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Hottest Divas & Knockouts Tournament: Round 8, Matches 193-195 Wildcard Finals

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Who are the sexiest wrestling women in WWE and TNA history? We are now on ROUND 8 of the tournament with matches #193-195 [Wildcard Finals]. First thing's first, here are your results from Round 7 with the Wildcard Semi-Finals:

Torrie Wilson beat Velvet Sky | Velvet Sky beat Lita | Torrie Wilson beat Lita

So here's the next set of matches for you to vote on!

NOTE: This is the Wildcard Finals, which determines the true finalists for the tournament (ie, next week is the last round...finally, right?) This is how it goes. Torrie Wilson won the Wildcard vote and thus is given a chance to knock off and replace one of the finalists. The reason I did this is to make up for the fact that it could seem unfair if the three panels being broken up was a determining factor in who appeared to be the true "finals" competitors simply because one panel had an easier path for someone than the others. To get that spot, though, Torrie has to beat at least one of the finalists. This is weird, as she tied with Lacey Von Erich originally and was never OFFICIALLY voted out of the tournament (being removed because a tie vote becomes my discretion on who to eliminate) so I'm glad to see that the Wildcard worked as intended. This gave you guys a second chance to keep her in the tournament and now is that opportunity.

Torrie will face all three finalists (Mickie James, Stacy Keibler, and Ashley Valence). Vote for who you think is the hotter of the two for each one. If Torrie doesn't defeat any of them, then Mickie, Stacy, and Ashley have proven themselves the true finalists. If Torrie defeats only one of them, she replaces that person in the finals. If she defeats two or all three of them, there's a Tiebreaker at the bottom where you'll be asked to pick which one you'd rather her replace. In the event of a tie with the matches, I'll probably keep the polls up longer.

Torrie Wilson vs Mickie James

Torrie Wilson vs Mickie James

[THOUGHTS: Mickie outlasted everyone in the first panel, including beating Lacey Von Erich, whom Torrie Wilson tied with. I would assume that means Mickie has the edge.]

Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Keibler

Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Keibler

[THOUGHTS: Two attitude era divas. Stacy's been killing at the tournament, so my guess is she'll retain her finalist spot here.]

Torrie Wilson vs Ashley Valence (Ashley Ann Vickers)

Torrie Wilson vs Ashley Valence

[THOUGHTS: Ashley Valence has defied the bias of popularity and based strictly on her looks, secured herself a finalist spot, beating out the likes of Kelly Kelly, Maria Kanellis, and other big names. Torrie Wilson could very well knock her out, though, and this should be a tough test.]

TIEBREAKER Triple Threat Match

*Please vote on this one as well as the polls above.

In the event of a tie, who would you rather Torrie Wilson replace?

[THOUGHTS: Since Torrie can only knock one out, if she beats more than one of them, who would you rather her replace? If you voted against Torrie in all three votes above, pick the last option.]

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts

We've gotten to the point where none of our matches look the same. The following is how my own separate votes are going with the tournament.

Madison Rayne vs Maryse Ouellet

[THOUGHTS: These two fought it out in Panel 1 and Maryse at the last minute was who I chose. I'm going to continue that vote for continuity's sake and allow Maryse to keep her finalist spot.]

Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

[THOUGHTS: From Round 1, people knocked out Velvet Sky and I defended her, saying she should last until the end. I kept her all the way in my section...until now. As incredibly hot as Velvet Sky is, there's a NARROW margin where Madison Rayne beats her out in my mind. Velvet Sky is sexier, they're equally hot, but Madison Rayne is cuter in my mind and the tiebreaker is that I think she's a little "prettier". Incredibly tough decision, but I have to knock out Velvet Sky here and replace her with Madison Rayne.]

Madison Rayne vs Sunny (Tammy Lynn Sytch)

[THOUGHTS: Sunny is Sunny. Since I already know I have to knock out Velvet Sky, I can't vote against Sunny here and have two replacements.]

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts


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