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Who is the Hottest WWE Diva & TNA Knockout Tournament Winner? Results Here

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Who is the sexiest woman in wrestling history? The WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts fought it out in this 192-woman tournament to determine the hottest of all time, and here are your results:

Mickie James beat Torrie Wilson | Stacy Keibler beat Torrie Wilson | Mickie James beat Stacy Keibler

That means that the woman you all voted as the most attractive is MICKIE JAMES!

Mickie James Wins Beautiful Mickie James Hot

THOUGHTS: I'm quite surprised and honestly, rather pleased. This makes up for the Piggie James storyline, doesn't it? I didn't expect to see Mickie James beat out a lot of the bigger guns (like Maryse, Stacy Keibler, etc) but I'm glad to see her win as opposed to Torrie and Stacy. She's a beautiful woman and I'm perfectly happy with her being the top of the mountain as far as Smark Out Moment is concerned. If you all would have voted for Chyna to win this whole thing, you would have some explaining to do haha.

Remember, this was how you all voted. If you disagree with the outcome, ask your peers. I don't know what to tell you. Next tournament, spread the word around to your friends that like wrestling and get them to vote on your side and join in the debate!

For anyone curious, throughout this tournament I kept up my own personal results, as we were bound to differ. I ended up with three completely different finalists, so who came out on top?


WWE Sunny Tammy Sytch
My Vote for the Hottest Woman in Wrestling History

It's not that surprising, I know. Sunny is the woman I used to symbolize the tournament on the very first post before it even began and I constantly talk about how she was one of my first celebrity crushes outside of the Pink Power Ranger. Ah, memories. So what made me go with Sunny over Maryse when they seemed tied? Well, if they're equally sexy, hot, beautiful, etc, and I gave Maryse the edge on the body and Sunny the edge on the face, what's the determining factor? Turns out it was cuteness. Sunny's antics when she would be playfully cute ends up being the stand out feature to give her that little push into victory.


What was the most voted on poll?
With 520 votes, thanks to Terri Runnels plugging it on Twitter, Marlena vs Stacy Keibler was the most voted on.

What was the least voted on poll?
There was a tie between the Summer DeLin vs Jasmin St. Claire vote and the Savannah vs Sensational Sherri one. Both polls only received 48 votes.

What was the biggest landslide victory?
100% of the vote for Ashley Valence over Lyndy Frieson

What was the closest match?
That was in fact the Torrie Wilson vs Lacey Von Erich vote. It became a deadlocked tie and I kept the poll up longer than I said I would, in hopes that someone would vote to break the tie, but it wouldn't budge. I ended up going with the default option I had explained before, wherein if there was a tie, the winner would be whomever I personally voted for. That was Lacey Von Erich, who lost to Mickie James later on. Torrie Wilson got her redemption, however, by getting into the finals with her second chance Wildcard play, so it all worked itself out in the end, thankfully.

What were some of the biggest shockers to me?
By far the biggest was Velvet Sky being eliminated in the first round against Krissy Vaine. I didn't see that coming at all. I didn't expect Stephanie McMahon and Jackie Gayda to do so well, particularly against some of the people they faced. AJ Lee being beaten by Savannah, Victoria losing in the first round to Chameleon, and Kimona Wanalaya beating Leticia Cline but losing to Chyna were big shocks as well. I'm also extremely surprised that we didn't get Maryse, Trish Stratus, OR Kelly Kelly in the finals.

This tournament was a lot of hard work to put together, taking up much, much more of my time than I expected it would. The sheer time finding pictures alone is stupendous but on top of it, all of the posts to edit, finding a new polling system halfway through when the other site shuts down, countless hours making the Smack Talk videos, so on and so forth.

However, it was still a lot of fun. The vast majority of these women are absolutely gorgeous, which made it so difficult at times to vote and interesting seeing how everyone's likes and dislikes determined who they voted for.

It goes without saying that the women involved should be given a round of applause, and although we had our laughs and we objectified and everything, it was all meant to be in the spirit of a bunch of pals bullshitting with each other and giving praise to the beautiful women out there. Trust me on this as well, that throughout this whole tournament, everyone took note that physical beauty is not the same as internal beauty, nor does it equal professional wrestling talent. I want to PERSONALLY commend everyone for being a good sport about it, particularly those that embraced it and tweeted it such as Lauren Mayhew, Erica Chevillar, Jasmin St. Claire, Terri Runnels, etc.

I hope you guys had fun and that it was worth all the work. Let me know what your thoughts were on the tournament in general (as well as the winner).

Hottest WWE Diva of All Time
Your Vote for the Hottest Woman in Wrestling History


There are three questions to answer. First, what do I do with the other women I had forgotten about that weren't in the tournament? Here's your chance to let me know if you'd like to revisit this tournament in the future with a PANEL 4 that includes all of them, wherein the winner would face Mickie James.

Should we have a Panel 4 vs Winner?

Second, in the interest of fairness, it's been pointed out to me that we should do a male tournament. Since that's too broad, with hundreds upon hundreds of choices that would take too long, my suggestion is to compromise and do a tournament of men that have had "attractive" gimmicks of some sort. This would include people like Shawn Michaels (Heartbreak Kid), Val Venis, Ravishing Rick Rude, The Narcissist Lex Luger, The Masterpiece Chris Masters, hell even The Godfather and Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry. It's up to my audience to decide if we do this tournament, though. Express your thoughts, let me know.

Would you be interested in a male tournament?

Third and last, what's the next tournament going to be? Again, that's up to you, but the format will be different. This time, we'll debate wrestling itself to figure out who the best title holders are.

What should the next tournament be?

For right now, though, it's break time. The new tournament that you guys choose will start up soon.



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