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WWE Monday Night Raw 8/28/2017 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Wes Keefer Monday, August 28, 2017
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for August 28, 2017 is coming to you live from the FedEx Forum in Nashville, TN. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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Alexa Bliss will get her title rematch, Cena and Reigns have locked horns ahead of No Mercy, and so much more on Raw tonight!

PROMO (In-Ring): The Miz and the Miztourage open the show in the ring. Jerry "The King" Lawler joins the commentary tonight. Brock Lesnar is teased for tonight. The Miz is welcomed by boos and jeers. Before he can get two words out, Kurt Angle's music hits. He thinks he knows why Miz is out here: the status of the IC title. Angle says there will be a title defense at No Mercy. Before his opponent is announced, Miz interrupts and calls out Kurt for not knowing what respect means. Miz feels disrespected for being cut off and for the IC title being ignored. Kurt says he is here to showcase the title like it should be. Angle announces that there will be a over-the-top battle royal to determine Miz's challenger for next week on Raw. Big Show, clean-shaven, is announced first. The Miztourage is also to participate. The Hardy Boyz come out next. Finn Balor is also in the match. 15 men will compete total in the royal.

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The Mae Young Classic is right after Raw tonight, so stay tuned.

15-man Battle Royal to Determine #1 contender to the IC Championship

The likes of Jason Jordan, E-Truth, and Goldust are also in this match. Curtis Hawkins is thrown out first by the whole crew. Big Show is ambushed, but cleans house. The match erupts in chaos. Kalisto is eliminated. Jeff Hardy hangs onto the ropes to stay in. Big Show chops anyone thrown into his corner. Gallows and Anderson work on Show, but Finn Balor joins in to eliminate the big man. Apollo Crews holds on to stay in as well. Miz talks up his crew to work together as they beat on Truth. They get Truth over the top rope. Elias and Balor battle it out. Goldust almost takes out Jordan. The pace picks up with less stars in the ring. The Miztourage and Elias nearly take out Balor. The crowd chants for Balor to win. Goldust gloats and Gallows and Anderson team up to eliminate him.

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Back from the break, Apollo Crews was eliminated. The Miztourage still work on Balor. Matt takes out Gallows and fight with Anderson on the apron. Anderson is taken out and Gallows interferes from the outside to take out Matt. Miz joins in and keeps his crew in the match. Six men remain. Balor works on Axel and gains the upper hand in the match. Elias is nearly eliminated by Finn. Jeff and Balor stare down. Jeff goes vintage and is last man standing. Balor lands a slingblade to change momentum. The arena goes dark and Wyatt appears just to eliminate Balor. He vanishes just as quickly. Jordan takes down everyone in the ring. Jordan takes out both members of the Miztourage. Jeff Hardy takes out Jordan to win a surprise victory. The Miz stares dumbfounded.

RESULT: Jeff Hardy is last man left standing
THOUGHTS: This was a nice surprise. Jason Jordan looked to continue his feud with Miz, but Hardy comes out of nowhere to win the battle royal, This is surely be an interesting match-up on next week's Raw. The match started slow, but picked up into an excellent opening match.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A video promo airs from last week's Raw with Heyman and Lesnar's promo. It showcases Braun's beating on the champion. Lesnar is in the building tonight. Enzo Amore will have his first cruiserweight match next.

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PROMO (Backstage): Backstage, Alexa Bliss is interviewed. She says her strategy tonight is to just win. She states that Banks has never defended the title and won and she will continue that trend tonight.

Enzo Amore vs Noam Dar

Enzo comes out to his usual pop from the crowd. Before the match, he reminds people what happened to Cass when he picked on him, tearing his ACL from a fall outside the ring. Enzo takes credit for the injury and states he can also compete with the 205 Live wrestlers. He inserted the Mayweather vs McGregor fight into his promo. He announces Noam Dar as his opponent. Amore calls him a guy with two last names and as "swaft".

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Dar takes control early on by wearing down Enzo in the middle of the ring. Amore shows his athleticism, but still can't get the upper hand. Dar mocks Amore and taunts him. Neville watches backstage. Dar starts pulling Amore's hair. He tosses Amore around like a ragdoll. Amore lands some strikes, but is still bested. Enzo gets the pinfall victory with a roll-up. Backstage, Neville is interviewed about Amore. He calls him a weasel and Neville feels he is no match for the champion.

