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Could WrestleMania 2020 Be Held in London?

Posted by Smark Out Moment Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Unpredictable, dynamic and electrifying; these are the very characteristics that have established the WWE as the world's hottest sports entertainment franchise. Three future events are already prominent in the WWE betting market, and all of them have the potential to be lucrative for bettors.

Hell in a Cell 2017 – October 9

According to bookmakers, Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura are as evenly matched as they come. WWE odds, currently see both priced at -117.65. However, there is plenty of time for these odds to fluctuate in the coming weeks prior to Hell in a Cell, with the existing bad blood between the two set to escalate during that period. Jinder Mahal emerged victorious when the two last met, at SummerSlam back in August which we covered on but there is an overriding belief that The Maharaja's reign cannot last forever.

In contrast to Mahal, Nakamura's popularity is very much on the rise. This cannot have gone unnoticed at board level in the WWE, and subsequently, many wrestling pundits believe that he will enjoy a stellar and long-lived reign in his own time. For Nakamura, a sleeping rivalry with Baron Corbin will also be revived in the event of his victory at Hell in a Cell. Nakamura's record against Baron Corbin is also impressive, so bettors would be well-advised to keep an eye out for any PPV matches between the two, and any odds that may become available.

August 29, 2017 – Shinsuke Nakamura confronts Jinder Mahal on SmackDown LIVE

Royal Rumble – January 28, 2018

The presence of John Cena and Roman Reigns at the top of the short list, both priced at +175, comes as no surprise. Reigns has already largely ousted John Cena as the "face" of the federation, and despite his lack of popularity, there is an ever-growing belief that he will feature in the main event at next year's WrestleMania.

Just behind Reigns is A.J Styles, who is priced at +350 for a Rumble victory on several Canadian sports betting sites. Over the past year, the WWE has clearly made great efforts to boost his profile. Barring any personal misfortunes, his status as a perpetual title contender is set to continue into the 2020s. For a smart and realistic outside bet, people should look no further than Bobby Roode, with the NXT Champion priced at +2500 and, apparently, highly valued by the WWE.

WrestleMania in London – April 5, 2020

Set to remain the most contentious bet in the WWE market for the next two years, the idea of WWE's premier showcase event being held in London is presently one without much support. This is evidenced by a London-based WrestleMania being priced at +1000, and -10,000 available against that outcome. There are however, certain media outlets that believe it can happen, as we read for example on With British fans now fully on board with the WWE, and the brand itself now without a real rival, there is little incentive for the 2020 event to be held in London. WWE bettors should, however, still keep an eye out for any fluctuations.

'WWE - Wembley Arena 140994 (10)' – MandyJC72 via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Bret Hart featured in the main event of a London-based SummerSlam back in 1992. There is now talk of London hosting WrestleMania within the next few years.

Bookmakers can but guess which of the WWE's finest talents will enjoy good fortune over the next three years, but while the long-term markets exist, it is never too early to start making predictions for matches that will be pivotal to the future of the WWE.

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