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WWE Power Rankings Top 25 Superstars This Week: 9/13/15

Posted by Unknown Sunday, September 13, 2015
Welcome to another edition of Power Rankings from Smark Out Moment! Each week, we will break down the current roster and examine who has gone up the WWE hierarchy and who has unfortunately taken a step down the ladder. Factoring in things such as wins and losses, suspensions, injuries, making a name for one's self, being humiliated, and more, who is at the top of the food chain and who needs to make up some ground next week?
Power Ranking WWE wrestlers list roster

25. Bo Dallas

Dallas lost to Neville on Superstars but made up for it by picking up a W on Main Event against Fandango.

24. Miz

Miz got beat up by Big Show on Raw, and lost to Cesaro on SmackDown. This week was not too AWESOME for the Miz, but at least he made it on the list.

23. Big Show

Big Show interfered in the Miz vs. Cesaro match on Raw and eventually knocked Cesaro out for getting in his way.

22. Dolph Ziggler

This storyline with Ziggler and Rusev needs to be wrapped up. He has too much talent to be wasted on silliness like this. Aside from that, Ziggler lost to Kevin Owens on Main Event.

21. Rusev

Rusev crush...this awful storyline.

20. Lucha Dragons

The Lucha Dragons lost on both Raw and Smackdown, but I guess jobbing on those shows is a step up from jobbing on Superstars.

19. Jimmy Uso

One half of the Uso's returned to the ring to help his cousin fight the New Day on SmackDown. Things didn't turn out so well for Jimmy, but it's pretty cool that he was brought into the Shield 2.0 vs. Wyatt Family storyline.

18. The Ascension

The Ascension picked up a win over the Lucha Dragons on SmackDown, but were defeated on Raw. I'm not a big fan of them, haven't been since they were in NXT, but it is nice to see them somewhat relevant as they aid Stardust in his battle against Neville.

17. Neville

Neville picked up a win this week against Bo Dallas on Superstars.

16. Stardust

Stardust made a few appearances on WWE programming, and gained a victory on Superstars against Jack Swagger.

15. Sasha Banks

Banks picked up a big victory against Paige on Raw. Their match on SmackDown ended in a no contest. Sasha Banks is an awesome character all around. She has a great personality for her character, her attitude is repulsive yet intriguing, and she kicks ass in the ring. What else can you ask for in a heel?

14. Charlotte

Charlotte challenged Nikki Bella to a title match on the next episode of Raw. As I said in weeks past, Charlotte is a standout among her peers, and she can probably even make Nikki Bella look like she knows how to wrestle.

13. Cesaro

Cesaro picked up a much needed win against The Miz on SmackDown after a their match on Raw ended in a double count out and with Cesaro eating a KO punch from Big Show. It seems like they might be heading towards a Cesaro/Big Show feud, which is fine by me since Cesaro is one of those rare workers who can make anyone he steps in the ring with look like a much better wrestler than they actually are.

12. Randy Orton

Orton jumped this week to number 12 after not even being on the list for the past few weeks. A big victory over Sheamus this week propelled him back to top half of the list.

11. Prime Time Players

They helped John Cena defeat Seth Rollins and New Day in a six man tag match to cap off Raw, and made easy work of Los Matadores on Main Event. Its good to see that they are remaining relevant despite the arrival of the Dudleys.

10. Kevin Owens

Owens had a good week by gaining a victory on Main Event over Dolph Ziggler, as well as by teasing an upcoming feud against the IC champion, Ryback. An IC title run for Owens can do wonders to restore the credibility of the once illustrious belt, and also give Owens' character another chance at the spotlight.

9. Ryback

Ryback beat the WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins this week on Raw, but lost to him on SmackDown. Still though, a victory over the top guy in the company is always important and beneficial to one's placement on this list.

8. Sheamus

Sheamus may have lost to Randy Orton this week, but his growing presence in the main event picture earned him a spot in this week's top ten

7. New Day

It wasn't a very good week for the tag team champs, but they did main event Raw and had a decent match against Ambrose, Reigns and Jimmy Uso that got cut short by the Wyatt Family.

6. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Ambrose and Reigns picked up a win against the Ascension on Raw. On SmackDown they were ambushed by the Wyatts. I can't wait for their match at Night of Champions.

5. Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz picked up victories on both SmackDown and Raw. They have been steam rolling through the tag division since their return, and show no signs of stopping. Expect to see them wearing the belts at some time in the near future.

4. John Cena

Cena led himself and the Prime Time Players to victory on Raw. Other than that, Super Cena was on the sidelines for all other WWE programming for the week.

3. The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family didn't wrestle at all this week, but their presence was felt nonetheless. Their match against Shield 2.0 is going to be a show stopper, as long as creative doesn't throw some screwball ending in there to mess it all up.

2. Seth Rollins

Rollins had a tough night this week on Raw, being defeated twice in one night. He did, however, manage to redeem himself with a win against Ryback in a lumberjack match on SmackDown. I don't undertstand the logic behind making Rollins face all of these impossible odds. It is very strange psychology to present a heel as a scrappy underdog. I am curious to see how things play out going into Night of Champion.

1. Sting

Sting hasn't wrestled since his return, but this week he crushed a statue of Rollins in a garbage truck. While the whole thing is kind of goofy, Sting is a living legend, and I can't wait to see him face off against Rollins at Night of Champions. We are going to see two of the best wrestlers from their respective generations go at it. Sting is in incredible shape for a man approaching 60, and IMO, still has a few awesome matches left before he rides off into the sunset.

Do you think anyone should be listed differently?
What can these Superstars do to get back up at the #1 spot?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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