List of WWE Heel and Face Turns for 2020 - Superstars Who Turned Babyface or Heel This Year | Smark Out Moment
This list will keep track of all the official babyface turns and heel turns that happen in WWE for the year 2020.

At the beginning of this year, I've made some predictions for who I think will end up turning face or heel at some point. I won't be altering these predictions at all throughout the entire year, but I will be adding some revised guesses quarterly around the big events, so it'll be interesting to see who I'm right and wrong about. Anybody who I'm right about, I'll strike out.

KEEP IN MIND: When a babyface attacks another babyface, this is almost always a heel turn. When a heel attacks another heel, it doesn't hold the same meaning. Villains turning on villains does not make the beaten down person suddenly a hero, but the actions that come out of that dictate whether a turn happens or not.

Also, sometimes, I update the heel and face index, but not as often as the updates you see below.

  • 1/3 - The Miz seemingly turned heel on SmackDown by attacking Kofi Kingston after their match.
  • 1/6 - Drew McIntyre may be a face now. (Jan 13th, he made another step in that direction and possibly confirmed his position as a babyface).
  • 1/10 - John Morrison is a heel now along with The Miz.
  • 1/26 - MVP returned and played babyface (no idea if he was a heel in his last run in WWE)
  • 1/27 - Charlotte Flair is at least starting to turn heel with how she's reacted to her Royal Rumble win.
  • 1/27 - Randy Orton turned heel by attacking Edge.
  • 2/10 - MVP is now a heel again (if he returns to WWE in the future)
  • 2/14 - Tony Nese and Mike Kanellis were booked as faces against Ariya Daivari and The Brian Kendrick. That may be a soft face turn or it could just be some random booking. (In a future update...never mind.)
  • 2/16 - Johnny Gargano turned heel by nailing Tommaso Ciampa with the NXT Championship and costing him his match at TakeOver: Portland.
  • 2/19 - Forgotten Sons may have turned babyface when taking offense with Grizzled Young Veterans' anti-USA comments.
  • 3/13 - Drew Gulak has forged an alliance with Daniel Bryan and appears to be a babyface now.
  • 3/13 - Mojo Rawley is a babyface now.
  • 4/5 - Mandy Rose turned babyface at WrestleMania 36 by aligning herself with Otis.
  • 4/5 - Bianca Belair turned babyface at WrestleMania 36 by making the save for The Street Profits.
  • 4/6 - Big Show is a heel again. No one saw that coming, right?
  • 4/8 - Candice LeRae seemingly turned heel by low-blowing Tommaso Ciampa on NXT.
  • 4/23 - Dexter Lumis is a face after helping Velveteen Dream on NXT
  • 5/11 - Asuka turned face on Monday Night Raw
  • 5/13 - Timothy Thatcher turned heel on NXT by flipping out on Matt Riddle, leaving him mid-match and attacking him backstage.
  • 5/18 - Kairi Sane is a face as well as of Asuka's face turn.
  • 6/5 - Mojo Rawley is back to being a heel since making fun of Shorty G on SmackDown
  • 6/7 - Io Shirai felt like a tweener to me on TakeOver: In Your House, but was cheered by the crowd with her title win and followed up those actions with some babyface stuff afterward. She's likely a face as of that point, if not a little earlier when she teamed with Rhea Ripley against Charlotte Flair and Chelsea Green.
  • 6/10 - Damian Priest may be a face now as of NXT following TakeOver: In Your House.
  • 6/10 - El Hijo del Fantasma, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza turned heel as a new stable.
  • 6/14 - Akira Tozawa's been positioned as the antagonist for The Viking Profits. I'm not considering it a heel turn, as it's all goofy stuff, but he and Big Jordan and the other ninjas (......yeah) are definitely the heels in that feud, at least.
  • 6/15 - Big Show turned face on Raw by helping The Viking Profits against Akira Tozawa's ninjas 
  • 6/22 - It seems Charlotte Flair is a babyface while feuding with Nia Jax, while Natalya is a heel, joining up with Lana. 
  • 6/22 - Ruby Riott turned face by trying to comfort Liv Morgan. This was confirmed on 6/29 when she faced The IIconics. 
  • 7/3 - Tony Nese seems to be a face now after coming to Isaiah "Swerve" Scott's aid on 205 Live (update: but worked as a heel on 7/8 NXT, so...who knows what's going on?) 
  • 7/10 - Lacey Evans seems to have turned heel on SmackDown by attacking Naomi after losing that stupid karaoke competition 
  • 7/31 - Shorty G turned heel on SmackDown by aligning with King Corbin against Matt Riddle and Drew Gulak 
  • 8/3 - After Shayna Baszler's interactions with Nia Jax and Sasha Banks, it seems she might be a babyface now, especially after teaming with Asuka and being attacked by Nia Jax on August 17th.
  • 8/10 - Mickie James returned as a babyface on Monday Night Raw. 
  • 8/12 - Velveteen Dream turned heel by attacking Kushida in frustration after their match on NXT. 
