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Hottest Divas & Knockouts Tournament: Round 6, Matches 187-189 and Wildcard

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Who are the sexiest wrestling women in WWE and TNA history? We are now on ROUND 6 of the tournament with matches #187-189 and the Wildcard. First thing's first, here are your results from Round 5:

Mickie James beat Eve Torres | Trish Stratus beat Maryse Ouellet
Stacy Keibler beat Jackie Gayda | Christy Hemme beat Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly beat Sunny | Ashley Valence beat Maria Kanellis

So here's the next set of matches for you to vote on!

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus

Alexis Laree Naked Mickie James Summer Skin Trish Stratus Bikini

Mickie James vs Trish Stratus

[THOUGHTS: Trish was able to defeat Maryse, which is an incredibly tough task. Mickie has been able to outperform everyone she's been up against with relative ease, despite the criticism of weight gain she's dealt with in the past. These two used to feud with each other and Mickie James came out on top at WrestleMania, is the same going to happen here? I'd just like to see Mickie and Trish kiss again haha.]

Stacy Keibler vs Christy Hemme

WWE Stacy Keibler Model TNA Christy Hemme Boobs Cleavage Naked

Stacy Keibler vs Christy Hemme

[THOUGHTS: I'm not surprised to see Stacy Keibler here, but I am surprised to see Christy Hemme having lasted this far. I can only assume that Keibler knocks Hemme out this round, but then again, you never know. I'm not sure who I'll vote for between these two, as I personally like Stacy Keibler's face better than Christy Hemme's, but Christy Hemme's body much better than Stacy Keibler's (I'm not a legs guy lol).]

Kelly Kelly (Barbara Blank) vs Ashley Valence (Ashley Ann Vickers)

WWE Kelly Kelly Tits Flashing Maxim Ashley Ann Vickers Hot

Kelly Kelly vs Ashley Valence

[THOUGHTS: Kelly Kelly's had to struggle against Sunny and Lita the past two rounds, while Ashley Valence had a bit of a fight against her but not as much. Logic would dictate that Ashley Valence should win this because of that, but this is Kelly Kelly we're talking about. Her current relativity along with her popularity and let's face it, her looks, means she could definitely win.]

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts

Since I have a second bracket of solely my votes for you guys to see, we differ sometimes. Everything above is the same except the following matches below:

Mickie James vs Maryse Ouellet

Bikini Mickie James Summer Skin Topless Maryse Ouellet Boobs

[THOUGHTS: These two are both gorgeous. There are aspects about each one that I like better than the other one. In the end, Maryse got my vote, but it's a damn good fight for Mickie James against her.]

Velvet Sky vs Layla El

Sexy Talia Madison Ass Velvet Sky Boobs Naked Summer Skin Layla El Exercise Stuff Maxim

[THOUGHTS: It's really difficult to pick between these two. Ultimately, my decision came down to Velvet Sky, but that's in no slight against Layla at all.]

Sunny (Tammy Lynn Sytch) vs AJ Lee (April Jeanette Mendez)

WWF Sunny Hot Tammy Lynn Sytch ECW WWE AJ Lee Raw General Manager

[THOUGHTS: While AJ might be insanely cute in my mind, she still taps out to Sunny. The nostalgia factor is too much of a weight against her.]

Most Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA KnockoutsMost Attractive WWE Divas TNA Knockouts


Think someone got eliminated because of an off-day in voting? Wish someone could replace another person in a different panel? This is your opportunity to give that person a second chance at the finals of the tournament. Here is how it works. I've collected 20 people from each panel that weren't destroyed in their voting and that people have expressed to me their wish that they could continue. These 20 people are separated per panel. For each poll below, vote for TWO choices of who you'd like to see get another opportunity. The reason why the people that are still in the tournament are listed is to cover the bases if they're eliminated this round, which is also why there's the 2-vote option. The 3 people that win their respective panel polls below will face each other in a Triple Threat match to determine who gets a shot at the 3 finalists. The winner of this Triple Threat will have a chance to bump off one of the finalists, then compete with the others in another Triple Threat to determine the winner of the tournament.

PICK 2: Wildcard, Panel 1
PICK 2: Wildcard, Panel 2
PICK 2: Wildcard, Panel 3


Remember, if you want to tweet these Divas/Knockouts about the tournament to show your support, include this:
@SmarkOutMoment Tournament

Divas and Knockouts Twitter Accounts:
@Mickie James vs @trishstratuscom | @StacyKeibler vs @hemmepowered | @RealKellyKelly vs @AshleyAnnVick

@VelVelHoller | @mslayel | @WWEHOFerSunny | @WWEAJLee

*Make sure to tweet your Wildcard choices as well to let them know you're voting for them.


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