RESULT: Enzo Amore wins via pinfall
THOUGHTS: The match was a joke. Dar is a great performer for 205 Live and Amore's presence just takes away from his. The match itself was a fluke win for Amore to further his teasing feud with Neville. Is there no cruiserweight wrestler worth a title shot other than Amore?

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PROMO (In-Ring): Brock Lesnar is live on Raw with Paul Heyman as always. He is set to defend the title against Braun Strowman at No Mercy. Ladies and gentleman, Paul Heyman is not a fan of the "UFC" chants. Heyman says they eon't sing the blues tonight in Memphis and are instead are here to praise Strowman. Heyman calls him the most worthy championship contender in the entire company, especially after the physical SummerSlam showcase. Braun is applauded for getting in Lesnar's face and taking him out. Heyman replays the attack from last week and calls him an actual monster after laying out Lesnar. Heyman hypes the No Mercy pay-per-view at the Staples Center and the championship main event. Heyman switches roles and vows that Lesnar will hunt down Braun. Lesnar takes the mic and just states, "Suplex City B****".

THOUGHTS: This one some of the best mic work from both Heyman and Lesnar. No Mercy doesn't feel like a regular pay-per-view. It is getting great build for the main event match. Lesnar speaking for himself is a rare occasion and makes this promo much more heated. When Heyman praises you, then you are worth putting on a classic match with Lesnar.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

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Before the match, Cena's return to Raw last week is highlighted. Miz's ground-breaking speech is also a highlight from last week. This is all a lead-up to the contract signing tonight for the No Mercy match of Cena vs Reigns.

The match begins with taunts from both sides. The men interlock and Cesaro floors Rollins early. Rollins responds with a nice catapult move with his legs. Seth goes on a run and lands a running knee followed by a standing moonsault. Rollins attacs Ceasro in the corner, but is then tossed out of the ring. Sheamus stalks him on the outside but meets Ambrose. Seth counters a move off the apron and turns momentum into his favor. Ceasro is wailed on in the corner, but a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gives Ceasro the advantage.

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Back in the match, Rollins and Ceasro trade big blows. A leg drop gets Cesaro a near-fall. A gut-wrench suplex shows off the power Cesaro has and gets another near-fall. Several clotheslines rock Rollins hard. Rollin fights back with an elbow and hard right hands. Cesaro goes to the top rope for a cross-body, but a roll-up nearly gives Rollins the win. Rollins goes on the comeback and lands a slingblade. Cesaro puts Rollins up on the top rope, only to land a blockbuster. Ceasro hits an uppercut on Rollins before he lands a top rope move. Rollins recovers and powerbombs Cesaro into the corner post. Sheamus and Ambrose scuffle outside and allows Cesaro to land an uppercut and pin Seth Rollins. Sheamus gloats after the match and announces that he is facing Ambrose next.

RESULT: Cesaro wins via pinfall
THOUGHTS: As a sidenote: Cesaro and Sheamus have an excellent tag team entrance. This was a good match between the two and gives the challengers some momentum.

Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

Sheamus attacks Dean, but he answers with hard chops. Dean answers by knocking Sheamus over the top rope. Before the break, Dean is slammed into the barricade.

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Dean goes high rope, but Sheamus strikes him and joins him on the top rope. Dean counters the superplex and knocks the big man off the ropes. The Irish Curse backbreaker hurts Dean badly after Sheamus counters him top rope move. Sheamus goes for a stretch submission move, but Dean shows off his core strength to break it. The Cloverleaf is locked in perfectly, but Dean grabs the ropes. Sheamus goes for his ten beats on the chest of Dean, but stops at three in spite of the crowd. Dean counters White Noise and floors Sheamus. Dean throws multiple strikes, but is still out-powered. A neckbreaker nearly puts away Sheamus. Ambrose can't hit a snap-suplex because of a hurt hip. Dean fights back and lays out Sheamus. He goes top rope again, but Sheamus once more goes up top. A rolling senton from the top rope nearly put away Ambrose, but further hurts the hip. The crowd chants for Dean to rally. Dean counters the Brogue Kick, but Dirty Deeds is also countered. Both men are laid out. Cesaro tries to enter the ring, but Rollins stops him. He also breaks up White Noise and allows a Dirty Deeds for the win.

