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Mailbag Q&A December 2017 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, December 20, 2017
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Ryan Stotz

Question: "French fries or tator tots?"

Answer: French fries, definitely. Tater tots are great when you're in the mood, but I don't crave them anywhere remotely as often.

Question: "Would you rather be in a elimination chamber with braun stroman or the ambrose asylum type match?"

Answer: Elimination Chamber, as that implies there are four other guys who can take a beating for some of the time instead of just me, and once he pins me, I'm out of there.

Question: "Who would be in your dream elimination chamber match?"

Answer: Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Triple H, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho sounds like a good mix to me.

Question: "Would you rather only eat meat or plants for the rest of your life?"

Answer: Definitely meat.

Question: "What is your mountrushmore of wrestling?"

Answer: I'm actually going to make this a podcast or website segment in 2018, for sure. I've already figured out the majority of the logo design for it. As such, I'm going to withhold on answering this for now, but my plan is to make it a series where we can debate not just the 4 main wrestling icons, but things like the Mount Rushmore of tag teams, the Mount Rushmore of managers, etc. I just need to sort out the templates and style and see if it would work better as a podcast or as an article, then find the time to schedule it for a week.

Question: "Best talker of all time promo wise?"

Answer: The Rock, when he isn't relying too much solely on his catchphrases.

Question: "Favorite jobber of all time?"

Answer: My gut reaction is always going to say Barry Horowitz.

Question: "Favorite title of all time look wise and how they booked it?"

Answer: Either the winged WWF Championship or the black strap current Intercontinental Championship design, easily, even though I really do like the current WWE Championship design as one of my top three favorites, too.

Question: "How long have you been watching wrestling?"

Answer: God knows for sure, but I know I was Hulk Hogan for Halloween as a kid when I was maybe five years old, so at least 25 years minus the time I spent not watching it from 2000-2006.

Sent in from Howard Starr

Question: "Would WWE produce a show entitled 405 Live for hefty men and women over 300 pounds just like they are doing for the Cruiserweights?"

Answer: Only if they can bring back that guy that kept asking "How much does this guy weigh?" and make it mandatory for commentators to say the ring has been reinforced because there's a lot of beef in it.

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "What do you think Cesaro and Jeff Hardy want for Christmas? Do you think all they want for Christmas is there two front teeth?"

Answer: LOL that's a good one Peter, I liked that.

Question: "Do you feel Raw has been for the last month or so has been planned for 2 hours and management was like shit we need write a third hour?"

Answer: It certainly seems like they value that second hour main event much more than the third.

Question: "What do you think about Disney buying Fox?"

Answer: I think it's absolutely fantastic as far as the MCU goes, since they'll finally have access to virtually every character, but I'm not sure about all the other assets, as it's such a huge undertaking.

Question: "What do you think about Net Neutrality? What is your plan if it gets out of hand for Smark Out Moment?"

Answer: I don't have a plan. There's no fighting a government that would allow cable companies to screw people over as much as they do. If such things happen, we're just screwed and that's the end of it, outside of a true revolution. Social media posts won't fix anything.

Question: "Meant to ask this last month, slipped my mind. I went to a Halloween party dressed as Undertaker, same one go home to Mania. Everyone knew who Taker was. Do you think Taker is one of the recognizable wrestler to non wrestling fans?"

Answer: I think he's in that range where he can cross over into more mainstream media, but if you asked people on the street, they wouldn't have a clue who he was. He's no Hulk Hogan.

Question: "Are you guys interested in Wrestle Kingdom? I'm interested in Jericho Vs Omega"

Answer: I'm definitely interested and looking forward to it.

Question: "Do you think WWE is trying to use reverse psychology on The Bullet Club? I think they want them in WWE"

Answer: I think they do want them, but they aren't willing to pay them the price some of those guys are looking for, like The Young Bucks.

Question: "Who do you want and who do you think will show up in WWE in 2018? I'd like to see James Storm, Abyss, Rosemary, Pentagon Dark, World Wide Underground and Bullet Club. Think will entire Impact wrestling roster buy out for a penny"

Answer: Ethan Carter III, James Storm, Kenny Omega, John Morrison, Chelsea Green and I'm sure there are so many people I'm just unfamiliar with, like Moose and Allie and people from Ring of Honor and New Japan and such.

Question: "Did you hear Vince wanted to name Absolution PMS, but Stephanie stepped in saying people wouldn't get the reference?"

Answer: Man, I would have loved that.

Question: "Do you think Absolution and Riot Squad has turned everyone face? They seem to be the only heels"

Answer: Nope, I think WWE just doesn't know what to do with either of those factions at all and this is their only idea, so they keep repeating it on both shows.

