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WWE Royal Rumble 2021 PPV Results & Review Coverage Live

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, February 1, 2021

Welcome to the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 pay-per-view live results coverage page! The 2021 Royal Rumble will take place January 31, 2021 from inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Want to know who won the 2021 Royal Rumble and all the matches on the pay-per-view? This post will be updated continuously to reflect ongoing coverage of WWE Royal Rumble 2021 results starting once the pre-show kicks off. Keep refreshing for the most up-to-date information!

If you want to take part in the WWE Royal Rumble Drinking Game while watching this event, go there to check out the rules!

Browse my predictions for WWE Royal Rumble 2021 and find out all the results down below.

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 PPV Live Stream Free Pay-Per-View
WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results

Coverage will start as soon as the pre-show begins. Stay tuned!

Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Asuka and Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

RESULT: New champions are crowned as Jax pins Flair with some help from Lacey Evans and Ric Flair interfering.
THOUGHTS: Called it. The match was fine. They did what they needed to do, basically, and are moving on from something they didn't have any real plan for to begin with (which means they shouldn't have done it, but what's done is done and this was a means to correct the course).

WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Goldberg

RESULT: Drew McIntyre retained the title by pinfall
THOUGHTS: Wooo! I'm glad at the result and I enjoyed the match, too. Two big wins, there.

SmackDown Women's Championship Match: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Carmella

RESULT: Sasha Banks retained the title by submission.
THOUGHTS: Good match. Better than I had anticipated, to be honest. I didn't think Carmella had a chance at any point in it, but I at least enjoyed the ride to the inevitable finish.

Sami Zayn is surprised he isn't #1 or #2 in the Royal Rumble for a conspiracy. The New Day got him to leave with a great little comment from Xavier Woods of "all jokes aside". Kofi Kingston isn't cleared to compete, but he's here for support. (I hope he helps Big E or Xavier Woods save themselves from an elimination).

2021 Women's Royal Rumble Match

Entry #1 is Bayley
Entry #2 is Naomi
Entry #3 is Bianca Belair
Entry #4 is Billie Kay
Entry #5 is Shotzi Blackheart
Entry #6 is Shayna Baszler
Entry #7 is Toni Storm
Shotzi Blackheart is eliminated by Shayna Baszler
Entry #8 is Jillian Hall
Entry #9 is Ruby Riott
Entry #10 is Victoria
Entry #11 is Peyton Royce
Entry #12 is Santana Garrett
Entry #13 is Liv Morgan
Jillian Hall is eliminated by Billie Kay
Billie Kay is eliminated by Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan
Entry #14 is Rhea Ripley
Toni Storm is eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Victoria is eliminated by Shayna Baszler
Santana Garrett is eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Entry #15 is Charlotte Flair
Ruby Riott is eliminated by Bayley
Entry #16 is Dana Brooke
Liv Morgan is eliminated by Peyton Royce
Entry #17 is Torrie Wilson
Dana Brooke is eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Entry #18 is Lacey Evans
Peyton Royce is eliminated by Charlotte Flair
Torrie Wilson is eliminated by Shayna Baszler
Bayley is eliminated by Bianca Belair
Entry #19 is Mickie James
Entry #20 is Nikki Cross
Entry #21 is Alicia Fox
R-Truth came out and Alicia Fox won the 24/7 Championship!
Entry #22 is Mandy Rose
Alicia Fox is eliminated by Mandy Rose
R-Truth pinned Alicia Fox to win the 24/7 Championship back!
Entry #23 is Dakota Kai
Mickie James is eliminated by Lacey Evans
Entry #24 is Carmella
Dakota Kai is eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Mandy Rose is eliminated by Rhea Ripley
Nikki Cross is eliminated by Carmella
Entry #25 is Tamina
Carmella is eliminated by...was it Naomi? Tamina? Who gets that point?
Entry #26 is Lana
Entry #27 is Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss is eliminated by Rhea Ripley.
Entry #28 is Ember Moon
Entry #29 is Nia Jax
Lacey Evans is eliminated by Shayna Baszler
Ember Moon is taken out by Nia Jax
Naomi is gone, courtesy of Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax together
Tamina is eliminated by Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax
Shayna Baszler is eliminated by Nia Jax
Nia Jax is eliminated by Lana
Entry #30 is Natalya (who got attacked by Jax and Baszler in her entrance, checking another thing off the usual Royal Rumble booking list)
Lana is eliminated by Natalya
Natalya is eliminated by Bianca Belair
Charlotte Flair is eliminated by Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley working together
Rhea Ripley is eliminated by Bianca Belair to win the match.

