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Call the Spot on the Card #19: WWE Survivor Series 2019 Team Members

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, November 21, 2019
Welcome to the nineteenth edition of CALL THE SPOT ON THE CARD, where we present a list of five wrestlers and you must choose what place on the WWE Roster Hierarchy they should be put in: 1) Main Event, 2) Upper Midcard, 3) Midcard, 4) Jobber, or 5) Released.

The rules are that each spot must be filled and only one person can be in each spot, so no ties can happen, nor can anyone opt out. No matter how difficult it might be, you have to pick.

pick the wrestling marry fuck kill WWE segment

Per usual for Survivor Series, this edition will actually feature multiple separate lists based on the teams from Raw and SmackDown, as well as NXT this year, ranked among their teammates.

* Since no members of Team NXT have been revealed, I can't rank them. However, once they do reveal them, I'll retroactively edit this and give my placements.


TEAM RAW = Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Kairi Sane vs. Natalya vs. Sarah Logan
TEAM NXT = Bianca Belair vs. Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm
TEAM SMACKDOWN = Carmella vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Nikki Cross vs. Sasha Banks

5) RELEASED = Sarah Logan / Io Shirai / Dana Brooke

Simply put, Logan is the least valuable member of the team and the person who would be the easiest to move past if she were gone. She only really wrestles on Main Event as it is, so it's almost as if she isn't even on the Raw roster anyway.

NXT is so much harder. All 5 of these girls should be Main Event or Upper Midcard. Goddamn this is tough. I'm going to have to justify Io Shirai as being someone who could flourish elsewhere with a release, rather than saying she should be gone for any negative reasons. Awful. I know. I don't want Shirai to go, either. I don't want any of them to go.

Brooke has made strides in the past year to improve quite a bit, but she's still the lowest on the totem pole.

4) JOBBER = Natalya / Candice LeRae / Carmella

At this point in her career, Natalya won't make as much of a splash in the long term than the other three and she'd be the most sympathetic to lose and put people over.

Again, this is tough for NXT, as I want everyone to be higher. However, I can buy more into Candice Lerae being a jobber purely for the sympathetic reasons as a babyface than anyone else. I'm a fan, though, and I don't like having to put her in that position.

I like Carmella a lot and I think she's gone far and has more to offer. But if I'm going to book any of the remaining four to be another "sympathetic loss" situation and comedic character, it's her.

3) MIDCARD = Kairi Sane / Toni Storm / Nikki Cross

I almost gave Sane the next spot, but since she's on the smaller side and younger, she can work her way toward the higher ranks easier.

I'm a fan of Toni Storm, but I think with the 3 options left, she's the one that I can put down here for a little more tweaking. Not much tweaking. It's not like she has anything to really improve on. But I value the other 2 above her right now as far as who feels comfortable and maybe Storm just needs some more seasoning.

Cross doesn't strike me as someone to build a brand around, but she's a good hand.

2) UPPER MIDCARD = Asuka / Bianca Belair / Lacey Evans

In any normal list, she'd be a solid choice for Main Event, due to her track record. But WWE hasn't done as much with her on the main roster as they should have, and she's up against Charlotte Flair, of all people.

I'm eagerly awaiting when Bianca Belair goes from someone with massive potential to THE woman.

Evans isn't this high based on talent right now, but potential. She's tall, has a great look (I'm personally not fond of the aesthetic, but with a few tweaks, she could stand out as a real bombshell) and she could conceivably beat pretty much any woman on the roster with her military background and strength and all.

1) MAIN EVENT = Charlotte Flair / Rhea Ripley / Sasha Banks

She's Charlotte Flair. Duh.

For NXT, Rhea Ripley would've been my midcarder up until the build to Survivor Series. She really stepped up and has killed it every week and impressed the hell out of me. Now, she looks like a goddamn star and I can't deny that.

Given the group, Banks is definitely the most bankable. Pun intended.


TEAM RAW = Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton vs. Ricochet vs. Seth Rollins
TEAM NXT = Damian Priest vs. Keith Lee vs. Matt Riddle vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. WALTER
TEAM SMACKDOWN = Braun Strowman vs. King Corbin vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Roman Reigns vs. Shorty G

5) RELEASED = Seth Rollins / Damian Priest / Shorty G

Boy is this hard. I know plenty of people will say they'd put Randy Orton in this spot, but I'm going to say that Rollins in WWE has hit a dead zone where he's devoid of character and going nowhere. This whole "burn it down" thing is frustrating as hell and I'm fearful that he's going to be that same guy for years. Maybe, if he's released, he could take time off and come back another time with some renewed vigor. There's nothing in my rule book here that says they're gone forever, right?

For NXT, let's release Damian Priest. He's been fine so far, so this is nothing against him, but the others are better, overall, and if Priest were to go to AEW, he'd be an absolute monster.

Chad Gable is very good. Shorty G is ridiculous and awful and if they got rid of him in WWE, he could be a much bigger deal in AEW without that nonsense weighing him down.

4) JOBBER = Randy Orton / WALTER / Mustafa Ali

This is a strong list and I hate doing this to someone as good as Orton, but I would be very interested in seeing a storyline where The Legend Killer starts becoming the one that other people use as a stepping stone, much to his dismay. Future Hall of Famer, though. This wouldn't be the end of him.

Honestly, I have no idea what to do with the NXT list. WALTER shouldn't be a jobber, but I don't want to put him over the others. I thought about releasing him and putting Priest.

It's harder to sell me on Mustafa Ali being higher on this list than the others. I'm sure plenty of people will put him in the Midcard spot in place of Corbin, but I feel like Corbin has more to offer in the grand scheme of things. Ali is great and all, but there's not much that distinguishes him from Cedric Alexander or anyone else who is mostly just "a good wrestler."

3) MIDCARD = Ricochet / Matt Riddle / King Corbin

Ricochet has a lot to offer, but he works better as a midcarder right now than the other two. There isn't much to say beyond that.

With regards to Riddle...he should be higher than this, but I can't fit everyone, cause that's the name of the game.

I'll perpetually be that guy that says Corbin is underrated and I'm a fan.

2) UPPER MIDCARD = Drew McIntyre / Tommaso Ciampa / Braun Strowman

To be honest, I think McIntyre has been dropping the ball. I gave a lot of consideration to putting him as the Released option. His finisher doesn't fit him, he's not great on the mic and they keep stalling on his main event push. But I do also feel like he has a lot of potential and if given the right tools to work with, he could be better.

Huge, huge fan of Ciampa. Again, if everyone could be higher up on this list, that would be better.

It pains me not to put Strowman in the Main Event category, but there's just one bigger fish in the sea and I had to do it. #GiveHimTheBelt

1) MAIN EVENT = Kevin Owens / Keith Lee / Roman Reigns

I'm a big fan of KO. I have been from the very start. He's underrated and I really want to see him win another world title.

Something about Keith Lee makes me think he's got the biggest potential.

He's Roman Reigns. Duh.


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