RESULT: Dean Ambrose wins via pinfall
THOUGHTS: This kind of took away from the first match. WWE has been on this pattern for awhile now: tag teams fight singles bouts back-to-back. However, this match was far more superior and entertaining than the first match and showed that both teams are dangerous and worthy of the titles. All four men are putting on a great feud.

PROMO (Backstage): Emma is once again on Twitter trying to get herself trending. With Mickie James with her, James calls out Emma for getting destroyed by Nia Jax last week. Emma still tries to take credit for the Women's Revolution. Mickie says if Emma wins, she will hashtag anything Emma wants. If Mickie wins, Emma must stop taking credit for the revolution.

THOUGHTS: WWE needs to stop the same segments every week. Emma and all the women as a matter of fact deserves better. Emma is just lost in the mix and is now in this never-ending loop promo. The lower tier women can still have valuable promos and feuds.

WWE and WWE Superstars asks for donations for Hurricane Harvey relief.

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Emma vs Mickie James

The women lockup with Emma gaining control over James. James's flexibility is showcased as she breaks free and goes on an offensive run. Emma fights back, but Mickie counters with a neckbreaker. Mickie stays in control with her athleticism, but Emma counters Mickie's pin attempt into her own and wins. Emma takes the mic and chants she started the revolution over and over.

RESULT: Emma wins via pinfall
THOUGHTS: Like I said, it is a waste. The promo was longer than the match it seemed. At least Emma picked up a victory which will hopefully get her back near the title picture.

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PROMO (In-Ring): Kurt Angle is in the ring to hype up Roman vs Cena at No Mercy. Kurt introduces John Cena first to sign the contract for the match. Cena grabs a microphone and hypes the match as well. Cena is ready to get the ball rolling with the signing, He says this is why he returned to Raw, to face Roman. He knows that Roman doesn't want to fight him and that is why he wants this fight. He signs his name as Roman walks out. Cena lays out the paperwork for Reigns to sign. He just stares at the contract as Cena paces around waiting. Roman says Cena thinks he doesn't want to fight him? He calls out Cena for not being that big of a deal. He says he has done something Cena will never do: beat and retire The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Reigns states that it is more that he doesn't need to fight Cena to get over. Cena calls himself a polarizing figure. He says the crowd goes back and forth on Reigns for being a Cena bootleg. He isn't the guy in WWE, he is just a guy in WWE. Cena says he is the fastest, strongest, and hungriest he has ever been. Reigns calls Cena the king of spinning something. It blows his mind about fans booing Cena because they want a heel turn. In fact, Reigns says it is because he sucks. Cena mocks Reigns's mic skills as he takes a long pause. He calls Cena a phony yes man and a fake b****. He even calls out Cena for being part-time. Reigns feels a little disrespected for putting in the time, but Cena coming and going when he feels and buries young talent. He says Cena hates him because he can't bury him. Why be the next Cena when he be the one and only Reigns? Cena answers back by calling him a fool. Cena calls out Reigns for being able to put on a decent promo after five years, but is going to end him. Cena says the WWE Universe holds the keys to getting over and he is not the one to blame. Cena said he hasn't main evented WM in five years and is instead helping put over the newer talents now. He calls out Roman for taking the US title as a demotion and even says that he is here to fight Roman because he can't get over by himself. He says he can do this better part-time than Roman can as full-time. Cena hypes up the crowd and wants Reigns to sign. He finally signs and flips the table out of the way. Gallows and Anderson interrupts. They call out both for having egos too big and calls them bad brothers and even calls them nerds. Kurt Angle steps in and books a tag match right now.

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MATCH: Roman Reigns and John Cena vs Gallows and Anderson

The match has started with Gallows man-handling Cena. Cena fights back into it with a big shoulder and a powerful slam. He hits a 5 Knuckle Shuffle on Gallows and goes to hit one of Anderson, but eats a boot from Gallows. Cena eats a suplex and is nearly pinned. Roman tries to hype the crowd for Cena and wants tagged in, but just toys with Cena. Cena gets free of Gallows, knocks down Anderson, but is once more leveled. Reigns is not amused of Cena losing. John goes for an AA, but Anderson breaks free and lands a spinebuster for a two-count. Gallows is tagged in and isolate Cena. Big elbow drops keep the face of WWE down. Roman edges Cena to tag him in. Reigns is the legal man and levels both men with huge clotheslines. He goes outside and lands the Drive By on Gallows. He teases the Superman Punch on Anderson. Gallows grabs his leg and allows Anderson to nearly steal a win. Roman lands two Superman Punches and an AA-spear combo takes out Anderson for the win.

