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WWE Extreme Rules 2013 PPV Predictions, Spoilers of Results

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, May 10, 2013
Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Pay-Per-View Online Results Predictions Spoilers Review
WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Spoilers
WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view is when every match has a stipulation attached to it (unless they decide to cop out and not do it that year). Typically, it consists of rematches from WrestleMania, which can either be a good or bad thing. Here are my predictions for the 2013 WWE Extreme Rules PPV. Check back for Extreme Rules 2013 results and review coverage here.

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2013 PPV WWE Championship Match Ryback vs John Cena

WWE Championship [Last Man Standing Match]: John Cena (c) vs. Ryback
So we've got this guy Ryback that seems to be pretty popular. What should we do with him to capitalize on that? I know, make him lose every single important match from now on! Brilliant! Then we can have him turn heel on John Cena despite being the one that gets cheered more and feed him to Cena! That'll make people cheer for the "underdog that always wins". It's not like that's shoving our opinion down their throat like we've been doing for years now....ugh. A last man standing match between these two is going to end up with John Cena doing something "big" at the end or doing something to hinder Ryback's maneuverability like what he did to Batista with the duct tape. Either way, Ryback is going to continue his losing streak and look even worse all because they want to feed him to John Cena.

PREDICTION: John Cena SOMEHOW retains the championship! By gawd the tenacity of this man! OMGWTFBBQLOL.

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 I Quit Match Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership [I Quit Match]: Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger
With Dolph Ziggler out due to his concussion, there were a few options they could have done. On Smack Talk, we postulated that they might replace him in the ladder match with Big E Langston or that he could possibly just be cleared in time to wrestle. Now that they're going with this I Quit match to determine the #1 contender, I think that's actually the best possible way to go, even as far as a gimmick, considering the two finishing moves. Nice job, WWE! The match won't be as good as the ladder match would have been, but this is definitely making the best out of a bad situation and I applaud them on it.

PREDICTION: Alberto Del Rio wins.

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2013 PPV Steel Cage YouTube Brock Lesnar vs Triple H Match Online

Steel Cage Match: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
In what way could a standard steel cage match be formatted to feel like an upgrade from their match at WrestleMania? I can't think of why they'd be doing this as a blowoff - which is making me nervous that we're going to see a FOURTH match between these two. Hopefully they have a plan and it comes to fruition, but I'm concerned that it will just be ok at best.

PREDICTION: Brock Lesnar wins.

Download WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Spoilers results predictions Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Strap Match: Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Eh...I don't necessarily know why they're splitting these two and Orton/Big Show up instead of having some sort of Fatal Four-Way. It just seems like a waste of a spot on the card that other people could be filling. Still, this feud hasn't been atrocious and they've got the potential to have a decent match between these two. A strap match could be difficult but they have the chance to pull it off as well.

PREDICTION: Mark Henry wins.

Download WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Spoilers results predictions Big Show vs Randy Orton

Extreme Rules Match: Randy Orton vs. Big Show
Extreme Rules match? That's the name of the pay-per-view. Just say that it's a no-dq match already. That's my least favorite thing about this card and it annoys the HELL out of me. Why not give them something else, like a stretcher match or something? Or at the very least, call it what it is - exactly the same as a "Street Fight" or a "No Holds Barred" match or anything else. Blech.

PREDICTION: Randy Orton wins.

Download WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Spoilers results predictions United States Championship

United States Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dean Ambrose
Sorry Kofi, it looks like you're a transitional champion again. Dean Ambrose is going to walk away with the title here. There goes my idea that they'd feud Swagger with Kofi over the title, haha.

PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose wins the United States Championship.

Fandango vs Chris Jericho Extreme Rules 2013 PPV

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango
Chris Jericho could use the win here if he's going to stay on the roster, but if he isn't, they should give it to Fandango.

PREDICTION: Fandango wins.

Cody Rhodes vs Miz Extreme Rules 2013 PPV YouTube Pre-Show

YouTube Pre-Show: The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes
What is this match? Huh? Why? I don't know why this exists. Maybe it'll be good. The likelihood of it meaning a damn thing is slim to none, though. It won't be the most watched pre-show, either.

PREDICTION: The Miz wins.

Extreme Rules 2013 PPV Tornado Tag Shield vs Kane Daniel Bryan Hell No

Tornado Tag Team Championship: The Shield vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan [Team Hell No] (c)
It's about time the Shield wins these titles instead of just wrestling 3-on-3 matches that mean nothing. I would expect Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to come out on top of this match with the titles, without a doubt. I also expect this to be a pretty decent match considering the stipulation.

PREDICTION: The Shield wins the tag titles.


I doubt that any more matches will be added to the card, but if any of them are, it will only be...

Divas Championship: AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn
AJ should win the title. Kaitlyn is one of the worst women's champions they've had.


Unfortunately, it doesn't appear at the time that Wade Barrett's Intercontinental Championship will be defended. Poor guy can't catch a break, can he?



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