  • 8/17 - Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir aligned themselves once more with Shayna Baszler in a united front against Nia Jax to indicate Duke and Shafir are now babyfaces along with Baszler. 
  • 8/22 - Tony Nese is back to being a heel again after attacking Jake Atlas in frustration after losing a match to him on 205 Live 
  • 8/23 - Roman Reigns returned at SummerSlam and has been a heel ever since
  • 8/24 - Aleister Black turned heel on Monday Night Raw by attacking Kevin Owens
  • 8/24 - Nia Jax has aligned herself with Shayna Baszler, but I'm not quite sold on it being a true babyface turn. If it ends up being solidified, I'll go back and change this.
  • 8/26 - Tommaso Ciampa turned heel by excessively attacking Jake Atlas after their match.
  • 8/28 - Alexa Bliss did a pretty heelish thing by smashing the mug she bought for Nikki Cross and flipping out at her. Maybe not a 100% confirmation of a heel turn, but it sure seems like it. I'm counting it and if they undo it, I'll update this.
  • 8/28 - The Brian Kendrick seems to be a babyface now after being a good sport and supportive of teaching Tehuti Miles (who is a heel, so maybe it's not so much a face turn as much as it's a friendly thing for two heels to do together).
  • 9/7 - Cedric Alexander turned heel on Monday Night Raw
  • 9/8 - It seems Tehuti Miles is now a babyface and has received a name change as Ashante "Thee" Adonis. (Update: Ashante "Thee" Adonis has been solidified as a babyface since he came out to help Isaiah "Swerve" Scott at NXT TakeOver 31 on October 4th)
  • 9/21 - Dominik Dijakovic (T-Bar), Dio Maddin (Mace), and Mia Yim are now heels while Shane Thorne and Mercedes Martinez already were before RETRIBUTION even started.
  • 10/2 - Carmella is now a heel as of SmackDown's promo running down the WWE Universe.
  • Sasha Banks will be a babyface, but WWE hasn't done anything to 100% lock that down. She's fighting with Bayley, but that doesn't mean she won't go back to being a heel after the feud. I'll "confirm" this down the line and put a date on it, but we know she's been feuding with Bayley since she was attacked. That just doesn't mean it makes Banks a babyface by default. 
  • 10/4 - Ridge Holland is a heel as of TakeOver 31.
  • 10/5 - Mustafa Ali is now a heel after revealing he's in RETRIBUTION.
  • 10/5 - Murphy is a babyface after fighting with Seth Rollins, unless this is all a ruse.
  • 10/7 - Killian Dain is a reluctant babyface, but he's definitely more babyface now after helping Drake Maverick out post-teaming with him.
  • 10/8 - Amale seems to have settled in to a role as a heel. 
  • 10/12 - Elias turned heel on Raw by hitting Jeff Hardy with a guitar.
  • 10/20 - Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax came off more like heels than in recent weeks on Raw, but they're still booked against both heels and faces, while arguing with each other. They'll remain tweeners for now.
  • 10/20 - Braun Strowman may not be 100% heel, but he sure as hell is booked like it when he low-blows Keith Lee.
  • 10/21 - Xia Li attacked Kacy Catanzaro again after her loss. That's far too many times for it not to be a heel turn at this point.
  • 10/21 - Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan turned heel when they aligned with Pat McAfee to screw over The Undisputed ERA and Breezango and become NXT tag team champions. Also, it's pretty official at this point that all members of The Undisputed ERA are babyfaces, so they're off the pending list.
  • 10/25 - Tucker turned heel at Hell in a Cell by hitting Otis with the Money in the Bank briefcase.
  • 10/28 - Pete Dunne turned heel at Halloween Havoc by turning on Kyle O'Reilly and aligning himself with Pat McAfee, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.
  • 10/29 - The Hunt (Wild Boar and Primate) turned heel by aligning with Eddie Dennis and attacking Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews.
  • 10/30 - Jey Uso turned heel by aligning with Roman Reigns and attacking Daniel Bryan after their match. Jimmy isn't involved yet, but we can assume he's a heel going forward, too.
  • 11/18 - Tommaso Ciampa seems to maybe be either a babyface or at least a tweener at this point. He's feuded with Velveteen Dream a bit and now he's gone after Timothy Thatcher.
  • Chad Gable seems to be more of a babyface lately after partnering with Otis.
  • Updates that I can't remember when to track back to: Lana is definitely a face. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are definitely heels and not tweeners anymore.
  • 11/25 - Toni Storm turned heel by feeding Ember Moon to Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez
  • 12/9 - Tyler Rust (aka Russ Taylor) tried to help Timothy Thatcher distract/interfere with Tommaso Ciampa's match and then partnered up with Malcolm Bivens, meaning he's gone from a blank slate to a heel.

