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WWE Future Endeavors Forecast 2020 Predictions of Releases

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, January 1, 2020

While the beginning of the year brings about the ONE TO WATCH for 2020 where we discuss which WWE wrestlers are going to have the best year, the counterbalance to that is the FUTURE ENDEAVORS FORECAST.

In this segment, we discuss some of the people that we think will unfortunately not be on the roster come 2020 for one reason or another. Perhaps they will retire or be forced to take a leave of absence due to injuries. Maybe they will quit because of some kind of a dispute. Then again, most of them will probably just be flat out fired. Whatever the case may be, let's look at some potential options that will be wished the best of luck in their future endeavors this year.

Stay tuned to the list of releases from 2020 to see how the predictions turn out!


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* NOTE: This isn't to say that we're necessarily wishing these releases upon the men and women that we mention. That might be the case for some, but generally speaking, this is about predicting what WWE will do more so than picking and choosing what we would like to see happen. This list represents the few that I feel the most confident will be gone, not who I would want to be leaving. *

The Colons

Every year, I say the same thing and it keeps not happening, but I'll repeat it again just in case...even if this is like the fifth time I've said this...

Epico and Primo have been around way too long to accomplish way too little. Their status on the WWE hierarchy falls further and further every year. This year, they wrestled less than a dozen DARK MATCHES (and lost all of them) at the beginning of the year, none of them were reported injured as an excuse, and then, Primo was suspended for a Wellness Policy "violation" of sorts. They didn't show up on television a single time. Why is WWE still paying them to be on the roster if they don't give a shit about them? Isn't it just two wasted paychecks? Let the guys leave!

Apollo Crews

He's been conspicuously absent for a while now. Is that because he's one of the people who wants to leave and WWE figures they might as well not use him? Maybe I'm reading too much into nothing, but the fact that he hasn't achieved anything yet in WWE makes me wonder if he's frustrated (with due reason) and wants out.

Cedric Alexander

He had his cruiserweight title reign, but they seem to have soured on him, for whatever reason. Since then, his wife (Big Swole) got signed to AEW.

It wouldn't shock me if we see Alexander pop up in that company at some point in 2020 if they're able to scoop him up. If WWE lets him go, I'm supremely confident that will happen. Then again, maybe this is an Apollo Crews thing where I'm imagining backstage frustrations that aren't actually there.

The Revival

C'mon. We know it's happening around WrestleMania.


His time in NXT wasn't as great as it could have been. Then, his time on the main roster has been atrocious.

Vince McMahon must not see him as a worthwhile investment. If that's the case, it would take a lot to convince him otherwise and turn this career around. Rather than bust his ass on the house show circuit as a jobber for years to come, EC3 might want to leave again and try to make a name for himself in NWA, AEW, MLW or go back to Impact.

It would make me sad, cause I think he has a ton of potential, but I would understand, as WWE isn't tapping into what he has to offer.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher

He's been a heel and a face twice now and all it seems WWE likes to do with him is make him lose, get frustrated, and "change" back to the opposite. He's lost a TON of steam since when he first came in with the Cruiserweight Classic and I'm worried he isn't going to get any of that momentum back.

Gallagher just looks over it and since there was talk that he wanted to get back into MMA, it wouldn't shock me if that's where he went in 2020.

Gran Metalik and Kalisto

Both of these two said a few months back that their deals were expiring and that they were looking to go elsewhere. So...yeah...

The Hardy Boyz

Matt Hardy seems like he's checked out. We have no confirmation they're leaving, but WWE doesn't seem to be doing anything to try to keep him. Meanwhile, Jeff is dealing with his injuries and legal issues and that's never a good thing.

My hope is that Jeff will get his stuff sorted out and be better, while WWE will give more creative freedom to Matt. Then, we can keep these two in the mix so they can have some quality tag team matches for a while longer and get into the Hall of Fame as they deserve.

Mike and Maria Kanellis

Mike wants to be gone and likely would be if he hadn't signed a new contract. Maria claims that she doesn't want to leave, but that makes no sense at all. I really feel like these two want to get as much money from WWE as possible while also leaving and that the pressures of raising their kids and Mike not having his career go in the direction he hoped have just become too much, and instead of admitting that, they're all over the place on social media.

Even though they're under contract, I think WWE will get tired of paying them for nothing and they'll let them go and grant them their releases. Then, they'll just head to MLW, AEW, Ring of Honor or wherever.

Check out our discussion on this topic on the latest episode of the Smack Talk podcast below!



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