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Points of Impact January 25, 2023 Results and Biggest Moments

Posted by Cherry Turner Friday, January 26, 2024

Welcome to another edition of POINTS OF IMPACT—a breakdown of the top moments of this week's edition of TNA’s Impact Wrestling.

This segment will fill you in on the most important parts of the show worth checking out or keeping up to date with, in case you missed this episode of Impact!

Without further ado, let's inspect the biggest takeaways of the week!


#5 - Short and Sweet

Looking to regain momentum after losing the Knockouts Tag Titles at Hard to Kill, MK Ultra would face the makeshift team of Dani Luna and Jody Threat this week. One of many matches on the card, this match didn’t go long, but it was certainly enjoyable.

Luna and Threat looked amazing early on, isolating Masha Slamovich, dodging MK Ultra’s bombs, but after some miscommunication, the former tag champs pinned threat after their Double Knee/Double Piledriver combo. After the bell, they’d give Luna the same treatment, standing tall, as much as of a Threat (ba dum tss) as ever.

#4 - Message Sent (And Approved)

The last shot of this week’s episode wasn’t of the winners of the main event, nor of someone standing tall with a triumphant promo in the ring. Instead, a pre-taped vignette aired, talking about changes, both gradual and immediate, the most immediate of which being the man who appeared at the end of the video.

Mustafa Ali is coming to TNA. Get ready, get excited. I know I am.

#3 - No Rascalz In the Danger Zone

In his first match for TNA, and indeed outside of WWE, Nic Nemeth faced Zachary Wentz of the Rascalz this week, who was accompanied as always by Trey Miguel. This was standard singles match fare from Wentz, showcasing his agility, vicious and provoking his opponent to anger. Nemeth hasn’t missed a step in his few months off, selling his ass off as ever, and he would eventually get the win with the Danger Zone, which he also used to fend off a post match attack from Steve Maclin.

#2 - Raining Bullets On the System

You can’t beat the System, unless you’re the MCMG and Kazuchika Okada. Stepping foot in a TNA ring for the first time in over a decade, Okada was the star of this six man tag main event, despite not being the focus of it in ring. The main narrative of the match was the continuing feud between Moose and Alex Shelley, but Okada was no means an afterthought here. He was treated like the star he is.

When the MCMG weren’t targeting the limbs of their opponents, Okada was showcasing his athleticism with his big bombs, like his absolutely beautiful dropkick. The match’s end came with Myers, ever the punching bag of each group he’s in, being hit with the Rainmaker, and then ShellShock for the Rain Guns to pick up the win.

#1 - And Still

Okada’s appearance might have been the most hyped match of the card, but it wasn’t the best. That honor goes to the title rematch between Jordynne Grace and Trinity, for the Knockouts title. Picking up right where they left off at Hard to Kill, this match was physical from the start.

Pulling Grace into a barrage of forearms after shaking her hand, Trinity wasted no time tonight, and showed no fear, aiming to beat Grace at her own game of striking. There was an urgency, an edge to everything that Trinity did tonight that was so refreshing. If Trinity was a sharp blade, Grace was a crushing hammer, and crush she did. Nailing shot after shot to the challenger’s jaw, knocking her out of the ring, Grace was, as commentary so aptly described, a tank. She’s been a backbone of the Knockouts division for so long for a reason.

Grace picked up the win, leaning into the Starstruck submission to pin Trinity and retain the title after a series of roll-ups. If the rumours are true, and Trinity is indeed on her way back to WWE, what a match to go out on.

What did you think of this week's episode of Impact Wrestling?
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