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Divas Debrief: Women's Wrestling This Week for 9/26/2015

Posted by Unknown Saturday, September 26, 2015
Each week, DIVAS DEBRIEF runs down the events that transpired in women's professional wrestling from the past couple of days. From the WWE Divas to the TNA Knockouts including some other companies as well, Smark Out Moment attempts to keep you up to date on all things going on with the ladies of the ring.

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WWE Night of Champions

Night of Champions
Charlotte vs Nikki Bella (Divas Championship Match)

This match can only really be summed up in two sentences. Nikki worked Charlotte’s leg throughout the entire match. Charlotte did not get practically any offense until she speared Nikki and made her tap. There really isn’t any enlightening play by play or any great high spots to mention. That’s the entirety of the 12 minute match.

One thing I do have to comment on the match is that the ring psychology and storytelling was pretty solid. Say what you will about Nikki, but she has made improvements overall as a wrestler in the past couple of years. Granted, she is still not at Charlotte's or Becky's or Sasha Banks' level as a wrestler, but she proved that she is good enough to have a decent match with Charlotte. I'm of the mindset that we do need the Bellas as a necessary evil and that they are good enough heels for this division until we get more heels on the main roster.

Congrats to Charlotte for winning her first Divas title and depending on her next feud, we will truly see if the Divas division is going to take off or will we learn that WWE treated as a fad this entire time. Only time will tell

WWE Monday Night Raw

Charlotte celebrates her title win at Night of Champions
Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Natalya vs Naomi

As Charlotte is about to come out and celebrate her historic win, her father, the legendary Ric Flair, comes out in the ring to further congratulate his daughter. He began to talk about how happy he is for Charlotte and puts her over introducing all members of PCB. Once they get in the ring, both Flairs start crying and being overflowed with joy and emotion. Charlotte then talks about her following in Ric's footsteps and having Paige and Becky Lynch help her along the way. She then talks about Paige being a huge help in making her a much better wrestler. Paige then has the mic and starts bashing Charlotte and calling Becky Lynch irrelevant, turning Paige heel effective immediately. She calls out the entire Divas division and says that she is the reason the Divas Revolution even exists. She then storms off as the Bellas come in and Brie and Charlotte will then start to have a much. I thought this was a great heel promo and one of the best women's promo in some time. Paige is really going to benefit being a heel in this revamped division.

Coming back from break, we see both Charlotte and Brie already fighting. Brie is on top right now holding Charlotte down with a choke hold but slowly escapes. Charlotte then takes a little too long and Brie hits a big missile drop kick for a two-count. Brie and Charlotte then go down to the floor and Brie then hits Charlotte on the steel steps. Brie then starts targeting the knee that Nikki targeted at Night of Champions. Brie uses a similar offense to Nikki from the pay-per-view (which is pretty smart booking on WWE's part). Brie goes for a figure four leg lock, but Charlotte gets out of the submission hold (side note: has Brie ever attempted a figure four leg lock?). She can not capitalize as Brie goes right back for the knee. Brie then connects on a drop kick that keeps Charlotte on the floor, and the weakened knee continues to be attacked. Brie then gets Charlotte off of the floor, but she starts to fight back. As soon as it started, it ends as Brie goes back to  attacking the knee of Charlotte. Then Flair gets a kick in and backslide pin for a two-count. Charlotte then uses chops that made her father famous and hits a neck breaker. Charlotte then hits Brie with the spear and locks in the Figure Eight as Brie taps out. 

The second match begins with Naomi shoving Natalya and both running the ropes until they both attempt a dropkick at the same time. Natalya then hits Naomi with a side Russian leg sweep and seemingly gets the upper hand but Naomi hits Nattie with a high kick. Cut to Naomi throwing Nattie to the corner and Natalya regains composure then regains the upper hand. Then Natty gets a quick roll up for a two-count. Naomi then regains the upper hand choking her on the ropes. Natty then uses a variety of different moves and kicks that culminate with a drop kick to Naomi sitting down followed by a clothesline ending with a drop kick. Natalya looks to be about to execute the sharpshooter but Team B.A.D. interferes which gives Naomi the opportunity to hit the Rear View to get the win.

WWE Main Event

Team B.A.D. vs Team Bella

The match begins with Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks but Nikki leaves the ring acting as the cocky heel. Banks and Nikki run the ropes until Banks holds Nikki's legs in the corner until Naomi tags in and leap frogs Banks to butt stomp Nikki. Naomi goes for the pin to get a two count and tags in and alternates with Tamina in keeping Nikki down. Nikki counters and Irish whip and tags in Alicia Fox to start getting in some offense for Team Bella. Fox begins her night with a couple of high kicks to Naomi's back. Unsuccessfully going for a pin, Fox gets flipped by Naomi, kicks Fox in the head but is dropped kicked by Fox when Naomi springboards from the top rope as we go to break.

