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Splitting the WWE Brands is Best for Business

Posted by Cayden Parkhurst Saturday, December 5, 2015
Triple H's Authority catchphrase "best for business" has caught fire since the shocking implosion of The Shield at the hands of Seth Rollins. The former Cerebral Assassin said that night that Seth Rollins was "plan B". Well, WWE is in dire need of another plan B right now. With ratings as low as we have seen them since before the Attitude Era and Vince McMahon using an email form to ask fans why they change the channel, WWE is hinting at a change coming. Now, I am not on the creative team (although anyone can help this group), but I have an idea that might change the shape WWE is in now. Three words that can change the entire course of this company, and its something they have done before. Split the brands.

SmackDown and Raw Logo

Even with the hard-hitting injuries to guys like Randy Orton, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn, and the untimely leave of absence by John Cena, this roster is still stacked with talent. Most of that talent is stuck in odd feuds that are seemingly running face-first into a brick wall, being stomped on, and swirled down the toilet. Take Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze for example. On August 29th, 2011 HHH announced that Raw would start featuring SmackDown stars on a weekly basis and calling it the "Raw Supershow". At first, the idea was phenomenal. It was new and superstars rarely crossed shows which is what made a Raw star going against a SmackDown star so unique and interesting. That did not last long however. Soon after, SmackDown became watered down and basically a Raw replay, featuring the same match of the same stars in a different city. Now with NXT breeding and bringing in over the top talent, its time the two shows become their own once again.

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives if you were to do this. You obviously would have to split the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back into two titles. Maybe bringing back the big gold belt in the process. That could be a negative to some of you, but in the long run it is the best choice. Having two big titles gives other superstars like a Cesaro, Titus O'Neil, Dolph Ziggler, and even Dean Ambrose some big money to fight over. Shining the spotlight on more talent is definitely a plus. It would also bring excitement back in the form of the brand rivalry. The SmackDown vs. Raw rivalry was always fun to watch because we rarely got to see separate show superstars in the same ring at the same time. Having the winner of the Royal Rumble choose which belt he'd like to pursue would also be another exciting change of pace that this separation could bring. What about the WWE draft? One of the most memorable moments there has ever been was John Cena being drafted to Monday Night Raw as the WWE Champion. We are being robbed of memorable moments, and are forcing ourselves to watch piss poor booking and see our favorite stars get booted by those we deem undeserving. This could also bring back the SmackDown vs. Raw video games which were hands down the best ones.

At the end of the day, something needs to change. The ratings are suffering. Stocks are plummeting. Interest is being lost quicker than it can be regained. In my humble opinion, splitting the brands is best for business and can only help a suffering show. What do you guys think can make a difference?

Cayden Parkhurst is a journalism student at Indiana University Kokomo. Outside of his love for professional wrestling, he is a big fan of baseball and the Cincinnati Reds.


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