RESULT: Bianca Belair wins the 2021 women's Royal Rumble match!
THOUGHTS: I was rooting for her or Rhea Ripley (with a preference for Ripley). I'm very, very happy with this result. Damn good match, too.

Peter Rosenberg then won the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth.

Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens

RESULT: Roman Reigns retained the championship.
THOUGHTS: This had some fun elements to it and some decent enough spots, but it was completely ruined by the ending having a botched count. They clearly weren't able to get the handcuffs off in time and just pretended like a full minute or so didn't pass by. That was rough.

2021 Men's Royal Rumble Match

Entry #1 is Edge
Entry #2 is Randy Orton
Entry #3 is Sami Zayn (total conspiracy)
Entry #4 is Mustafa Ali
Entry #5 is Jeff Hardy
Entry #6 is Dolph Ziggler
Jeff Hardy is eliminated by Dolph Ziggler
Entry #7 is Shinsuke Nakamura
Entry #8 is Carlito
Entry #9 is Xavier Woods
Entry #10 is Big E
Sami Zayn is eliminated by Big E and Xavier Woods
Entry #11 is John Morrison
Xavier Woods is eliminated by Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali is eliminated by Big E
Entry #12 is Ricochet
Entry #13 is Elias
Carlito is eliminated by Elias
Entry #14 is Damian Priest
Elias is eliminated by Damian Priest
Entry #15 is The Miz
The Miz and John Morrison are eliminated by Damian Priest
Entry #16 is Riddle
Entry #17 is Daniel Bryan
Entry #18 is Kane
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated by Kane
Ricochet is eliminated by Kane
Kane is eliminated by Damian Priest
Entry #19 is King Corbin
Shinsuke Nakamura is eliminated by King Corbin
Entry #20 is Otis
Otis is eliminated by King Corbin
Entry #21 is Dominik Mysterio
King Corbin is eliminated by Dominik Mysterio
Entry #22 is Bobby Lashley
Dominik Mysterio is eliminated by Bobby Lashley
Damian Priest is eliminated by Bobby Lashley
Entry #23 is Hurricane Helms
Hurricane Helms is eliminated by Big E and Bobby Lashley
Entry #24 is Christian
Bobby Lashley is eliminated by Christian, Riddle, Big E and Daniel Bryan
Entry #25 is AJ Styles
Entry #26 is Rey Mysterio
Big E is eliminated by Omos on the outside
Entry #27 is Sheamus
Rey Mysterio is eliminated by Omos
Entry #28 is Cesaro
Entry #29 is Seth Rollins
Entry #30 is Braun Strowman
Cesaro is eliminated by Braun Strowman
Sheamus is eliminated by Braun Strowman
AJ Styles is eliminated by Braun Strowman
Daniel Bryan is eliminated by Seth Rollins
Riddle is eliminated by Seth Rollins
Braun Strowman is eliminated by Edge and Christian (counting Christian seems to be debated; some say just Edge, some say Edge and Rollins, but it looked like Edge and Christian to me)
Christian is eliminated by Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins is eliminated by Edge
Randy Orton is eliminated by Edge

RESULT: Edge wins the Royal Rumble from the #1 spot!
THOUGHTS: Woooooooow. Not only did I not think Edge would win, I especially didn't think they would do a #3 and a #1 win this year. That's nuts.


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