Coming back into action, Brie has Naomi pinned into the corner as Nikki tags herself in and has Naomi in a hold for a little while until she escapes but Nikki slams her and goes for a pin to get a two-count. Brie tags in and the Bella Twins double team Naomi and is put to the corner. Brie takes too long to attack Naomi as she taunts the rest of Team B.A.D. and Naomi kicks Brie and just as she gets an Irish whip, she hits Naomi with a double axle handle and puts her in a hold but Naomi quickly escapes. Brie keeps attacking Naomi and knees her in the face when Naomi is sitting on the rope. she does it again and goes for a crossbody on the top rope but misses. Both crawl to get one of their partners in as Banks and Fox are tagged in.

Banks gets the upper hand by hitting Fox with several knees to the face. The former NXT Women's champion goes for a pin but is broken up by Brie and Tamina returns the favor by superkicking her. Nikki forearms Tamina and Naomi retaliates by hitting Nikki with the Rear View. Alicia Fox then attacks Naomi which gives Banks an opportunity to hit her with the Bank Statement and Fox cannot escape and taps out to give Team B.A.D. the victory.

TNA Impact Wrestling

Gail Kim vs Jade (Knockouts Title Match)

The match begins with Jade hitting a big boot to Gail Kim and hitting her with several fists chokes her with her foot on the ropes. When Jade is about to hit a splash on Kim, Kim evades her and blocks Jade's kick and hits a stunner on the leg and also connects on a hurricarana. Jade then goes for a german suplex on the champ and tries to pin her but does not get the pin. Jade then pushes Kim to one of the corners and hits a big boot to her. Jade continues to mount the offense on the Knockouts champion, mixing forearms, kicks, and chops. Kim dodges a front flip from Jade as she gets some offense rolling with a big clothesline and hits figure four on the steel post which looks really painful. After a two-count, Jade reveres a hurricarana into a big powerbomb. Jade misses a crossbody from the top rope and Kim hits Jade with her finisher to win the match and retain the title. Celebration is short lived as The Dollhouse attack Kim viciously until The Beautiful People appear and take out the heel faction and continue attacking them out of the ring and bring them out in the back. Kim is the sole woman until Awesome Kong shows up an looks down on the champion. The two will meet for the Knockouts Title at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

I'm saddened that this was just under five minutes because this was a really good match. It just falls under great because of the time, but I loved it. The spots were pretty good, the action was intense, and both competitors gave it their all in this match.


Eva Marie vs Carmella
Asuka signs her NXT contract

This past week's episode of NXT opened up with Eva Marie vs Carmella. Does Eva Marie continue to improve on her in-ring skills or has she actually reached her limit and is unable to improve. The match begins with Carmella attacking Marie and driving her to the corner and throwing her out of the ring. Once Marie comes back, Carmella goes for a pin to only get a two count. Eva reverses the moment and attacks Carmella in the corner and from there, the match is dominated by Marie. She hits a nice suplex on Carmella and proceeds to continue to attack until Carmella goes for an inside cradle to get a two-count.

It didn't ultimately matter as Eva Marie keep getting the pressure on the Staten Island princess as she drives her knee on Carmella's back as her arms are being held. She manages to escape and hits Marie with a hurricarana and a Lou Thesz press. Momentum reverses as Carmella hits Marie in the corner and hits her in the head being driven to Carmella's foot in the corner as she goes for the pin but Marie puts her foot on the rope to break the count. Eva Marie then manages to push Carmella out of the ring and Carmella could not get back in the ring as the referee counts to 10 and Marie gets the victory.

The other storyline that took place at NXT was the contract signing of international wrestling star Kana, who now goes by the ring name Asuka. She looks really excited to be in NXT and jumps around much to the delight of the NXT Universe. Emma and Dana Brooke crashed the party by showing up and tell Asuka that they run this division. They then tell Asuka to get out of their ring and she complies? At first it seemed as if she was going to come back and stand up to them, but she walks back to the locker room, teary eyed but smiles at them almost in a sinister way as the segment closes.

Having Asuka leave the ring may seem counter-intuitive because people may think of the character as weak willed, but having her smile at the end gives Asuka so much character depth and potential, as if she is letting them think that they control only to decimate them in the future. If that's the case, then that is really smart booking and a great way to build her up.

WWE SmackDown

Paige "apologizes" to Becky Lynch and Charlotte

While Charlotte and Becky Lynch are in the ring, Paige comes in uninvited and tries to "apologize" for acting so poorly on Raw. She talks about how despite Becky is the least relevant of the NXT women on the main roster, she could prove everyone wrong and then turns to Charlotte. Paige says that she is jealous of Charlotte's victory and how Paige should have had the chance to win the Divas title since she started the revolution.

Natalya comes out and tries to act as the Peacekeeper, but Paige is having none of it. Paige calls out Natalya for letting the Divas Revolution pass by her and accuses her of using the NXT women as a way to make herself relevant. Paige then slaps Natalya (really hard I might add) and walks out with the Divas title in hand to close out the segment.

So there you have it, the breakdown for the week in women's wrestling. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments from these women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Gail Kim vs Jade (Knockouts Title Match: TNA Impact)


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