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WWE Survivor Series 2010 Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, November 20, 2010

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They've done a pretty bad job building this ppv, as they've really only focused on the "money match", the WWE championship. Everything else was set up so poorly you couldn't even classify it as second-fiddle. The card isn't bad, though, so there's potential, but going into this, I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of us were let down and the buyrate was low.

United States Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Ted DiBiase
Right off the bat, the lights go out during the match. Maryse is kind of spunky tonight. Bryan Suicide Dives out and acts like he's hurt his shoulder, which may be true as it looked a little awkward. Lots of close calls for DiBiase which naturally makes him mad. Bryan hooks up the LeBell Lock and DiBiase taps out.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan via submission.
Not bad for a curtain jerker.

The Miz comes out and ambushes Daniel Bryan, hitting him with the Money in the Bank briefcase while Bryan is celebrating on the ramp. The Miz gets in the ring and the lights dim again. Once they come up, the Miz says "that's better". He cuts a promo about the Miami Heat for some, well, heat. Right during the "I'm the Miz and I'm awesome" section, the lights go out again, and he plays along with it.

Backstage with Sheamus
Sheamus (who is banged up quite a bit) says Morrison is just jealous because he'll never be a world champion and Sheamus already has been.

Sheamus vs. John Morrison
Sign guy has a sign that says "Morrison's ab trainer" pointing to himself. Sheamus for the most part is dominating the match. Every time Morrison gets some offense, it doesn't last long. Flying Chuck puts Sheamus down for a little bit, but naturally, a minute later, its all Sheamus again. Sheamus starts slapping Morrison, so Morrison responds with a kick, setting up the Starship Pain but, naturally, not getting it. Sheamus goes for the pump-kick and misses, so Morrison hits the Flying Chuck. Morrison then hits another quick kick and scores the pinfall.

WINNER: John Morrison via pinfall.
Not too bad, but it could've been better.

Knucklehead promo....in case you've not heard of it...because apparently they think that this will help. It doesn't matter that they've had at least 4 ads per week for months now, this one will apparently gain them all that money they're missing on this terrible WWE Studios project.

Backstage with Cena and R-Truth
Cena says that R-Truth is butting in and this isn't his business. R-Truth suggests that he should cost the match for Randy Orton since he's not banned from the ring like Nexus is. Cena says no. Truth says he doesn't believe him.

Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kaval
Vickie comes out to introduce Ziggler. Lots of quick pins on Kaval's part. Sprinboard moonsault from Kaval looked nice. There's some confusion between Ziggler and Kaval but it ends up with a stiff kick to the face that Ziggler didn't seem ready for. Ziggler locks in the Sleeper on the top ropes but Kaval pushes him down. Kaval then follows it up with a twist of some sort but lands on his feet. A backslide for the 2. Ziggler hits a legdrop (which Cole incorrectly calls the Zig-Zag, AGAIN...but Striker corrects him). Two-count. Ziggler throws Kaval into the ropes but Kaval uses it as a springboard kick and gets another two-count. There's a triple reversal rollup which ends with Ziggler getting the pin after holding Kaval's tights.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.
Stiff match which might have resulted in a broken nose for Ziggler. Best match so far and hopefully this feud doesn't end here.

Backstage with Jack Swagger
Swagger says that it should be his team. He then says Miami is "little Cuba" and not really America. Cody comes up and insults Swagger's shoes from last night. Del Rio shows up with Reks and Drew and says he knew once Swagger started talking, everyone would interrupt. Del Rio says they're there to destroy Mysterio and his friends and watch little kids cry. Cody says "I hate to admit it, but he's good."

Elimination Match: Team Mysterio vs. Team Del Rio
Masters looks like he put enough baby oil on to last a year...probably because he figures he won't be on another ppv. MVP gets a huge reaction, naturally, as the hometown boy. No reaction of course to Tyler Reks. Team Mysterio is all in blue. Unity is important lol. Del Rio backs away from Mysterio and tags in Cody to start the match. MVP almost eliminates Del Rio but Alberto gets his hand on the ropes. Despite being the hometown boy, MVP is the first elimination after Del Rio holds his legs and McIntyre falls on top of him. Del Rio eliminates Chris Masters with a quick submission. Big Show comes in, so Del Rio tags Swagger. Del Rio is tagged in again, but tags McIntyre. Big Show punches Del Rio and knocks him out anyway. Rhodes gets pissed after being hit in the face and starts flipping out. He then grabs his jacket to check the mirror. As soon as he gets back in, Kofi smacks him in the face again. Big Show punches him in the face and after a three-count, Cody Rhodes is eliminated. Reks takes down Big Show and teams up with Swagger to attack him. Swagger puts Big Show in the ankle lock. Once Mysterio is in, Swagger puts him in an ankle lock as well, but Mysterio reverses it by swinging around. Kofi and Reks are now the legal men. Kofi pins and eliminates Tyler Reks with a rollup. Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise but Swagger catches in, puts him in an ankle lock, and Kofi submits and is eliminated. Big Show picks up Mysterio and puts him on his shoulders, but McIntyre knocks him down. Big Show and Rey go for a second attempt after the 619 and Rey pins and eliminates Jack Swagger. McIntyre then gets set up for the 619, and Big Show chokeslams McIntyre to win the match. Del Rio must have just been filed under "forfeit" and no doubt will say that he wasn't really eliminated.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio and the Big Show are the survivors.
It didn't live up to its potential. Granted, I didn't expect it to be amazing, but it could've been better. For this being the only elimination match on the card, its a let down.

