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Smart Bets for This Year's Men's Royal Rumble 2021 Winner

Posted by Outside Interference Tuesday, January 12, 2021

WWE's first PPV for 2021 is not far off, with the 2021 Royal Rumble set for the end of January. The buildup to the show is heating up and we can expect a whole lot to transpire between now and January 31.

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It promises to be an exciting affair. The likes of Keith Lee and Big E, who have seen a push as of late, are among the favorites to win the free-for-all melee. Lee, though, has had a bit of a setback as the former NXT Champion was one of the wrestlers reportedly ordered back to the Performance Center to brush up on his skills and has taken on losses since then. As to why Vince McMahon opted to include The Unlimited One in the group of wrestlers knocked down a notch is anyone's guess as Lee has been one of the most impressive wrestlers on WWE TV since he made the move up from the developmental brand. It's also rumored, however, that the mandate was made in order to get the performers ready for pushes.

Lee is now the bookmakers' second favorite to win at +450.

Meanwhile, Big E is riding a wave after being made to split from The New Day and is believed to be one of the stars most likely to win the Rumble. Edge, who made a shocking return at the last one, only to see his comeback cut short by a bad injury and a subsequent surgery, was on par with E, as the bookies would have it. Both stars were +500 last month but updated odds have them at +600 and +1000 respectively, with Daniel Bryan the new +300 favorite.

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There are a number of other superstars who could make you a pretty penny by coming out on top of the Rumble. Fans can also check out Intertops to review their favorite wrestlers in order to better decide on who to place their bets on ahead of the event. A few interesting names have popped on the bookies' sheets in the buildup to the PPV, with The Rock and even Vince McMahon getting attached to odds.

The Rock is unlikely to make a surprise Rumble appearance, though, as is McMahon. The WWE chairman is rumored to be dealing with health issues at the moment but a WWE source has refuted the claims. In any case, it would be very surprising to see McMahon get into the ring with that many wrestlers, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're after some names who stand a very good chance of winning the Rumble but aren't among the favorites, you're in the right place.

First among those is Seth Rollins. The superstar took time off from WWE to be with his fiance Becky Lynch while she brought their newborn into the world. It appears a return was canceled, with WWE announcing him for a return earlier this month but later deleting the tweet they used to promote the comeback.

Rollins is +1600 to win the Rumble and would be favored to win should he be among the wrestlers selected to participate.

Roman Reigns wouldn't be a bad bet either. At +2000, the Universal Champion may very well participate in both the Rumble and whatever singles match he's made to fight. Adam Pearce challenged the champ at Friday's SmackDown in what was a surprising end to the show. While Pearce appears to be the opponent, for now, Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer has his doubts.

"It's possible that they'll change it back to Kevin Owens because it seems like a strange match to make," Meltzer was quoted as saying. "If they do that [Reigns vs Pearce] it pretty much tells you that they literally have no ideas at all. I'm not ruling out that they'll go back to Kevin Owens."

Brock Lesnar has been off WWE TV since WrestleMania back in April 2020 - his contract with the company is expired and his future is uncertain. However, The Beast Incarnate has been marked at +800 for the Rumble.

Lesnar returning at the Royal Rumble isn't so far fetched. WWE's ratings have taken a hit lately and they'll likely grab any opportunity to get them back to an acceptable number. The recent Raw Legends Night helped in that regard yet McMahon can't keep relying on bringing icons back every time he needs a boost. On the other hand, getting Brock tied to a new deal would be huge.

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Braun Strowman (+2500) is due to return anytime soon, following his kayfabe suspension. Should he be involved in the Rumble, he will definitely be a favorite.

The likes of Riddle and Karrion Kross are at +4000 at the moment and can't be counted out if they're named among contestants.

Bray Wyatt (+1600), Kevin Owens (+2000), and Sheamus (+2500) are other superstars who wouldn't be bad bets.

That's what these betting odds are, but what do you have to say? Who do you think will win?


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