RESULT: Cena and Reigns wins via pinfall
THOUGHTS: The promo before the match was gold and one of Reigns's best so far. Cena was at his best as well as both men spoke from the heart. The tag match was a nice way to get Gallows and Anderson featured more on TV. For Cena and Reigns, it furthers their feud into No Mercy.

PROMO (Backstage): Elias walks to the ramp for another performance.

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PROMO (In-Ring): Elias is in the ring for yet another concert performance. He starts a blues tune on the guitar. Who wants to walk with Elias? He talks about being beaten in the battle royal and blames the crowd for his loss. He says Dusty Rhodes once called him Elvis. He plays a tune about calling Memphis a bad time and even inserts Elvis. Jerry Lawler interrupts for Elias trashing his hometown. He says his voice isn't bad, but sucks at relating to audience. Jerry pumps up the hometown crowd. He introduces Pelvis Wesley, an Elvis impersonator. Pelvis tries to get Elias to dance, which he does for second before attacking him. Drift Away drops Pelvis for good.

The Raw Women's Championship bout is next.

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VIDEO PACKAGE: A video highlights Jeff Hardy winning the battle royal to face The Miz for the IC Championship next week.

PROMO (Backstage): Miz and Miztourage walk backstage and are interviewed. Miz is upset that is just takes one match to face him. He walk off mid-interview.

PROMO (Backstage): Sasha Banks is interviewed. Banks says Bliss talks a big game and that she will defend the belt for the first time successfully tonight. She will bring the fight and make her tap out.

MATCH: Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Championship

*Commercial Break*

Bliss goes in for an early roll-ups. A Bank Statement is almost locked in. Banks slams Bliss's face off the turnbuckle and pounces on her. She starts working on the left arm of Bliss. She wears it down for the Bank Statement at some point. Bliss fights back, but is leveled by a dropkick. Bliss walks outside the ring for a break. The two women trade blows and Alexa goes back out for a break again. Banks jumps from the apron and drops the challenger.

*Commercial Break*

Bliss is in control and wearing down the champion. Banks tries to go on the comeback, but Bliss slams her to the mat. Banks reels in pain on the ground as Bliss stands on her injured back. She kicks Banks into the corner and goes for a pin. She uses a bow and arrow submission to further work on the wounded back of Banks. She refuses to tap and literally kicks out of it. Bliss goes back on the offense. Banks manages to gain some ground and land some hard hits, but Bliss rolls out of the ring. She goes up top but Banks avoids a cross-body. Bliss goes for a pin after countering a sunset flip. Banks gets Bliss in a pin attempt for she kicks out. The two trade pin attempts back and forth for near-falls. Both women are down for the count. Bliss gets up and wails on the champion. Banks gets hit with double knees but avoids the moonsault attempt. Banks slams Bliss into the counters and unloads the forearms. Double knees from Banks drops Bliss and Banks goes up to the top rope. Alexa jumps up and stops the attack. Bliss lands the top rope superplex, but both women are down and can't make a pin attempt. The challenger crawls to Banks, but is trapped in the Bank Statement instead. Bliss is able to turn it into a pin and breaks the hold. Bliss lands her trademark DDT and wins back her title from Banks, continuing her streak of losing defenses. Nia Jax comes out to help Bliss celebrate and even flattens Banks in the corner. Bliss celebrates on the shoulders of Jax, who slams Bliss into the mat in betrayal. The show closes with Jax holding the belt up, putting her next in line for the title.

RESULT: Alexa Bliss wins via pinfall to win the championship
THOUGHTS: The match started off slow, but rolled into an aggressive brawl of heart and strength. Banks was once more unsuccessful in defending the belt and part of it could have been due to an injury to her back. Nia Jax's betrayal of Bliss opens up the door to a new feud and seems to temporarily closes the door on Banks for being a legitimate champion. AS a whole, the show tonight had great action to it. The battle royal to open the show had a nice surprise with Jeff Hardy competing in his first singles championship match in WWE in nearly nine years. Cena and Reigns had one of their best promos together and will certainly add more hype to their already heated match. The Raw tag team division was on full spotlight tonight and did not disappoint. To close the show out with women in the main event is always spectacular and it was a hard-fought match.

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