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Mailbag Q&A January 2018 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, January 31, 2018
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Ryan Stotz

Question: "Do you ever do a new years resolution?"

Answer: Nope. I never see the point in it. If you have the proper motivation to start losing weight or something, start as soon as you can instead of giving yourself an arbitrary day to begin.

Question: "Would you rather never have tv again or the wwe network?"

Answer: If I can still watch TV through the internet, I'll get rid of that. I only watch Raw and SmackDown through my TV as it is, and I check everything else out afterward.

Question: "Favorite entrance of all time?"

Answer: The Undertaker, for sure.

Question: "Do you think that matt and jeff will ever be in the hof?"

Answer: 100% unless they do something crazy like Chris Benoit did.

Question: "Do you think they will have cena win another royal rumble before he retires?"

Answer: Honestly, I hope so. He deserves to tie the record and I'd love to see him do that and then win his 17th world title at WrestleMania maybe next year. I want him to hold that Universal Championship.

Question: "When will cena win his next title?"

Answer: If there aren't plans for him to win it at Mania next year, I hope he'll win it at some point this year.

Question: "When do you think Alister Black debut on the main roster and yes i botched his name"

Answer: I'm expecting him to win the NXT Championship at TakeOver: New Orleans and be the figurehead of the division for the rest of 2018, dropping the belt toward the end of the year or possibly even in 2019, so I think the earliest he'll come up will be the Royal Rumble of 2019.

Question: "Would you like to see an alister black vs finn balor match?"

Answer: Definitely.

Sent in from Andre Boughton

Question: "This is 4 your mailbag I don't know if this is how you submit or not.. I think you got Nigel mcguiness all wrong he reminds me of Lord Alfred Hayes from back In the day a different sound to the commentary.. I like the British accent on there as a change in pace. And listen to Percy Watson when the street profits and ember moon come you tell those are is friends and he gets more excited and in his excitement I think see something in him.....i know I know but listen to this... if he can a little more Booker t in him I think be tougher..maybe. love to here what you guys think let know if or when you talk about it"

Answer: I don't mind the accent, but I think McGuinness always sounds like he's trying to talk louder than what he could naturally do and sound excited when he isn't, so I just tune him out and don't even listen to what he's saying to see if he has anything to contribute to the conversation. He's not the worst they've ever had or anything, but I do think he and Watson are the worst they have right now.

Question: "I got 1 more.. I've always loved David vs goliath matches in wrestling especially when David wins... so I wanted to know what your dream D v G matchups are. For example I would love to see gargano somehow beat strowman."

Answer: I like that one, actually, so I'm going to steal your answer since I can't think of anything else for the current roster. If we could go back in time, then Andre the Giant loses to a babyface Shawn Michaels from 1996, I guess.

Question: "I don't know what this mixed match challenge bullshit is but it just seems lame.. why the fuck wouldn't they do a king and queen of the ring tournament instead.. wouldn't that draw more eyeballs and I can think of 4 or 5 storylines for that no problem.. sometimes it just feels like they don't wanna succeed... let me know what you guys think...... been awhile since you did a superstar score how about Seth Rollins and honky tonk"

Answer: I would have LOVED to see a King/Queen of the Ring tournament instead!

Sent in from Declan McAree

Question: "Being born in the year 2000, I need to ask you guys this. How does it make you feel knowing that anyone who was born in 2000 will turn 18 years old this year?"

Answer: Ugh. I hate being old.

Question: "I was listening to an Episode of Bruce Pritchard's podcast where he went into detail on the Savage V Hogan Story for Wrestlemania 5. In your opinion, was Randy Savage actually the babyface considering Hogan tried to steal his woman?"

Answer: It's kind of a gray area, cause Hogan was acting shady, but Savage was overbearing, so it's almost like everybody including Miss Elizabeth were all at fault haha.

Sent in from Travis Nuklums

Question: "Do you think Mojo Rawley has been doing a good job as a heel so far?"

Answer: Nope, not at all. I don't think his entrance music fits, his character hasn't changed enough, and he's going nowhere fast.

Sent in from Isaac Allen

Question: "Is Lesnar vs Lashley a match you'd want to see?"

Answer: Nope, not really, especially not with a title on the line.

Question: "Should RVD go in the HOF this year?"

Answer: He can wait haha.

Question: "When you find something wrong with the WWE product, who do you instinctively blame (e.g. Kevin Dunn, HHH, Road Hogg)"

Answer: I typically go straight to Vince, since he's the one who has the ultimate say in everything.

Question: "Do you watch Cultaholic?"

Answer: Never heard of it, actually.

Question: "Why does 205 Live suck so bad?"

Answer: Oversaturation of WWE material makes people have to pick and choose which things they want to dedicate their time to and since this is low on the totem pole of importance, people don't get invested, which makes WWE think that they can't dedicate time to building it, so there's less interesting stories going on anyway to try to drive interest and the cycle repeats itself.

