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Divas Debrief: Women's Wrestling This Week for 12/5/2015

Posted by Unknown Saturday, December 5, 2015
Each week, DIVAS DEBRIEF runs down the events that transpired in women's professional wrestling from the past couple of days. From the WWE Divas to the TNA Knockouts including some other companies as well, Smark Out Moment attempts to keep you up to date on all things going on with the ladies of the ring.

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WWE Monday Night Raw

Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella
Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Sasha starts off with the upper hand. But Brie gains control. Brie then takes control off a distraction, and then Sasha does the same. Alicia Fox, who accompanied Brie, is escorted away from ringside after being attacked by Team B.A.D. Sasha dominates the match. Punches, kicks, just pure domination by Sasha. Brie then comes back with the "YES!" kicks made famous by her husband. Naomi and Tamina cause a distraction for Sasha to lock in the Bank Statement for the win.


This starts with a lock up, and then a great chain wrestling sequence. After a couple of quick moves by each Diva and then Charlotte goes for a Figure 8 and then a stalemate as both Divas show respect. More amazing chain wrestling ensues as the two trade pin attempts. Charlotte then hits those 3 leg suplexes. Then the classic knife edge chops. Charlotte goes for another pin for a two-count. Then Becky targets the arm setting up for the Disarmer. Charlotte then goes down holding her ankle, and then Ric gets up on the apron as Charlotte shows she was faking the whole time and rolls up for a pin. Becky is not happy.

WWE Main Event

Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks

Alicia pushes Sasha and Sasha gets into the ropes. Alicia pulls Sasha out of the ropes and then hits a drop kick. Alicia grabs Sasha by the hair and Tamina with a super kick while the referee is distracted by Naomi. Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha kicks Alicia and then rubs her face in the mat. Sasha works on Alicia’s back. Sasha chokes Alicia in the ropes right in front of Brie. Sasha slams Alicia’s face into the mat.

Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha with a rear chin lock. Alicia with a snap mare. Alicia with a float over into a sunset flip followed by drop kicks. Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Naomi gets on the apron and Alicia knocks Naomi off the apron. Sasha tries for a rollup but Alicia does not go over. Alicia sends Sasha face first into the mat and then she sees Tamina get on the apron and Alicia knocks Tamina off the apron and to the floor with a boot. Alicia tries for a slam but Sasha with a lungblower into the Banks Statement and Alicia taps out.

TNA Impact Wrestling

Gail Kim vs Tigre Uno (World Title Series Round of 16 Match)
Awesome Kong vs Jessie Godderz (World Title Series Round of 16 Match)

Gail goes for the roll up right away, but Uno gets out of it. She goes after him with kicks and punches. Uno seems puzzled by her ability to put up a real fight. He tries to take her down with a facehold. Gail goes for the Eat Defeat but Uno reverses it into the deathlock and sunset flip to get the two count. Octopus Hold on Uno and he panics and gets to the ropes. He tosses Gail out of the ring then goes for the plancha. He gets Gail back in the ring. She's able to hit a Frankensteiner. She goes for the leglock but Uno gets to ropes. Eat Defeat! But Uno reverses it with the sunset flip. Uno pins Gail to advance. This is was decent. Gail managed to look competitive without it coming off as ridiculous.


Before the start of the match, Jessie poses for a kiss, but Kong offers a shot to the jaw instead. She unloads a series of chops and a hip toss before planting the “Modern Day Adonis” with a shoulder block! She continues running through Jessie and splashes him in the corner! Kong delivers a trio of body slams before Jessie rolls outside. He tries walking away from the match, but Kong sends him into the ring post! She delivers a beat down near the apron. He attempts escape by climbing back into the ring, but Kong pulls him back under the ropes to resume her beating! Jessie thumbs Kong in the eye before charging her at the stairs. She moves, sending him up and over the stairs and into the guardrail! Kong powers Jessie back into the ring where she misses a splash that Jessie rolls through. With a handful of tights, Jessie claims the upset victory.


Nia Jax vs Blue Pants
Emma vs Liv Morgan

Jax charges Blue Pants, but Blue Pants rolls under her clothesline attempt. Jax catches Blue Pants and flings her across the ring by her head twice. Jax picks up Blue Pants for a slam, but Blue Pants slides off Jax’s shoulder. Blue Pants hits the ropes, but gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker. Jax destroys Blue Pants with a Samoan drop, followed by two huge leg drops. Blue Pants is done.


Emma bashes Liv’s head in the turnbuckle a few times before locking on the tarantula. Emma hits the Emma-mite sandwich, followed by a standing hair pull. Liv tries to fight back, but Emma beats her down with multiple punches and kicks. Liv manages to lock on a rolling guillotine into ground and pound punches. Liv goes for a jackknife pin, but Emma bridges out of it. Emma curb stomps Liv, then slaps on the Emma lock for the submission victory.

After the match Asuka appears on the ‘tron punching and kicking a heavy bag. Asuka tells Emma that she will see her at Takeover.

Backstage, Nia Jax walks up to Bayley, smiles and walks away. As Bayley turns around, Jax grabs her and throws her through a closed door.

WWE SmackDown

Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella

A Becky arm drag starts it out, and Brie makes fun of Charlotte faking an injury. Brie connects with a bulldog. Brie does the Bryan kicks and Knee Mode as we see Team Bad backstage with a pinata and a kendo stick. Becky comes back with an exploder suplex, but Brie kicks out. Brie accidentally runs into Charlotte while Becky goes for Disarmor. Charlotte runs in and attacks Brie, disqualifying Becky.

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella (WWE Main Event)


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