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Hottest WWE Divas vs Sexiest TNA Knockouts Tournament

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, January 16, 2012
Who are the hottest, sexiest, most attractive wrestling women in WWE and TNA history? That's up to you to decide!

Smark Out Moment needs your help in compiling a massive list of EVERY woman wrestler, valet, manager, on-screen character, and so forth that has been involved in these two companies over their tenure. Once the list is finished, they will all be placed in a bracket tournament where you will get to decide in polls and comments who you think should win each match to determine who is the hottest.

Here is the breakdown of the bracket...
SIDE 1: WWE Divas
Group A - Entertainment Era Divas
Group B - Federation Era Divas
Group C - ECW Divas
Group D - WCW Divas

SIDE 2: TNA Knockouts
Group A - 100% Knockouts
Group B - Have Been Both Knockouts and Divas [this is due to WWE having so many more women under their employment in the past]

Note: Since many of the women have worked for multiple promotions, to balance out the groups, some that might not have participated for long in one compared to another may be placed in that category above the one they're more well known for. Example, Stacy Keibler may be put in the WCW group for her brief stay there just to beef up the WCW side, or Kelly Kelly could end up in ECW. If for some reason the groups can't be properly balanced, then it may revert to 4 groups (Entertainment, Federation/ECW/WCW, Divas/Knockouts, and Knockouts). If that can't work, then it'll stay the standard WWE vs TNA, with TNA getting some divas to help them out. We'll figure that out in due time. I'm also not including people solely from organizations like Shimmer. This is list huge as it is.

How you can help:

1. I need to know if I'm missing any names. Keep in mind I'm not counting guest hosts, musical performers, or anyone that made a one-time appearance for the most part. No Cyndi Lauper, for instance.
2. If the scales are off, let me know if I'm forgetting that someone worked for another company. For instance, I had forgotten that Lita worked for ECW as Miss Congeniality originally.
3. Do you want this to be a double-elimination bracket or single-elimination? Let me know.

This is going to be a huge feat, but it should be fun! Stay tuned for the finalized list and the beginning matches, and until then, take a look at the alphabetically sorted list and let me know if I'm forgetting any names!

AJ Lee (April Mendez)
Aksana (Živilė Raudonienė)
Alicia Fox (Victoria Crawford) [*potential ECW*]
Aloisia / Isis the Amazon
Amy Weber
Amy Zidian
Anastacia Rose
Ashley Massaro
Ashley Valence (Ashley Ann Vickers)
Bella Twin Brie Bella (Brianna Garcia)
Bella Twin Nikki Bella (Nicole Garcia)
Beth Phoenix (Elizabeth Carolan)
Brooke Gilbertsen
Cameron Haven
Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew)
Camille Anderson
Candice Michelle
Carmella DeCesare
Chandra Costello
Cherry (Kara Drew)
Eden Stiles (Brandi Alexis Reed)
Elisabeth Rouffaer
Erica Lee Chevillar
Eve Torres
J. Kim
J.T. Tinney
Jaime Koeppe
Jamie Keyes (Brittany Beede) [*potential ECW*]
Jennifer England
Jessica Hatch
Jillian Hall
Joy Giovanni
Julia Costello
Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin)
Kelly Kelly (Barbara Blank) [*potential ECW*]
Kristal Marshall
Lauren Mayhew
Layla El [*potential ECW*]
Leilene "Alexis" Ondrade
Lena Yada [*potential ECW*]
Leyla Milani
Lyndy Frieson
Maria Kanellis
Maryse Ouellet
Maxine (Karlee Perez)
Melina Perez
Michelle McCool
Naomi Kirk
Naomi Knight (Trinity McCray)
Natalya Neidhart
Rebecca DiPietro
Rochelle Loewen
Rosa Mendes (Milena Roucka) [*potential ECW*]
Savannah (Angela Fong) [*potential ECW*]
Simona Fusco
Summer DeLin
Tamina Snuka (Sarona Reiher)
Tiffany (Taryn Terrell) [*potential ECW*]
Tracie Wright
Vickie Guerrero

Bull Nakano
Chaparrita Asari
Debbie Combs
Desiree Petersen
Diana Hart
Donna Christanello
Evelyn Stevens
Fabulous Moolah
Ivory (Lisa Moretti)
Judy Grable
Judy Martin
Jumping Bomb Angel Itsuki Yamazaki
Jumping Bomb Angel Noriyo Tateno
Krissy Vaine
Leilani Kai
Lilian Garcia
Linda McMahon
Luna Vachon
Mae Young
Marlena (Terri Runnels)
Miss Elizabeth Ann Hulette
Mrs. Cleavage (Marianna Komlos)
Mrs. Yamaguchi-San
Muffy (Caryn Mower)
Nidia Guenard
Princess Victoria (Vickie Otis)
Rockin Robin
Ryan Shamrock (Alicia Webb)
Sable (Rena Mero)
Sara Calloway / Sarah Chirie
Sensational Sherri Martel
Shaniqua (Linda Miles)
Stephanie McMahon
The Kat/Miss Kitty (Stacy Carter)
Tori (Terri Poch)
Trish Stratus
Velvet McIntyre
Wendi Richter

