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Concern Over the Health of Kurt Angle: Should He Hang It Up?

Posted by Marc G Friday, July 17, 2015
Pro-wrestling is a dangerous sport. We as wrestling fans appreciate everything the wrestlers do in the ring (like them or not). We've seen some of our favorite wrestlers go through some devastating injuries, especially as of late with the second injury to Daniel Bryan, which has us wondering if he'll ever step foot in the ring as a competitor again. Even worse, some of these guys come out the business with permanent damage. One of these guys I have great concern for is Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle TNA WWE Star
Like Daniel Bryan, Angle has had problems with his neck for years, since he wrestles like a human wrecking machine. It is well documented that Angle has been working hurt since 2006, when he left WWE, but this hasn't stopped Angle from flipping off of cages or having street fights in TNA.

There was even a report last week that Angle was gonna take some time off due to a tumor in his neck which is causing atrophy in one of his arms.

I have to wonder when enough is enough and Angle will be forced to quit.

Today, July 16th, it was reported that Angle had to be rushed to the hospital for surgery on his way to Comic Con UK due to a "fatal" build up of fluid on his spinal cord. Angle was said to be complaining of severe neck pain and he reportedly lost feeling in his extremities. The surgery went well according to his management team but this has to be a wake up call for Angle, who was told 12 years ago by doctors to never wrestle again. That's right—the man who was told never to wrestle again, was flipping off of cages in TNA.

Although Kurt Angle is a legit bad ass and a grown man capable of making his own decisions, someone in TNA should have nipped this in the bud a long time ago. Of course, being TNA, I can see why they didn't step in. Business has been down considerably for years and Angle is their ONLY draw besides the guys they've scared away (Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, etc). If Angle ends up in a wheel chair like Dynamite Kid or Kamala, there's blood on their hands.

Kurt Angle WWE TNA Wrestling
Kurt Angle preparing to moonsault off the cage.

Hopefully, Kurt makes the right decision for his life at the moment. He has two small daughters, Sophia and Guiliana, and two older children, Kody and Kyra who he cherishes very much and wants to be apart of every facet of their life. Let's hope Kurt comes to his senses and finally steps away from the ring. It would hurt to see one of my idols become a shell of his former self because he didn't know when to call it quits.

Do you think TNA has a part in Kurt Angles recent injuries? Is Kurt Angle mostly at fault? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.

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