TLC advertisement is in animation style and quite interesting. I'd watch that for 10 minutes rather than the divas match if I had a choice.

Backstage with Randy Orton
Orton says he's not thinking about Cena, he's thinking about Barrett. He doesn't care about John Cena, he doesn't care about Barrett, he doesn't care about the Miz, he only cares about walking out the champion.

Divas Championship [Handicap Match]: Lay-Cool (c) vs. Natalya
Is it just me or is Layla a bit more "stacked" tonight? No complaints, obviously. Natalya holds her on the whole match against the two of them despite it breakng down on the outside. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter and holy shit, Michelle submits!

WINNER (and new Divas champion): Natalya via submission.
Wow, I was NOT expecting that to happen. Kudos to them for giving the title to someone who can wrestle. Natalya deserves to have it.

Lay-Cool attacks Natalya and Beth Phoenix comes down to make the save. Then she holds Natalya up on her shoulders.

Time for a Paper Jamez commercial...which, if you purchased the pay-per-view...you thus paid to watch. Ridiculous? Yup. Remember that extra 5 bucks that they upped the price from in comparison to last year? The 5 bucks goes towards watching a commercial lol.

World Heavyweight Championship: Kane (c) vs. Edge
Edge wheels out an empty wheelchair instead of one holding Paul Bearer. The match takes a slow turn and starts to get a little groggy. Kind of even, back and forth action, meaning that they're going fullblown with the derailment of "the unstoppable Kane" and he's now back to normal levels. Nothing seems to work to put Edge down, so Kane goes for a Tombstone but Edge spears him. Edge and Kane have both their hands on each other and the ref counts to three. Chimel announce Edge as the new champ, but the ref corrects him. Its a draw. Kane retains by default.

Why didn't the match just continue?

Kane attacks Edge post-match, but Edge gets the upperhand. It all ends with Edge putting Kane in the wheelchair and rolling him into the security barricade, breaking it.

Backstage with John Cena and Wade Barrett
Wade mentions that in this arena a few months ago, the Nexus attacked Cena, then reiterates the stipulation of the match for the viewers that don't understand yet...you know...the ones that will probably go to see Knucklehead but need to be reminded about that as well.

Tag Team Championship: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (c) vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
Santino so far puts up a little bit of a fight against them, surprisingly. Despite being a comedy act, Kozlov and Santino are holding their own. That's either good for them or bad for how the WWE views Slater and Gabriel. Santino goes for the Cobra, but the Nexus distracts him and Slater uses the opportunity to score a pinfall.

WINNERS: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater via pinfall.
Meh. What did you expect?

The Nexus beat down Santino and Kozlov after the match. The anonymous Raw GM sends Cole a message. Nexus is banned from ringside for the WWE title match and if any one of them gets involved, they'll be suspended indefinitely.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett
Why is it that the special guest referees are the only ones that know to check the turnbuckles but the normal referees never do that? Slow start. They're milking it. That, plus they have over a half hour left in the ppv. Pretty even match, which shows confidence in Barrett's skills.Barrett hits Wasteland but Orton gets his hand on the ropes. Barrett pushes Cena, so Cena retaliates. Orton RKOs Barrett and gets the pin.

WINNER: Randy Orton via pinfall.
Not bad. Surprised at the outcome.

After the match, Cena grabs the WWE title and hands it to Orton. They hug (aww lol).Cena hugs Cole and nobody else, then walks over to the Sign Guy and hugs him.

Not too bad of a pay-per-view, but not as good as it could have been. For a "big four" its a let down, especially since there wasn't a major title change, and none of the matches were terrible, just ok.

1. Surprise wins. I didn't expect Natalya, Morrison, or Orton to win.
2. Kaval/Ziggler.
3. Cena's gone. That should be interesting.
1. I wanted Edge to win the title.
2. The Miz still isn't the champ.
3. There's the potential that without Cena, things could get worse. Let's hope not.


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