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Three huge ways WWE RAW can rival Monday Night Football

Posted by Outside Interference Friday, September 29, 2017
WWE has long been the main event every Monday night, with Raw taking to our screens for a night of exciting action and drama.

Although, NFL season is now back, and that means the organization faces tough competition from Monday Night Football for fans to cast their eyes over in the sporting world.

If you follow the WWE ratings reports here on Smark Out Moment, you'll notice a trend of highs and lows during different times and NFL season is always a bit of a struggle for not just Raw, but other shows as well.

Despite the competition, WWE is still in a strong position and look more than capable of keeping hold of their regular viewers and gaining a new audience in the coming months as well.

But if they are to secure such wide exposure, or continue to do so, on a Monday night, then they will need to up their ideas.

How can they achieve such a feat? Well, here are three possible ways in which WWE Raw can combat their main rivals, Monday Night Football.

Bring in Ronda Rousey

The stats don't lie, Ronda Rousey is undoubtedly one of the biggest ever attractions in UFC history.

Alongside the likes of Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar, former women's bantamweight champion Rousey is one of the most famous athletes in the world, even beyond the octagon.

She has previously delved into the world of WWE but a return for her on a permanent basis would for sure boost audience numbers.

Rousey recently was knocked out by Amanda Nunes on her return to the UFC and she would enter any potential fight against long touted opponent Cris Cyborg as the 7/2 outsider. There are a host of free bets on offer through Oddschecker which can be used for such potential bouts.

A return for Rousey in the WWE would also bolster the number of female viewers and that would be another massive boost for the organization.

The return of The Undertaker

Undertaker stares down HHH by Steve Wright Jr from Conway (CC BY 2.0)

Early reports have indicated that The Undertaker could be set for a dramatic and thrilling return to the wrestling ring in the coming months, possibly to face off with fellow superstar John Cena.

It's reported that The Deadman and Cena could go at it at Survivor Series later in the year, a dream match-up for WWE fans around the world.

It initially seemed that The Phenom retired from the sport after his WrestleMania 33 outing against Roman Reigns, but a return to face Cena would cause huge attraction and do wonders for the organization for sure.

A new long-term feud between the pair would also go a long way in helping retain a massive audience.

End the Brand Split

If WWE comes into a problem where there isn't enough talent on the Raw roster to drive interest in watching the show, it might be time to think about ending the brand split and bringing over the SmackDown roster to help offset that damage.

This has happened before with Raw Supershow episodes that have added the SmackDown roster to the ranks, as there are sometimes viewers who will only watch on Tuesday nights because their favorites like AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are on that show, but they don't make appearances on Raw.

Since the WWE pay-per-view schedule has indicated that there is a missing Raw event in December and SmackDown didn't receive another show before Survivor Series like Raw did with No Mercy and TLC, perhaps WWE is thinking twice about splitting the shows up?

These are just three potential ideas of how Raw can offset the ratings dips from Monday Night Football, but the best way to get people to watch is to create the most interesting storylines and matches to get fans talking about the show.

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