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Jerry The King Lawler Collapses During Raw Health Updates

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, September 11, 2012
On this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, in the middle of a tag team #1 contender's match between Kane & Daniel Bryan versus the Prime Time Players Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, Jerry "The King" Lawler passed out at the ringside commentary booth and received medical attention. During the match, it was obvious that the crowd was distracted with something, but nothing was being said. My thoughts ran to a fight being broken up, but when I saw no cheering, I was assuming maybe a fan had to be stretchered out. Turns out, it was Jerry Lawler.

As Michael Cole alerted us to after the match, King had fallen out of his chair and the medical staff was taking him to the back where they had to perform CPR. Some reports are saying it was serious enough that the main reason Jerry was kept alive was from the EMTs and their use of a defibrillator, as it appears now that Jerry had suffered a heart attack.

Cole was visibly shaken up for the rest of the broadcast and repeatedly informed the audience that this was in fact not a storyline. For those that have never witnessed this kind of a situation, it's essentially the only time that WWE breaks "kayfabe" (ie, they admit to the scripted nature of the show and let it be clear that they have not scripted this, it's a legitimate real life problem). The commentary for the rest of the show was turned off and Michael Cole would give us several updates throughout the night, including King being able to breathe on his own, being taken to a local hospital, and being prepped for a CAT scan on his chest and head.

On behalf of myself and everyone involved in Smark Out Moment wishes Jerry Lawler a speedy recovery. Stay tuned as I will make sure to update this page whenever new information comes my way.

NOTE: Any negative, flaming comments will be removed. Have some class and respect, people.

King Jerry Lawler Collapses Raw Heart Attack
Get well soon, King.

UPDATE: Jim Ross has speculated that arterial problems may have played a factor.

UPDATE: PWInsider reports that once Jerry Lawler is physically able to undergo the procedure, he may have a stent placed in his heart.

UPDATE: Stacy Carter, formerly Miss Kitty / The Kat in WWF and Lawler's ex-wife, has tweeted that Jerry received the stent and a balloon and is currently heavily sedated.

UPDATE: Jim Ross tweeted: "Lots of speculation re: my dear friend @JerryLawler. He’s stable & being expertly cared for in Montreal following heart attack. Stable=good." 

UPDATE: Latest talk is three stents for Jerry Lawler and that he hasn't spoken since he passed out.

UPDATE: WREG TV in Memphis, TN says that Jerry Lawler is sedated and on a respirator. They're planning on taking him off the ventilator when they can (but as of this update, he still needs it). 

UPDATE: via Stacy Carter's Facebook: "I have an update on Jerry. The docs are removing his ventilation & taking him out of sedation. He is responsive, which is great!!! It took a while to revive him last night so there’s the concern of brain damage. He had some tests done which will show how much if any damage there is due to the lack of oxygen to his brain. Unfortunately, the results won’t be in until in the morning. I appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets, & Facebook messages of support & I know Jerry will too. Thanks everybody!!"

UPDATE: Brian Lawler - "Ok, here’s the latest real update. Lauren and I are here at the hospital in Montreal. He does not look good at all. He is responsive to questions that he is asked which is very good. His sedation and breathing support are being lowered slowly right now. He was shocked a total of 7 times at the arena and underwent a balloon stint to open up a clogged artery when he arrived at hospital. Everyone out there needs to say a special prayer for his brain at this point, please. Tests on his brain will not be available until the morning. One of us two will keep all you guys informed as we know more."

UPDATE: Jim Ross has informed us that Jerry Lawler has NO brain damage. 

UPDATE: Jerry might be coming home soon according to WREG-TV. Very good news. 

UPDATE: Michael Cole tweeted that he spoke to Jerry Lawler, who was doing much better and wanted to thank everyone for their support.  

UPDATE: Lawler has been communicating through a notepad he writes on and has "spoken" to several people, but is still not technically talking. There's speculation that he might make a guest appearance in October, either the 15th for Raw or 16th for Smackdown in Memphis.

UPDATE: Jerry Lawler's walking around, doing much better and has even sent everyone a Tout. Very glad to hear that!

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