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Points of Impact February 1 2023 Results and Biggest Moments

Posted by Cherry Turner Saturday, February 3, 2024

Welcome to another edition of POINTS OF IMPACT—a breakdown of the top moments of this week's edition of TNA’s Impact Wrestling.

This segment will fill you in on the most important parts of the show worth checking out or keeping up to date with, in case you missed this episode of Impact Wrestling.

Without further ado, let's inspect the biggest takeaways of the week!


#5 - Finally, Dead

At the hands of Kon, the Design was finally put to rest tonight. Seemingly splitting from Deaner backstage after a heated argument, Kon would later attack his former leader following an impromptu match Deaner had-and lost in quick fashion-with PCO.

Deaner wasn't Kon's only target however, as he would go after the French-Canadian Frankenstein as well, nailing an Iron Claw slam and maintaing the grip, intent on choking the life out of PCO, all the while screaming "you're dead!" in his face. This, in my opinion at least, is a great direction for Kon to go in. A standout performance against PCO, who, as evidenced by his bouts with Steve Maclin, works well against big, physical competitors, could be just what the former Ascension member needs to build momentum. More of this please.

#4 - Not Cleared for Takeoff

The latest in a long line of strong showings by Kevin Knight saw the young talent take on Brian Myers this week, playing the agile, athletic, young babyface against the ever-cunning, wily veteran in Myers. The System were noticeably absent from ringside this week, resulting in a refreshingly clean match from Myers, who was the dominant party for much of the bout. 

The focus of the match seemed to be the resilience of Knight, who kicked out of a lot of big offense from Myers, including the Impaler DDT. In the end, the more experienced man prevailed, with an absolutely nasty looking Roster Cut by Myers winning him the match. Eddie and Alisha Edwards would walk down to the ring after the bell, and join in on a beatdown on Knight, until the save was made by Kushida, Knight's mentor.

It's also worth nothing that this didn't go unavenged by the System however, as later in the night, we could cut to backstage, where Kushida was seen lying on the floor, being tended to by Alex Shelley and referees, having just been attacked.

#3 - Threat Levels Falling

In the continued effort by MK Ultra to build momentum, as a result of last week's beatdown of their opponents in Jody Threat and Dani Luna after the bell, Masha Slamovich would face Threat in singles action this week. This match, while not going especially long, accomplished all it needed to quite well. Masha weathered the storm of Threat early on, craftily countering some of Threat's big offense, whilst getting in bombs of her own, like the spinning heel kick.

It would be involvment from each woman's partner that decided the match however, as when Killer Kelly tried to get involved, Luna was there to tackle Kelly. Taking advantage of the distraction, Masha hit the Snow Plow to pick up the win.

#2 - Most Attacked Man

After having faced Zachary Wentz in his in-ring debut for TNA, Nemeth took on the other half of TNA's version of the Rascalz this week, facing Trey Miguel in singles action to open this week's episode. This was a perfect choice for the opener, a fast-paced, tightly fought match that saw Miguel having the better of Nemeth for much of it. 

Miguel is undoubtedly the more agile competitor, and perhaps even more skilled. His inexperience, and arrogance, would be his downfall however, as he attempted to, at the end of the match, "tune up the band" and hit Nemeth with his own signature Superkick. Nemeth would stumble to his feet, only to kick Miguel before Miguel could kick him, falling into the cover, and the win.

The battle was won by Nemeth, but he's yet to win the war, as after weeks of trying to stand tall over the Most Wanted Man, Steve Maclin would do just that, attacking the former Dolph Ziggler after the bell.

#1 - Best 2 Sweet Out of 3

In the first of a 2/3 series for the TNA tag titles, the reigning champions ABC took on the Grizzled Young Vets in this week's main event, and to use a clichéd term, what a match.

As is often the case in a series of matches like these, the heels dominated much of this week's affair, isolating Chris Bey in their corner. If Bey was their focus, his arm was the focus within the focus, the doughnut's hole within a doughnut's hole to borrow a phrase from Knives Out. When he did manage to tag Ace, the Inevitable One gave it his best effort, but a determination to win, as well an assisted choke with a scarf, won the day, and the first of 3, for GYV, rocking Ace's jaw with Grit Your Teeth.

What did you think of this week's episode of Impact Wrestling?
Do you think any other moments stood out on this show?
Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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Cherry Turner is a lifelong wrestling fan (and Impact Wrestling defender) She can also be found at The Lateral Press on Substack.


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