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Points of Impact Wrestling: February 9, 2023 Results and Biggest Moments

Posted by Cherry Turner Friday, February 10, 2023

Welcome to another edition of POINTS OF IMPACT—a breakdown of the top moments of this week's edition of Impact Wrestling.

This segment will fill you in on the most important parts of the show worth checking out or keeping up to date with, in case you missed this episode of Impact Wrestling.

Without further ado, let's inspect the biggest takeaways of the week!


#5 - Playing Matchmaker

Three matches were set up for No Surrender on this week’s episode of Impact, and in the interest of covering as many of the important points as I can, I’m lumping those three matches into one point.

The first women’s segment of the evening saw Giselle Shaw ruining people’s lunches and generally being an ass backstage until she was confronted by Deonna Purrazzo, who didn’t appreciate Giselle mentioning her best friend, Chelsea Green, in her promo last week. Deonna throws food at Giselle, coating her face in beans, and before a fight can break out, Santino Marella intervenes, making a match between them at No Surrender.

The second match set up this week was between the team of Time Machine (MCMG and Kushida) and Bullet Club. Sabin and Shelley were showing their belts to Kushida when Ace Austin and Chris Bey interrupted, throwing down the challenge and announcing KENTA would be their partner at No Surrender.

And finally, because I always find a way to mention them in these articles, the Design. Frankie Kazarian was trying to talk sense into Callihan, telling him that Impact needs him, all while Callihan ignores him and scrolls through his phone. The Design would soon interrupt however, leading to Kazarian suggesting a match between him and the big man Kon at No Surrender.

#4 - World Title Qualifiers

A four man Number One Contender’s match for Josh Alexander’s Impact World Championship will take place at No Surrender, and tonight saw two of the qualifiers take place. In tonight’s opening match, Brian Myers defeated Dirty Dango to qualify, and later in the evening, PCO would defeat Shera to earn his way into the match. With Eddie Edwards Vs Heath and Steve Maclin Vs Rhino being the two other qualifiers set for next week, this will, at least, be a fun match come No Surrender.

#3 - I’m Hardcore, She’s Country Vol. 2

In a match set up last week, Mickie James and Tommy Dreamer faced the Good Hands in a Intergender Tag Team match. Mickie and Dreamer worked surprisingly well together, Mickie not at all afraid to get physical, and the Good Hands were, well, Good Hands, playing the cowardly, ruthless heels well.

After the match will probably attract more attention however, as once Dreamer and Mickie picked up the win with stereo DDTs, they would be attacked by Bully Ray and Masha Slamovich respectively. Whatever manipulation Bully was attempting with Masha last week seems to have worked, as she dropped the Knockouts World Champion in the middle of the ring with a Snow Plow to end the segment.

#2 - Debuts and Returns

It was a busy night for the Knockouts division, with two standout matches this week. In the first, Steph De Lander made her debut against former champion Jordynne Grace. The former Persia Pirotta cut a decent promo before the match, calling herself the Powerhouse Predator, and she certainly held her own, matching Grace in power before ultimately falling to the Grace Driver.

In the more notable segment of the evening, the Death Dollz defeated Killer Kelly and Taylor Wilde in a fun match to retain their Knockouts Tag Championships. Wilde and Kelly worked well as a team at first, but the tarot cards of Wilde told her not to tag in, Wilde throwing a devil card at Kelly before allowing the Death Dollz, this week represented by Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie, to pick up the win with a facebuster/Road to Valhalla combo,

Once again however, after the match will likely attract more attention. Making his return to Impact, Father James Mitchell would walk out and cut a promo, greeting Jessicka and saying she looks familiar, before telling Rosemary that his boss, Rosemary’s father, isn’t happy with how long it’s been since the Demon Assassin last paid respect to him. So, Mitchell is here to put a Hex on the Death Dollz.

Marti Belle and Allysin Kay (who previously competed in Impact as Sienna) laid waste to Jessicka and Taya with a sneak attack, before delivering the Hex Marks the Spot to Rosemary after they tried to save their teammates. The Hex have returned to Impact, and the Death Dollz may very well have new challengers.

#1 - Say His Name and a Win Appears

Matt Cardona had a rotten day on this week’s edition of Impact. He was shoved into a broom closet, forced to change in the parking lot, and, worst of all, found his Major Players partner Brian Myers drinking and celebrating with a bunch of Joe Hendry supporters, even clapping along to Hendry’s song.

This was all in service to the Digital Media Championship match between Hendry and Cardona in the evening’s main event. A frustrated Cardona would try to end things early with Radio Silence, but Hendry, hero of the people, kicked out and kept fighting.

Cardona’s rotten luck continued, with Hendry kicking out of another Radio Silence late in the match. No matter what Cardona tried, even a neckbreaker on the floor, Hendry kept on keeping on, right up until an interference from Brian Myers. With the ref momentarily down, Myers went for the Roster Cut, but Hendry’s dodged, and Myers leveled Cardona by mistake. A quick coverup by Hendry, and he hit the Standing Ovation to retain his title.

To add insult to injury, a sneak attack by Moose failed after the bell, Hendry dodging his spear as well, meaning Cardona ate two accidental finishers. 

A fun end to a fun episode of Impact, No Surrender continues to look more and more promising as we get closer to it.

What did you think of this week's episode of Impact Wrestling?
Do you think any other moments stood out on this show?
Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Points of Impact Wrestling episode highlights

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