PENDING - Grizzled Young Veterans are playing the face part in a feud with Ever-Rise and Imperium, but that may not be a true turn. We'll see in the coming weeks.

PENDING - Isaiah "Swerve" Scott appears to be heading toward a heel turn as of 12/9.



WILL TURN HEEL: Alexa Bliss, Bronson Reed, Dominik Dijakovic, Elias, Isla Dawn, Kenny Williams, Mia Yim, Oney Lorcan, Piper Niven, Randy Orton, Tyler Bate, The Usos, Velveteen Dream

WILL TURN BABYFACE: Bianca Belair, Bray Wyatt, Buddy Murphy, Gallus, Jazzy Gabert, Kairi Sane, Sarah Logan, Sonya Deville

WILL BOUNCE AROUND BACK AND FORTH: The B-Team (house shows), Charlotte Flair


WILL TURN HEEL: Apollo Crews, Bianca Belair, Braun Strowman, Bronson Reed, Dave Mastiff, Isla Dawn, Joaquin Wilde, Mandy Rose, Pete Dunne, Raul Mendoza, Samoa Joe

WILL TURN BABYFACE: Bobby Lashley, Johnny Gargano, Sarah Logan, Sasha Banks



WILL TURN HEEL: Apollo Crews, Braun Strowman, Bronson Reed, Dana Brooke or Naomi, Dave Mastiff, Dexter Lumis or Dominik Dijakovic, Isla Dawn, Pete Dunne, Samoa Joe




WILL TURN HEEL: Brian Kendrick, Ember Moon OR Toni Storm, Kalisto, Matt Riddle, The Usos, Xia Li

WILL TURN BABYFACE: Braun Strowman (possibly early 2021), Lana, Natalya, Shorty G

WILL BOUNCE AROUND BACK AND FORTH: Akira Tozawa, Braun Strowman, Charlotte Flair, Drew Gulak, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler

list of babyface turns and heel turns in WWE in 2020

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