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How to Book the WWE Women's Division After the Draft

Posted by Matt Rutherford-West Monday, July 18, 2016
So in this final column of four (part 1, part 2, part 3) we look at the last aspect (and personally, most neglected aspect) of the WWE Universe: the Women's Championship.

To coincide with our previous posts, we'll be booking this as though the women's division were exclusive to SmackDown, which hopefully would make the blue brand a must-see watch. Think back to when Lita vs. Trish Stratus headlined an episode of Raw and how the whole show was built around that. The seriousness given to that match would take place with SmackDown's division, even if they weren't the main focal point all the time.

As far as the roster goes, we'll be using the list of eligible wrestlers WWE recently released and trying to bring back that magic on Tuesday nights!

Potential WWE Women's Champion Paige and Sasha Banks alongside current WWE Women's Champion Charlotte

(featuring Charlotte, Paige and Sasha Banks)

First of all yes, I'll admit, I'm English and proud of Paige immensely. She is a fantastically rounded character who has lot of potential and can actually wrestle. After winning the then Divas Championship on her first night on Raw, I've believed we'd see a good run with her as champion. Then, she lost it in almost comical fashion to AJ Lee and hasn't been booked well at all since. Yes, there was Team PCB and the "Divas Revolution" angle which was as long running as Gillberg's winning streak, but she has been stuck in limbo.

Then, there is Sasha Banks, who has been labeled as a future female WWE Hall of Famer, which I don't doubt will happen for even a second. Banks, again, is a legit wrestler who has a great character, but has been a bit stop-start since debuting on the main roster.

Finally, we have Charlotte—a wrestler who has the pedigree and athletic ability to do a lot in the ring. Putting these three together would be instant fireworks, but you could easily play the feud for the long haul before having a triple threat match between them. We could see Paige and Sasha feud for the #1 Contendership, Charlotte cheating to hold onto the title or even the title changing hands between these three. However it is done, I could easily see any of these three facing off against each other and recreating that main event magic that Lita and Trish had all those years ago.

Two potential tag teams in the form of Eva Marie and Summer Rae going up against Naomi and Natalya on WWE SmackDown

Summer Rae and Eva Marie vs. Naomi and Natalya

This is a rather odd pairing of wrestlers, but let me explain the logic behind it.

Summer Rae hasn't gotten over particularly well with the fans. Neither has Eva Marie. Those two fit together in terms of characters. Naomi has been off the radar recently and could do with a shake-up and Natalya's evil side has gone done as well as helium balloon. Natalya is easily the strongest wrestler of the four and can help hide Summer's and Eva's weaknesses, whilst helping to also put them over.

WWE needs to make sure they can help bolster the female based storylines because they can easily be bigger characters that people can get more out of. Look at how insanely popular Bayley has been for NXT and the amount of charitable work she has done; she's like a female John Cena.

Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke

Becky and Dana are, again (are you seeing a pattern here), two female wrestlers who can wrestle. Becky has gotten lost in the shuffle a bit since her initial debut (sound familiar?) but can both tell a good story and can also connect with the crowd. Let these two have the chance just to tear the house down. Let them fight, let them show determination, strength and persistence in the ring. Let their skills do the talking for their feud.

There is potential for Bayley and Alexa Bliss to join up with the main roster with the upcoming draft

Coming up from NXT: Bayley and Alexa Bliss

This is a no-brainer, but I do worry for both of them. As you can see from this column, I personally feel that a lot of the wrestlers bought up from NXT have been screwed over. Is this due to the booking differences between Raw/SmackDown and NXT? Probably. It is painful to see a gimmick or a character work wonders in NXT and then when they are bought up to Raw/SmackDown, for it all to be ignored or thrown away. This isn't just limited to female wrestlers, but male ones, too.

What do you think of these scenarios? Are you hoping that we can get back to having legit female wrestling? Leave us your comments below!

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