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "I watched top 10 list shows we secretly wanted canceled, yes, The Simpsons were number 1. Which show do secretly wish got canceled?"

Answer: Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Family Guy, Gotham...

Question: "Did you know Disney owns a part of WWE? WWE is partnered with Hulu and Disney owns 60% of Hulu"

Answer: I don't think anything will come out of that, but it's interesting to think about how Disney buys out so many things and could swallow up WWE some day.

Question: "The Muppets are coming back as The Muppet Babies this year. Are you excited to see the Muppet Babies? What TV or movie are you looking forward to this year"

Answer: Muppet Babies is coming back? I used to love that show back in the day.

Question: "If every day is Rusev Day is everyday Potato day? I bet Rusev would crush the potatoes"

Answer: I'm positive there has to be a National Potato Day somewhere on that calendar, and when those sync up, they should do something special. Maybe with bees, too.

Question: "Nintendo announced Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are the last Pokémon game on the 3DS and then they announced Crystal and Detective Pikachu will be released on the system. Should I ask for a Switch for Christmas or Nintendo's full of crap?"

Answer: I wouldn't be shocked at all if the Switch has some kind of functional connectivity with the 3DS somewhere down the line, so I'd go for getting one of those down the line when they're cheap enough, if not just for Super Mario Odyssey since that seems to be well received.

Question: "Do you Heath Slater toughing up will involve other ECW roster members? I want to see Heath tied up blindfolded and Sandman whacking with the cane and some other join in. Then Heath sees RVD and ask if he can have some and he says no. No marijuana for Heath"

Answer: Nope, I think this story is going to be dropped relatively soon, actually.

Question: "Has it been 2 years since Vader's doctor said he had 2 years of life left? If so WWE hall of fame time?"

Answer: Either Vader is super lucky to be hanging in there, or he was bullshitting for attention. I don't think in either scenario, WWE will placate to it and put him in the Hall of Fame just yet.

Question: "Do you think Becky Lynch should have stayed off TV until the rumble and make a "surprise" return?"

Answer: We had enough surprises and with her being a regular roster member, I don't think holding her back would have made that much of a difference. I do think the Bella Twins shouldn't have been brought onto Raw, though.

Question: "I feel it is weird The Bella's were advertised as legends for Raw. I mean they earned the static but how do you feel about Bella's as legends?"

Answer: I wouldn't have packaged them in with the legends, nor would I have put Maryse and Maria there in the sense of being legends as they're all still active to a certain extent. However, The Bella Twins are future Hall of Famers, for sure, and down the line, they'll definitely be referred to as legends.

Question: "What do you think of Sonya Deville being the first WWE wrestler to come out as a Lesbian?"

Answer: Glad that she could feel comfortable enough to come out and that it doesn't seem to have gotten in her way of progress. Or should I say GLAAD?

Question: "If you could take the entire WWE roster, make any team you want for Mix Match Challenge who would you pick and what charity? I pick The woman with the autistic brother The Boss Sasha Banks and the man I'm convinced is autistic, but not diagnosed The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose for Autism Speaks"

Answer: I actually would have gone with the Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss duo that they paired. As far as the charity, I have no idea. Maybe The Human Fund.

Question: "Are you annoyed how backstage interviews Renee and genetic robots can only ask one question and not anything else? The interview that brought this on Joe said Dean would be a housewife living for his wife to Renee and she gave a disgusted face I wanted her at least to say how dare you. Mean Gene literally ask AJ you want to cut a monologue"

Answer: I hate it so, so much. I don't know why they can't treat it like a normal interview and also pitch it back to the other commentators instead of just staring off in the distance like they got distracted when someone walks away.

Question: "What did you think of Wrestle Kingdom? What was your favorite match? My favorite match was the 4 way not for Will's back boobs, but because it was action packed"

Answer: I didn't see all of it, but I enjoyed what I did see. I mostly watched the Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho match, which I don't think was as good as Gargano vs. Almas but I have a feeling people are still going to talk about as being the best match of the year regardless.

Question: "What is your favorite Raw moment? I feel this will be shocking mine is from November 22nd not Undertaker's Survivor Series debut in 90 I'm talking about 2010 when Miz won the WWE Championship. Wrote this during Raw 25 then another moment that has to be put on this list Miz beating Roman for IC title"

Answer: It might actually be the European Championship match between Shawn Michaels and Triple H when HBK intentionally dropped the title. That doesn't get brought up in conversations often, but it was amazing. If not that, then maybe when Mick Foley won the title from The Rock.

Question: "How is your number count across all YouTube platforms? Are we doing enough to help by mute background playlist enough?"

Answer: It's definitely making a difference, and I appreciate everybody's continued support so, so much. Crossing my fingers that if we keep this up, the Fanboys Anonymous channel can stay active and monetized come February 20th!


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