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Mailbag Q&A November 2018 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in by Isaac Allen

Question: "Pick one banned move to bring back: e.g Muscle Buster, Bloody Sunday, Pedigree where he doesn't let go of the arms, G2S"

Answer: Saying "back to you" at the end of an interview.

Question: "Do you think the 'fat guys' (Samoa Joe, KO, Kassius Ohno) would be treated better if they lost weight? I think Big Show got punished by having to wear the purple singlet when he got fat, maybe that's what happened to KO when he jobbed to Braun for ages."

Answer: I definitely, definitely. That has to be the only thing really holding them back, for the most part.

Question: "What do you think of Ken Shamrock's return?"

Answer: If he's able to, good for him. I used to like Shamrock a lot back in the day.

Sent in by Howard

Question: "I got a Fuck Marry Kill, 4 Horsewomen for you: Rhonda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, Maria Shafir, Shayna Bayzler."

Answer: Marry Ronda, fuck Jessamyn and Shafir, kill Baszler I guess, but I still don't know their personalities well enough to fully judge that.

Question: "If you were to bring KM, Fallah Bah or either Grado from TNA to WWE's main roster, which one would it be and why?"

Answer: No idea really who those are haha

Sent in by Declan McAree

Question: "Apparantly Tim Allen and Tom Hanks both struggled to make it through the final scene in Toy Story 4, with Hanks turning away from the producers so they wouldnt see him crying. I'm not sure how big fans of the Toy Story franchise you are but I wanted to know what you guys think will happen in Toy Story 4 that could of made Allen and Hanks so emotional?"

Answer: The only thing I could think of is for something to happen where one of the toys breaks down and has to be junked and sort of "dies" or whatever, but I have no doubts whatever it is, it's going to be a tear-jerker.

Sent in by Peter Piccininni

Question: "Do you think 4/7 weeks being PPV/ Special Events WWE needs to take a chill pill and slow down? Rush decisions not looking good, even I feel burned out for crying out loud"

Answer: I don't get why they cut Payback, Battleground, No Mercy and Clash of Champions from the event lineup to spread things out and then decided to cram so many events into such a short time frame. I'm so burned out.

Question: "What do you think of the whole Apu situation on The Simpsons? What do you think about the latest development where The Simpsons used Apu and his wife as background characters on a recent episode?"

Answer: It's ridiculous that people are upset about Apu existing and I hope they reconsider abandoning the character, if that's still on the table. People need to stop being so butthurt over things that aren't even necessarily a problem and instead, they should focus on the things that are actually problematic. Your feelings aren't important. Go secure net neutrality and fix the environment.

Question: "What do you think of Stan Lee’s legacy? Have any good memories of the man to share?"

Answer: Stan Lee was a treasure. His impact is incalculable in so many ways, and he's up there with Walt Disney in terms of figureheads of imagination.

Question: "Are you getting annoyed with Cole keep on asking Renee about Dean? She’s has no answers to quote her once “I haven’t seen Dean in weeks”"

Answer: It does seem kind of weird that they keep harping on giving a non-answer, instead of just trying to brush it aside and hope we don't think about it.

Question: "Why do you think The Lucha Dragons were called up to Raw? Is it like 205 Not Live exist these guys came from there"

Answer: Someone woke up before Survivor Series and said "Fuck, we have no tag teams on Raw. Let's just move The Lucha House Party over I guess."

Question: "Callum, Robert are you doing GM Mode? If so where?"

Answer: n/a

Question: "Do you think it is backwards thinking on WWE to put Almas in these great matches, but he loses all the time? I think WWE thinks he looks strong in defeat, but he doesn’t beat your Truths, Dillengers or Caras of the world in the meantime which means he just loses so that’s what we associate him with losing"

Answer: They really need to utilize the SmackDown roster better. Somehow, even with less people, they're not balanced out. Almas should be fighting for the United States Championship, not popping up once a month to lose.

Question: "Which celebrities have like a Tweet of yours? Me Alexa Bliss, Renee Young, Zack Ryder (Sexiest Superstars against Roman), The List Twins and Annelies van derPol,"

Answer: Jerry Lawler just did during Survivor Series.

Question: "Do you think Becky calling herself the Man is WWE saying the woman can’t get over without a masculine term?"

Answer: I think it's a neat little twist on the phrase "to be the man, you've got to beat the man" and just making it a non-gender type thing. Funny, because the gender argument is something I usually roll my eyes to in many ways, depending on what's being said. But I take it more like how you can call a group of men and women "guys" and it still makes sense, or "mankind" referring to women as well.

Question: "Now that Evolution is done, now do we start #givetagteamsachance?"

