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WWE Pitch: Call Up Gallus to Main Roster & Pair with Drew McIntyre

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Here's a foolproof pitch to WWE: Gallus needs to be brought up to the main roster either at WrestleMania XL or right after and paired with Drew McIntyre.

It's so simple that I think if it doesn't happen, it's a huge missed opportunity. Frankly, it might be the only thing that saves the careers of Gallus.

Let's be frank. Gallus had been a mainstay of NXT UK, but they've struggled to break into the more popular section of the totem pole for NXT in America. Yes, they've had some success, but even their tag title run was as bland as could be. For the most part, they've been sitting out a lot of time and just waiting around for something to do.

This feud with Ridge Holland isn't going to last much longer, if it is even going to continue at all. It seems like he's moved on to Shawn Spears. So what are they going to do next?

I would have them in the running for this tag team elimination setup to determine who fights The Wolf Dogs. They absolutely do not deserve to get that title shot, so they'd inevitably lose to someone else, even if it's Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in the finals or however WWE plans on doing this.

Then what? Nothing of note, I'd assume. So if they're going to just linger around in NXT being a tag team for others to beat to move up the pecking order, I have a better idea in mind.

Seth Rollins is going to lose the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XL. Whether it happens to Drew McIntyre or a Money in the Bank cash-in from Damian Priest, I don't think The Visionary is walking out with the title.

Ignoring all the chaos of Rollins being involved with The Rock and Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes—it's a complete mess that WWE should've seen coming from a mile away and booked better—Rollins is going to now fight on Night 1 in a tag match before defending his title on Night 2.

Clearly, he should lose that fight. He's going in injured AND beaten up from the previous night against a fresh Drew, who is bigger, a heel willing to cheat, and has more to gain by becoming the next champion.

I wouldn't go so far as to have Gallus interfere to cost Rollins. McIntyre can win clean. It'd be better for him and Rollins has the excuse.

AFTER that, though, is when I'd like to see McIntyre bring the Gallus boys in to be his backup.

All of them are Scottish. They've got that connection. They're all heels. McIntyre and Wolfgang are particularly close, it seems. And bringing in Gallus to the main roster makes another tag team in the rounds to freshen up some matches and have them against folks like The Judgment Day, DIY, Awesome Truth, etc.

Ideally, I'd like to see this play out before the 2024 WWE Draft, or I'd keep them out of the draft and have this happen as an off-draft switch. I'd want them to be a surprise, rather than just joining the Raw roster and then transitioning to being Drew's buddies.

Have them come out on some episode of Monday Night Raw when McIntyre is feuding with someone new post-Rollins—maybe someone who has allies of his own who can fight Gallus in the mix, like Bobby Lashley with The Street Profits or whomever—Gallus can roll in, beat someone up for McIntyre, and we've got a 4-man power faction that can freshen things up.

Ideally, we're looking at McIntyre as world champion, Joe Coffey in contention for midcard gold, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang in the ranks for the tag team titles. Realistically, even if it's just Gallus backing up McIntyre and not accomplishing much on their own, I think just by being associated with him, they'll have a much easier time transitioning on the main roster than if they just came up and we had to play that game where WWE reintroduces them to unfamiliar audiences.

Book it, WWE. And when you do, keep that in mind for how I've sent in my application to be on the WWE Creative writing team.



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