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Points of Impact: January 18, 2023 Results and Biggest Moments

Posted by Cherry Turner Saturday, January 20, 2024

Welcome to another edition of POINTS OF IMPACT—a breakdown of the top moments of this week's edition of Impact Wrestling.

This segment will fill you in on the most important parts of the show worth checking out or keeping up to date with, in case you missed this episode of Impact Wrestling.

Without further ado, let's inspect the biggest takeaways of the week!


#5 - Brooksie Bombs Away!

After making her TNA debut at Hard to Kill as part of the Knockouts Ultimate X match, Xia Brookside made her Impact debut this week against the Boricua Badass, Tasha Steelz.

Working as the babyface of the match, which in this writer’s opinion is her strong suit, Xia had clearly captured the fan’s hearts, and was likeable and exciting throughout. Tasha, versatile as she is, was a great physical heel in this match, the perfect first singles test for Xia. Xia would pass that test by nailing the Brooksie Bomb, a Sit-Out Goriiconoclasm into a European Clutch Pin, for the win.

#4 - (Highway to the) Danger Zone

Another Hard to Kill debutee, Nic Nemeth, cut his first promo in TNA this week. It was what one might expect, putting over TNA, not burning bridges with WWE. Nemeth remarked this was his first time starting over, but also the first time he’s doing this as Nic Nemeth.

He would be interrupted by Steve Maclin, who compared himself to Nemeth, before going on to insult him. Things of course got physical, a given after Maclin said that no one would be talking about Nemeth in years time-rather, they’d ask what happened to Dolph Ziggler.

Nemeth would be the last one standing in this particular battle, hitting the Zig Zag, now dubbed the Danger Zone, to be the victor of the skirmish. 

#3 - Best Foot Forward

What was TNA famous for, in its early years? Even before the Knockouts division? The X Division. It feels apt that the first match back under the “TNA Impact” weekly tv banner was an X Division match, a massive six man affair at that. Mike Bailey, Laredo Kidd, Trey Miguel, Jake Something, Kushida and El Hijo Del Vikingo all did battle in an epic sprint of a match, the action never letting up for a second.

Everyone played their roles perfectly here, Speedball as athletic as ever, Trey Miguel the perfect heel, Kushida the crafty veteran, etc. The real MVPs of the match however were Something and Vikingo. Vikingo, just like at Hard to Kill, fits this division like a glove, and brought an air of excitement to this particular scramble. Something continues to be TNA’s most exciting talent on the rise, his strength and agility making him a double asset. He had all the match’s best spots, such as countering Vikingo’s imploding rana in the corner, or the match ending Black Hole Slam on Laredo Kidd, which he dubs into the void.

The right man won this match. Gods, it feels good to say that in modern wrestling. Certainly in comparison to a certain other company.

#2 - Grit Your Teeth

In their first traditional tag match for TNA, the Grizzled Young Veterans took on TNA veterans in Frankie Kazarian and Eric Young this week. There’s no debate about it, this match was meant to spotlight the GYV. Dominating the vast majority of it, this bout was designed to showcase their vicious brand of excellence in (and out of) the ring, such as the dive to the back of the head of Kaz, who was isolated for much of the match.

EY would eventually get the tag, but his hot tag would soon cool, a futile effort ended when GYV hit Grit Your Teeth, the double Codebreaker, for the win. After the match, Kaz was visibly frustrated, some miscommunication having led to him being ejected from the ring by EY. In what feels like an event that’s been a long time coming, Kaz would turn heel, attacking Eric Young.

#1 - Sequels Aren’t Always Bad

We all know this would take the top spot. Alexander and Ospreay’s first outing was a late match of the year contender, and entering the new year, the Walking Weapon and the Aerial Assassin have put in a repeat performance.

As physical, tightly paced and epic feeling as their first encounter, the only difference here was the result. After falling on his shield for TNA last year, Alexander evened the score here, defeating the Billy GOAT. Here’s hoping we get a Part III.

What did you think of this week's episode of Impact Wrestling?
Do you think any other moments stood out on this show?
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Cherry Turner is a lifelong wrestling fan (and Impact Wrestling defender) She can also be found at The Lateral Press on Substack.


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