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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/18/2016 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, July 18, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for July 18, 2016 is coming to you live from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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This Monday Night Raw kicks off a week that will change the course of WWE for the foreseeable future. This could be the very last chance you get of seeing some of these Superstars on a Monday Night Raw as the WWE Draft takes place tomorrow night on the first live version of SmackDown. But, we have some business to attend to before we can say goodbye to a few of these guys. Hows a WWE Championship match suit your fancy? That's right. Just a week before they are scheduled to main event Battleground in a triple threat match with other former Shield brother, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will battle one on one for the illustrious title. Expect some other match build ups and Charlotte and Sasha to get some face time with one another. The Miz found out he'll be facing Darren Young for the Intercontinental Championship, and this is the first Monday Night Raw under the control of one Stephanie McMahon. Both her and Shane will pick GM's of their respective shows right here tonight! Bug week for WWE and all of the fans, so lets sit back and enjoy!

PROMO: The first promo of the night belongs to Stephanie McMahon! GM choice coming from the new Raw Commissioner? Before Steph can welcome the crowd to Raw, out comes the SmackDown commissioner, Shane-O-Mac! Both will choose their GM's tonight! Stephanie starts off by saying she isn't going to miss Shane and his crowd pandering. Shane then welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Raw for the last time as he will take over SmackDown tomorrow night. Shane says that the feeling is mutual when Steph says there will be no love lost when the two quit working together. Stephanie then drops the bomb that WWE is launching their own Cruiserweight Division and its exclusively on Monday Night Raw. The two then cover the rules of the draft and say they are getting ready with their respective GM's. Stephanie then announces her GM... MICK FOLEY!! Hall Of Famer, Mick Foley, will take over day to day operations of Monday Night Raw! Mick Foley says that this new brand rivalry reminds him of the Monday Night Wars in terms of competition. When he heard of the new brand rivalry, a fire was lit inside of him and he is ready to take control. He put the nail in the coffin of WCW, and he is bringing the same ruthlessness to Raw as GM. Shane congratulates Mick, and then gives Steph kudos with a good choice. Then Shane says he is ready to announce his.. And this leaked earlier in the week.. SmackDown is all about breaking glass ceilings and opportunities and this man personifies that.. Ladies and gentlemen.. DANIEL BRYAN is back! The YES! Movement is now in control of SmackDown! Daniel says he wasn't sure if he could ever come back to a ring because he just loved wrestling too much, but then Shane called. He told him his plan for SmackDown, how they are the underdog, the rivalry with Raw, and that was all Daniel needed to hear to make his return. He says he is going to put the Superstars first, and the fans right along side. As long as he and the fans work together, they've beaten The Authority before and they can certainly do it again. Stephanie sarcastically congratulates both men, and says "a B+ player for a B+ show". Shane spits fire back by saying two things will always be true.. "You'll always be my little sister, and you had to marry a WWE Superstar to stay relevant." and they end it with a YES! chant. Shane and Daniel Bryan will run SmackDown, and Stephanie and Mick Foley will run Raw!

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MATCH: Sami Zayn & Cesaro vs. Y2J & Kevin Owens

RESULT: Sami Zayn & Cesaro win via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: I love all four of these guys, but this was only a decent match in my eyes.

PROMO: Daniel is backstage and walking through loads of superstar who are complimenting him, but then he runs in to Steph. Steph says she is surprised to Daniel back, and then calls him nothing but a yes man who will just agree with everything to fit in. Daniel says he is glad that she spent his time away coming up with more ridiculous insults, and ruining Raw.

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MATCH: Alberto Del Rio vs. Darren Young(w Bob Backlund)

The Miz and Maryse are on commentary as Darren and The Miz are set to face off for the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday.

RESULT: Darren Young wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: The Miz tried to distract Darren Young but ended up helping hm win. Darren Young looked good, but I'm a huge fan of The Miz so I'm hoping he retains.

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PROMO: Okay.. This got really confusing for me really quick. First Cena comes out and talks about The Club and how they wouldn't be able to see him because he has Enzo & Cass. Then Enzo & Cass come out and trash talk everyone on The Club. Then out comes The Club talking smack about both Cena and Enzo & Cass. Out comes New Day after that and they bring up The Wyatt Family. Then out comes The Wyatts, and they are the only group not to have any mic time which is baffling to me considering Bray is arguably the most charismatic guy on the roster.

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MATCH: The New Day, John Cena, and Enzo & Cass vs. The Wyatt Family & The Club

AJ Styles hits a Styles Clash on Enzo for the win.

RESULT: The Wyatt Family & The Club win via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This was an awesome match! A lot of star power, given tons of time, and they delivered.

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PROMO: They play a video of Seth Rollins in an empty arena talking about his former Shield brothers. Sying they were nothing but pawns and sacrifices that needed to be made for him to reach the top. He kept Dean around to take punishment, and Roman around to dish it out. He broke up his band, and become The Man. Then his leg caved after carrying the company, and Roman rose up. But he took that away, and Dean stole it from him. Tonight he ends Deans fairytale Championship run, and prove that he was always The Man.

PROMO: Mick is backstage with Breezango, but then they are asked to leave by Shane. Shane again congratulates Mick, but asks how he could work for his sister. Then he said that there are two reasons she hired him. His pedigree, and that she can control him. He says he has his eyes wide open, he knows she is manipulative but he sees fire and passion in her. He appreciates the gesture, but he has this under control.

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MATCH: Sin Cara vs. Baron Corbin

It is announced during this match that "The Lucha Dragons" decided to split up and are no longer a team. Thus they will be drafted separately. Probably to Raw for the new Cruiserweight division.

After his win, Corbin keeps up the assault. Then Kalisto comes out to save his former partner, but Corbin beats on him too.

RESULT: Baron Corbin wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This lasted a whole 3 minutes. Way to make the new Cruiserweight division look good.

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MATCH: Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

Natty gets involved causing a DQ.

RESULT: Becky and Sasha win via DQ.
THOUGHTS: I had a feeling this would happen. I'll be happy to see Sasha take the belt at SummerSlam.

PROMO: Dean cuts a promo in the same style The Shield used to by holding his own camera. He says he will retain tonight, and will do the same on Sunday. They should expect him as STILL being WWE Champion.

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MATCH: Rusev(w Lana) & Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler & Zack Ryder

RESULT: Rusev & Sheamus win via submission.
THOUGHTS: Yeah.. Yawn.

*Commercial Break*

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Dean Ambrose(c) vs. Seth Rollins

Both commissioners and GM's are ringside to watch this main event. Daniel and Shane sitting in front of the Spanish announce table, and Stephanie and Mick sitting next to the English announce table.

The match ends with both men's shoulders on the mat in a pinning predicament. It reached a three count, but no clear winner. Steph and Shane get in the ring. Steph is calling for Rollins winning, Shane for Dean. Stephanie then grabs a mic and claims Seth as the new WWE Champion. The group continues to argue as the show goes off air with Seth holding the belt high.

RESULT: Seth Rollins wins via pin fall to become the new WWE Champion.
THOUGHTS: BADASS match. Absolutely fantastic. Not a fan of the finish whatsoever, but adding Roman to this for the main event of Battleground is destined to be incredible.


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