brooke provides a distraction which allows Emma and Brooke to get some offense in. The heels keep Royce from tagging in Kay, holding her with leg holds, but after about a couple of minutes of almost no offense, Royce manages to land several punches to both Emma and Brooke, both legal women tag in their partners and Kay lands a heel kick to Brooke as well as a good drop kick. Kay goes to the second rope and something happens when she jumps towards Brooke that allows Brooke to regain control (the camera made it hard to see what happened). Brooke gets a couple of pin attempts to no avail. Kay lands a drop kick but both partners to the women enter the ring but thrown out. Brooke was able to hit her Samoan Driver finisher to get the win.

Okay that first sentence was not entirely truthful. We didn't get a match or talk segment hyping up the IronWoman match, but we did get a great video promo package that chronicles the rivalry that Sasha Banks and Bailey have. Check it out below. I am really looking forward to this match at TakeOver: Respect.

WWE SmackDown

Team B.A.D. vs Team Bella

After pretty much being absent for Raw, Team B.A.D. gets their shot at the Bellas on SmackDown. The match starts off with Banks and Brie Bella in a shoving match. But Banks starts off aggressive, hitting her in the corner. Brie manages to escape and get Banks on the mat, kicking her with Daniel Bryan-style roundhouse kicks as Banks dodges the last one which sets up Naomi's leap frog butt-stomp. Brie quickly regains control and tags in Alicia Fox. They Irish Whip Naomi but Tamina tags in during the run and clothesline both Brie and Fox. Nikki tags in and Tamina practically no sells Nikki's offense until she connects on a forearm strike. Tamina then hits Nikki with a Samoan Drop and just as Nikki was being pulled out of the ring by her Bella teammates, Banks and Naomi baseball slides their opponents as we got commercials.

Coming from break, Naomi had Nikki in a headlock, but the former Divas champion regains momentum and Naomi is taken out by the Bellas. Alicia Fox tags in and continues to hold down Naomi but escapes both hit each other with a clothesline and both tag in Nikki and Banks. Banks is in control of the match now, hitting her with the double knees in the corners goes for a pin that was broken up by Alicia Fox. All the members of both teams brawl and get sent flying form the ring, with Banks lastly throwing Brie out of the ring and Nikki hitting her with a double axle handle. Nikki goes for the Rack Attack until Tamina interferes forcing Nikki to hit Tamina which opens up the window of opportunity for Banks to lock in the Bank Statement. Nikki taps and Team B.A.D. wins. Really solid match between the two teams and the finish was good as it keeps building Sasha Banks as a legit threat in the Divas division

WWE House Show: Trenton, NJ

Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs The Bella Twins with Paige as the special guest referee

So I went to a house show in Trenton, NJ and on of the matches was Charlotte and Becky Lynch versus the Bella Twins with Paige as the special guest referee? This is a pretty interesting twist to this angle. Overall the match itself was pretty good. The action was very solid and back and forth and Paige was great as the special guest referee and the babyfaces won the match when Nikki Bella tapped out to Charlotte's Figure-8. Not much to analyze, but it was nice to see these women get quality time in a match and the crowd was really into the match. All of the women got really big pops, so I'm glad that the WWE Universe like the women. Hope this translates well to television.

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Team B.A.D. vs Team Bella (WWE SmackDown)


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