Beulah McGillicutty (Trisa Hayes)
Chastity (Denise Riffle)
Dawn Marie
Electra (Donna Adamo)
Francine Fournier
Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars)
Jasmin St. Claire
Kimona Wanalaya
Lita (Amy Dumas) / Miss Congeniality
Missy Hyatt
Sunny (Tammy Sytch)

Alundra Blayze / Madusa
Debra McMichael
Little Jeanne
Major Gunns (Tylene Buck)
Midajah (Melinda O’Hearn)
Molly Holly / Miss Madness / Mona (Nora Greenwald)
Nancy Benoit / Woman
Nitro Girl AC Jazz (Amy Crawford)
Nitro Girl Baby (Shannon McNeill)
Nitro Girl Chae An
Nitro Girl Chameleon (Carmel Macklin)
Nitro Girl Chiquita (Chiquita Anderson)
Nitro Girl Fyre (Teri Byrne)
Nitro Girl Gold (Diane Klimaszewski)
Nitro Girl Kimberly Page
Nitro Girl Naughty-A (Jamie Cragwell)
Nitro Girl Shakira (Kim Kanner)
Nitro Girl Silver (Elaine Klimaszewski)
Nitro Girl Spice (Melissa Bellin)
Nitro Girl Starr (Jennifer Bancalum)
Nitro Girl Syren (Allison Pfau)
Nitro Girl Tayo Reed
Nitro Girl Tygress (Vanessa Sanchez)
Nitro Girl Whisper (Rebecca Hickenbottom)
Pamela Paulshock
Stacy Keibler / Nitro Girl Skye
Torrie Wilson


Alexa Thatcher
Amber O'Neal
Angelina Love
April Pennington
Ayako Hamada
Cheerleader Melissa Anderson / Raisha Saeed / Alissa Flash
Chelsea (Alison Skipper)
Cookie / Becky Bayless
Crystal Louthan
Daffney Unger (Shannon Spruill)
Daizee Haze
Dixie Carter
Jenna Morasca
Karen Angle
Lacey Von Erich
Lauren Brooke Thompson
Leticia Cline
Leva Bates
Madison Rayne
Melissa Wolfram
Mercedes Steele / Lexxus
Moose / Mickie Knuckles
ODB (Jessica Kresa)
Payton Banks
Rhaka Khan
Rosie Lottalove
Rosita (Thea Trinidad)
Roxxi Laveaux
Sarita (Sarah Stock)
Serena Deeb
Sirelda (Jaime Dauncey)
SoCal Val
Sojourner Bolt
Taylor Wilde
Traci Brooks
Velvet Sky [*could potentially be under the divas/knockouts*]

April Hunter (nWo girl; wrestled for TNA as well)
Barbara "BB" Bush / Taylor Vaughn (Cathy Dingman)
Brooke Adams Tessmacher
Christy Hemme
Chyna (Joanie Laurer)
Cynthia Lynch (Godfather ho that won the Hardcore title; valet for David Young in TNA)
Gail Kim
Jackie Gayda
Jacqueline Moore
Katie Lea / Winter (Katarina Waters)
Kharma / Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens)
Lauren Jones
Mickie James
Sharmell Huffman / Nitro Girl Storm
Shelly Martinez / Ariel / Salinas
Trinity (Stephanie Finochio)
Victoria / Tara (Lisa Marie Varon)


OTHER (?) *These people are not being added into the tournament because I wasn't able to fit them in, they were forgotten, or they're new. For future reference, if I was to expand the tournament, these people would be included:

1. Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford) [Tough Enough 4, FCW, NXT]
2. Sofia Cortez (Ivelisse Velez) [Tough Enough 4, FCW, NXT]
3. Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) [FCW, NXT]
4. Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero) [FCW, NXT]
5. Audrey Marie (Ashley Miller) [FCW, NXT]
6. Paige / Britani Knight (Saraya-Jade Bevis) [FCW, NXT]
7. Emma / Tenille Tayla / Tenille Dashwood [FCW]
8. Brooke Hogan
9. Bess Katramados [Big Show's wife, was a Godfather ho once]
10. Desire (Kim Nielsen) [TNA]
11. Taeler Hendrix [TNA Gut Check]
12. Funkette Nadine
13. Funkette Tracey
14. Paulina Thomas [Tough Enough 1]
15. Victoria Tabor [Tough Enough 1]
16. Taylor Matheny [Tough Enough 1]
17. Bobbie Jo Anderson [Tough Enough 1]
18. Alicia [Tough Enough 2]
19. Anni [Tough Enough 2]
20. Jamie [Tough Enough 3]
21. Jill [Tough Enough 3]
22. Kelly [Tough Enough 3]
23. Lisa [Tough Enough 3]
24. Rebekah [Tough Enough 3]
25. Michelle Deighton [Tough Enough 4]
26. Rima Fakih [Tough Enough 4]
27. Tomoko Watanabe
28. Kyoko Inoue
29. Chigusa Nagayo
30. Lioness Asuka
31. Akira Hokuto
32. Cutie Suzuki
33. Mayumi Ozaki
34. Malia Hosaka
35. Meiko Satomura
36. Toshie Uematsu
37. Hervina
38. Santina
39. Katie Vick
40. Reby Sky (though this would be a stretch as she hasn't been in WWE or TNA to my knowledge)
41. Gigi Mukherjee [Divas Search]
42. Gia Allemande [Divas Search]
43. Christina Penegar [Divas Search]
44. Samantha Drone / Samantha Martinez [Divas Search]
45. Sarah Brookes [Divas Search]
46. Naureen Zaim [Divas Search]
47. Emily Ranheim [Divas Search]
48. Jacqueline Miller [Divas Search]
49. Erin Marie Garrett [Divas Search]
50. Christine Laurent [Divas Search]
51. Jillian Grace [Divas Search]
52. Alea Fanning [Divas Search]
53. Kristin Gauvin [Divas Search]
54. Qualishia Campbell [Divas Search]
55. Tamara Guenther [Divas Search]
56. Erica Leah [Divas Search]
57. Alanna Lynem [Divas Search]
58. Pegah Patra [Divas Search]
59. Barbie Murdock [Divas Search]
60. Sandra Garza [Divas Search]
61. Sandy Nuyts [Divas Search]
62. Kimberly Weis [Divas Search]
63. Vanessa Aragonez [Divas Search]
64. Heather Field [Divas Search]
65. Chelsea Roxas [Divas Search]
66. Brandy Fisher [Divas Search]
67. Monica Cariveau [Divas Search]
68. Krysten Cabrera [Divas Search]
69. Koa Marie Gabric [Divas Search]
70. Lauren Sugihara [Divas Search]
71. Fallon Johnson [Divas Search]
72. Jade Ashley Robertson [Divas Search]
73. Crystal Hayson [Divas Search]
74. Melanie Tillbrook [Divas Search]
75. Diana Chiafair [Divas Search]
76. Tanea Brooks [Divas Search]
77. Valerie Urso [Divas Search]
78. Rain Clair Thomas [Divas Search]
79. Danyell Nelson [Divas Search]
80. Dana Behrens [Divas Search]
81. Marisa Peck [Divas Search]
82. Charlotte (Ashley Fliehr-Johnson) [FCW]
83. Lana Takaya
84. Fifi the Maid (Wendy Barlow) [WCW]
85. Sasha Banks / Mercedes KV / Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado
86. Skyler Moon (Natalie Osman / Buggy Nova) [FCW]
87. Anya (Anna Bogomazova)
88. Kaoru Maeda
89. Sonoko Kato
90. Victoria Taber
91. Renee Paquette / Renee Young
92. Alisha Ceraso
93. Davina Rose
94. Eva Marie (Natalie Eva Marie) [Total Divas]
95. Jo-Jo Offerman [Total Divas]
96. Kendra Smith / Kendall Skye
97. Bayley (Pamela Martinez)
98. Alexis Kaufman
99. Christina Vargas
100. Brittany Fetkin
101. C.J. Perry / Lana
102. Erika Hammond
103. Rebecca Knox
104. Rachelle Walker
105. Shara (Sarah Bäckman)
106. Courtney Taylor / Wesley Holliday (Beverly Mullins)
107. Heidi Lee Morgan / Daisy Mae
108. Hiroko Suzuki
109. Mad Maxine / Lady Maxine
110. Mama Benjamin (Thea Vidale)
111. Lei'D Tapa (Seini Draughn)
112. Becky Lynch (Rebecca Quinn)
113. Cherry Bomb (Laura Dennis)
114. Carmella (Lea Van Damme)
115. Dana Brooke (Ashley Sebera)
116. Alpha Female [TNA]
117. Ashley Roberts [Legends House]
118. Leyvonna Zakari
119. Rebel (Tanea Brooks) [TNA]
120. Savelina Fanene
121. Dasha Kuret (Dasha Gonzalez)
122. Dani Jackson
123. Scarlett Bordeaux [TNA Knockouts Knockdown]
124. Veda Scott [TNA Knockouts Knockdown]
125. Jessicka Havok [TNA Knockouts Knockdown]
126. Deonna Purrazzo [TNA Knockouts Knockdown]
127. Mia Yim [TNA Knockouts Knockdown]
128. Marti Belle [TNA Knockouts Knockdown]

The following 5 women were eliminated from the tournament before it began through a fan vote:
1. Aja Kong
2. Asya
3. Bertha Faye
4. Nicole Bass
5. Peggy Lee Leather


If you have any names that you can think of that aren't on the list above, or you can think of people to move around to help out the smaller groups (primarily TNA), leave a comment!

The sooner the list is complete, the sooner the tournament can begin.

Tammy Sytch aka Sunny - Possible Winner?


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