Question: "Is Natalya hurt, retired and or pregnant? I would have hoped that she could lasted to Mania at least and retire that way"

Answer: I'm assuming this is her latest attempt at being a heel and trying to get a reaction, but it's not working if that's the case.

Question: "Charlotte said at Survivor Series she's a grand slam champion. Someone suggested the Divas to me. Do you think Divas, NXT, Smackdown and Raw should be the Grand Slam? I think replace the Divas title with Money in the bank so it can be relevant now"

Answer: To be honest, I don't think there are enough qualifications for a Grand Slam with the women's division. If need be, the Money in the Bank would be better suited than the Divas since that belt is defunct and impossible to win anymore.

Question: "Do you think WWE still wants to do Sister Abigail? I think the feud with Matt is to make them a team or for Matt to throw Bray into the Lake of Reincarnation turning Bray into Sister Abigail or Husky Harris"

Answer: I think Sister Abigail is something they want to keep in their back pocket for the entirety of the Bray Wyatt character, whether they do more with it like they seemed to be hinting at with Finn Balor or if they don't even allude to it for a long while.

Question: "Did hear Sheamus is on borrowed time? He has contracted spinal sinuous The Austin/Edge killer"

Answer: I certainly hope that's not the case, and I'm a bit suspicious about the validity of it, considering how he keeps wrestling.

Sent in from Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "What did you put up to decorate your house?"

Answer: Christmas decorations, haha. Standard tree and just some other stuff.

Question: "Do you like Nilla Waffers?"

Answer: So good with Nutella. If you haven't tried that combo, go for it asap.

Question: "What are your favorite kinds of chips?"

Answer: Gun to my head, I think I'd pick Doritos over everything else.

Question: "Have you had a mistletoe moment?"

Answer: A manufactured one rather than a spontaneous one, but yes.

Question: "What's your favorite kinds of chicken? Mine are chicken wings and legs, with barbecue or teriyaki."

Answer: I tend to go breaded chicken more than anything else, cause you can put that in sandwiches, eat it on its own, turn it into chicken parm, etc, so tenders.

Question: "When did you learn Santa wasn't real, and how?"

Answer: I was in first grade, so six years old, and I don't remember what possessed me to ask, but I remember asking my mom in the car if Santa was real, then hashing out the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and everything along the same line.

Question: "Would you like to have children?"

Answer: Definitely. I'm not super fond of kids, but I want ideally one boy and one girl.

Question: "Are you religious?"

Answer: Nope, I actually think the majority of all religions is total bullshit. The idea of a supreme being makes sense to me in its most basic version, but I think we have institutions built around politics and mythology and storytelling that become more important to people than the actual idea that there might be one omnipotent force.

Question: "Do you like crackers?"

Answer: When you want crackers, nothing else really suffices.

Question: "What's your favorite kind of cheese?"

Answer: Mozzarella by far, then provolone.

Question: "Do you like anything on your pizza? I actually really only love the fake kind of pizza."

Answer: Extra cheese and pepperoni, lite on the sauce. I'll fuck around with some sausage or mushrooms too but not too often as I'd prefer just pepperoni.

Question: "If you were offered 500,000, in order to be a vegan for the whole year, would you do it?"

Answer: I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off, but I would definitely try. My issue is that I'm just too picky of an eater and I like too many things that would go against being vegan, so I'd be miserable the whole year.

Question: "Do you like to exercise?"

Answer: Absolutely hate it haha.

Question: "Do you like Trampolines?"

Answer: I never had one as a kid, but I always thought they were fun for a little bit. I have a feeling if I did have one, I would have grown tired of it pretty quickly and not gotten my use out of it.

Question: "When you were a kid, did you like to play Jump Rope?"

Answer: Nope, not my game.

Question: "If you had to stare at something for the rest of your life, what would it be."

Answer: My girlfriend.

Question: "Favorite animal and least?"

Answer: Dogs and penguins are pretty awesome, and I hate pretty much anything that is just an annoyance like mosquitos and wasps and shit.

Question: "Finally, for my Mixed Match Challenge Teams, I would have for RAW: Jax & Enzo, Strowman & Bayley, Banks & Joe, Miz & Bliss, and Goldust with Asuka. For Smackdown Live, I would have Lynch & Nakamura, Big E & Carmella, Lana & Rusev, USO & Naomi, and Zayn wi Natalya. You like? Also, does WWE need Asuka to win this for her to still be underfeated, because if you lose a tag match, that's a lose?"

Answer: I think that would technically count, but WWE tends to do the half-assed thing where they have someone lose and then start referring to them as "never been pinned or made to submit" instead of undefeated.


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