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Hottest Divas & Knockouts Tournament: Round 7, Matches 190-192 Wildcard Semi-Finals

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Who are the sexiest wrestling women in WWE and TNA history? We are now on ROUND 7 of the tournament with matches #190-192 [Wildcard Semi-Finals]. First thing's first, here are your results from Round 6 and the Wildcard preliminaries:

Mickie James beat Trish Stratus | Stacy Keibler beat Christy Hemme | Ashley Valence beat Kelly Kelly

Torrie Wilson won for Panel 1 | Velvet Sky won for Panel 2 | Lita won for Panel 3

So here's the next set of matches for you to vote on!

NOTE: This is how the Wildcard will work. The three finalists above (Mickie James, Stacy Keibler, and Ashley Valence) are given the week off. The three people that won their respective Panel placement matches (Torrie Wilson, Velvet Sky, and Lita) will face off in matches against each other with a tiebreaker triple threat that comes into play if nobody wins both of their matches. You may be wondering why Velvet Sky is in here instead of Stacy Keibler. As I mentioned before, I put the 6 previous people in the lineup to vote for in case they got knocked out. That means Mickie, Stacy, and Ashley, since they moved on, can't be Wildcard competitors. However, Trish Stratus, Christy Hemme, and Kelly Kelly were eligible as they got eliminated and they simply didn't get enough Wildcard votes for a second chance. Velvet Sky was the #2 ranked in the poll and thus, she gets the opportunity, though you would have to assume even if she won the Wildcard spot, she would lose to Stacy Keibler in the finals.

The lineup for the matches is Panel 1 vs Panel 2, Panel 2 vs Panel 3, and Panel 1 vs Panel 3. If one of these three women (Torrie, Velvet, Lita) is able to win BOTH of her matches, the Tiebreaker Triple Threat is moot. If each woman is only able to win ONE of their matches, then the Tiebreaker result is the determining factor. If the Tiebreaker is somehow a tie, I'll keep the poll up an extra hour and whomever gets the next vote wins. If nobody gets another vote in an hour, whomever I voted for in the Tiebreaker moves on. We can't do this all day.

Torrie Wilson vs Velvet Sky

Torrie Wilson vs Velvet Sky

[THOUGHTS: I have no clue where you'll end up going with here. Torrie tied Lacey Von Erich, Velvet got eliminated the first round by Krissy Vaine but blew her out of the water for the wildcard. My guess is Torrie will win, but I have no idea.]

Velvet Sky vs Lita (Amy Dumas)

Velvet Sky vs Lita

[THOUGHTS: Lita had more votes on her wildcard panel than Velvet did on her poll, but will that translate to votes against each other?]

Torrie Wilson vs Lita (Amy Dumas)

Torrie Wilson vs Lita

[THOUGHTS: I'd be really surprised if you guys go with Lita over Torrie here.]

TIEBREAKER Triple Threat Match

*Please vote on this one as well as the polls above.

Torrie Wilson vs Velvet Sky vs Lita

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts

We've gotten to the point where none of our matches look the same. The following is how my own separate votes are going with the tournament.

Madison Rayne vs Brooke Adams / Miss Tessmacher

[THOUGHTS: Even though I voted for Layla over Brooke, it was a hard decision so I figured I'd give Brooke a second shot. She loses here, though.]

Miss Tessmacher Brooke Adams vs Kelly Kelly (Barbara Blank)

[THOUGHTS: If the AJ vs Sunny vote was earlier instead of Kelly vs Sunny, it would have come down to Kelly and Sunny. Only fair. Kelly beats Brooke here.]

Madison Rayne vs Kelly Kelly (Barbie Blank)

[THOUGHTS: Kelly Kelly is great, but Madison is more my type. As stated before, at this point in the tournament, everyone is comparable to each other in terms of being just phenomenally attractive for the most part.]

TIEBREAKER Triple Threat Match

[THOUGHTS: Since Madison won both her votes, the tiebreaker wouldn't be counted here, but I would naturally vote for Madison Rayne. Here's an interesting bit of information - if Kelly Kelly would have won your section of the tournament, I would have used this pic as her victory photo.]

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts


Remember, if you want to tweet these Divas/Knockouts about the tournament to show your support, include this:
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Divas and Knockouts Twitter Accounts:

@Torrie11 vs @VelVelHoller vs @AmyDumas
@MRayneTNA vs @BrookeIMPACT vs @RealKellyKelly


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