Answer: Please! Also, #give205liveachance

Question: "Do you think Nia Jax should go back to NXT or be fired because she keeps injuring everyone? BTW I commented on a Tony tweet fire Nia I meant it as a joke such wanted that since it’s been retweeted so much"

Answer: Nia never should have been brought up that fast to begin with, and that was an argument made a long time ago that has clearly proven itself correct. Accidents happen, but when you're accident-prone, it's a problem.

Question: "Do you think Bryan winning the title by turning heel was to pay tribute to Eddie Guerrero Lie, Cheat and Steal? Eddie past on the day Bryan won the title 13 years"

Answer: Maybe, but I don't think so. I don't think they kept track of something like that.

Question: "Do you think Roman can beat cancer? The Anoa’I Family doesn’t live long Peter Maivia dead 45, Yokozuna dead 34, Rosey dead 47, Umaga dead 36, Gary Albright dead 36 (He was on the tree on Wiki) just saying Roman is 33 with his jeans he could be coming up on his life expectancy which is 39 ½. I came up with 39 ½ because that is the average of the life of the men mentioned before 39.6, 6 months of a year is half"

Answer: Man, I really, really hope he's able to. Nobody, save for horrible people, should go through things like that. Reigns seemed healthy for many other accounts, like not suffering from obesity, and you've got people like Rikishi who are still around, so maybe the law of averages will work with him.

Question: "Do you think Drew McIntyre will turn face before winning the Universal title?"

Answer: Nope, I think Vince likes heels more in the grand scheme of things and McIntyre as a face won't work on the main roster with him in charge.

Sent in by Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "Do you think we're getting a Shayna/Io Shirai feud for the title, or could Bianca Belair turn babyface and fights Baszler? Or is just LeRae?"

Answer: I could definitely see Shirai getting a title shot, or Mia Yim, more so than them turning Belair babyface, but that's not out of the question, either.

Question: "Which celebrities would you rate as a Perfect 10 (pardon the pun)."

Answer: Kate Beckinsale, Alison Brie

Question: "What's the worst commercial you've seen recently?"

Answer: I hate pretty much every commercial I see nowadays

Question: "Do you think we're leading towards Ciampa vs. Riddle at Takeover: New York? If not, what do you think will happen? To me, it depends if WWE does the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic."

Answer: I'm leaning more toward Ciampa vs. Gargano vs. Black in the Triple Threat we never got, but Riddle is definitely a possibility.

Question: "If you were able to know the 100% truth of a question in the world, what question would you ask?"

Answer: "What is the meaning of life, according to God?" because that answers two questions of if there is a supreme being and why is life a thing? I wouldn't pull a Metron chair thing like Batman and ask what The Joker's identity is.

Question: "Which movie that doesn't currently have a sequel, do you want to see happen?"

Answer: Most of the movies I love that I can think of that don't have a sequel are things that would be ruined by a follow-up, like Fight Club, K-PAX, Stranger Than Fiction, American Beauty, Icception, etc. I'd like to see what Chronicle 2 could be, though, and a sequel to TRON: Legacy, a follow-up to the recent Power Rangers movie, maybe Meet Joe Black 2 about what happens to Claire Forlani's character.

Question: "Has there ever been an event in your life that would become a good movie?"

Answer: Not that I can think of, but I was working on a TV show idea at one point that would revolve around an exaggeration of my life in high school.

Question: "Cake or Pie? Cake all the way for me."

Answer: Cake, for sure.

Question: "What's your favorite type of soup? My favorite is a good ol' fashioned chicken noodle lol?"

Answer: Outback's creamy potato or Olive Garden's chicken gnocchi.

Question: "Who should ask for their release more, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor or Bobby Roode?"

Answer: I don't want any of them to go. I just want them to be used better, particularly Joe and Roode.

Question: "Who is someone from history (that is dead), that you would like to ask questions to?"

Answer: I'm actually not all that into historical figures, so I'm drawing a blank. Maybe JFK so he can spill the beans on who he thinks killed him?

Question: "Are you going to see Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse?"

Answer: Definitely.

Question: "What would you do if you were booking Bray Wyatt?"

Answer: Completely different character. No more cult leader. Have him go to SmackDown as a babyface maybe, since that show needs faces.

Question: "Who is the biggest bust in WWE, that got a lot of hype and you thought was good as well?"

Answer: But I think the real answer here is Hideo Itami or Sin Cara. They were built up SO much and they fizzled out into what they are today.

Question: "Finally, fill in the blank... The Main Event of WrestleMania is...?"

Answer: Ronda Rousey against Charlotte Flair


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