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Royal Rumble 2018 – Surprise entrants and their moneyline prices

Posted by Outside Interference Thursday, November 16, 2017
Two months from now, the Royal Rumble gets underway once again. A daring move for the WWE, those behind the arrangement of the very first Royal Rumble back in 1988 could scarcely have imagined the drama it would create in due course. Three decades and 811 eliminations later, different ideas and rumors, as to how the event's 30th anniversary will be marked, are naturally rife.
Although celebrities themselves are not typically involved in the event itself, several previous editions of the Royal Rumble have seen a number of unusual entries. Some memorable examples include announcer Michael Cole (2012), aged Attitude Era star The Godfather (2013) and comedian Drew Carey (2001).

Where backing a winner for the Royal Rumble is concerned, there are no surprises to be found on the current shortlist. As can be seen on the latest online betting prices for the Royal Rumble, John Cena and Roman Reigns are currently joint favorites at +450, with Seth Rollins not far behind (+600).

Elsewhere, the event's most recent winner – Randy Orton – presently commands a moneyline price of +1400, although this makes him something of an outside bet. Curiously, his price is equal to that of Sami Zayn, who is a relatively recent promotion from the NXT brand.

The prices for less-fancied participants extend drastically thereafter, although older wrestling fans will be pleased to see that the likes of Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin are at least deemed worthy of inclusion. However, the long list culminates in some extraordinary names, four of which have never been involved in a wrestling match.

Vin Diesel: +25,000

A man whose action hero status has been engraved onto the big screen for two decades, Vin Diesel has the physique and the attitude required to make a success of any pay-per-view cameo.

Theme music: Fast Lane (Royce Da 5'9 mix) – a track featured in the Fast and Furious film series. With eight installments, there would be a wide range of choices, but this collaboration between Bad Meets Evil and Eminem has a certain degree of menace about it.

Floyd Mayweather Jr: +40,000

Now retired from professional boxing, and the proud owner of the new high score for unbeaten boxers (50-0), Mayweather appears set to have further involvement with the WWE. Back at WrestleMania in 2008, the fighter 'knocked out' the Big Show to the utmost shock of the entire viewing world.

Theme music: Eye of the Tiger – synonymous with boxing after becoming entwined in popular culture with the Rocky film franchise.

The three most recent winners of the Royal Rumble

President Donald Trump: +75,000

Love him or hate him, Trump's charisma needs no introduction. Perhaps one of the most outspoken people ever to exist, his participation in the Royal Rumble would be the WWE's very own nuclear option. In emerging victorious, he would become the first ever president to win the hallowed event.

Theme music: Real American – stolen from Hulk Hogan's MP3 player, this theme would be a true reflection of the Trump administration and its professed vision for a stronger America.

Former president Barack Obama: +100,000

After serving his maximum of eight years in office, former president Barack Obama can alleviate the boredom of post-presidency life by winning the 2018 Royal Rumble.

Theme music: Hail to the Chief – some choral variant of this iconic song would be an obvious choice.

The betting odds will surely change as time goes on, particularly with Survivor Series coming up this weekend and the chances of the momentum shifting one way or another, but who do you think are some of the potential surprise entrants? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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